The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 34

𝐈𝐫𝐢𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐀𝐥𝐦𝐚

The moon illuminates the night sky.

Sitting by the window in her private room, Iris tilted her glass while gazing at the moon, shining alone in the sky.

For 800 years, Iris had always watched the moon like this at night.

The five years spent with Luke had lessened her moon gazing, but once alone again, the habit returned.

Previously, only the moon caught her attention, but now she could see two small stars shining near it.

While watching the moon, Iris’s ears caught the sound of approaching footsteps.

“Can’t sleep?”

She answered without turning around.

The footsteps stopped.

“. . .As expected.”

“It’s just that the mountain nights are quiet. So, you needed something from me?”

Saying so, Iris turned towards Alma.

Standing there was Alma, dressed in nightwear.

She looked at Iris with a tense expression.

“You must have many questions about Luke and me. Feel free to ask. I might not answer, though.”

Iris continued teasingly.

“. . .”

Alma moved as if determined.

She knelt down on both knees and hands.

“Thank you for saving Luke!”

“. . .Huh?”

Iris was taken aback by the sudden gesture.

“If it weren’t for Iris-sama, Luke would surely have died. Luke is the most important person to me. I will never forget this debt!”

Alma pressed her forehead to the floor, expressing her sincerity.

It was Alma’s true feeling.

Saying she wasn’t bothered by the five years Luke spent with Iris would be a lie. Yet, being with Luke now was all thanks to Iris.

For Alma, this fact alone meant she owed Iris an immeasurable debt.

“. . .Pfft.”

Iris burst out laughing.

“Ha ha, ha ha ha, what’s this? You came all the way to say that?”

She raised her face, laughing amusedly.

“Really, Alma, right? You’re just like Luke said. Incredibly unpredictable.”

After a good laugh, Iris waved her hand in the air.

Suddenly, she was holding another glass.

“Come here, the moon is beautiful tonight.”

Alma took the glass Iris filled with liquor.

“Alma, I’ll tell you. What happened in these five years, what happened to Luke.”

With a nervous expression, Alma nods.

Iris smiles mischievously.

“Well, this might be a tough story for you. After all, most of it becomes a captivating tale of love between me and Luke.”

A twitch.

Veins appear on Alma’s forehead.

“You know, it might feel a bit awkward to talk about this to someone who couldn’t see Luke, the handsome boy with a rosy complexion, growing up so gracefully. But do you really want to hear?”

A slight twitch.

The veins on Alma’s forehead increase.

“And as he grows, there’s a certain intensity in his gaze when he looks at me. Luke is indeed a man. I’m debating whether it’s worth discussing even those aspects. Do you want to know?”



“Well, I don’t really mind it at all, you know?”

Alma answers with a strained smile.

“It seems Iris-sama met Luke five years ago, but I was his ‘best’ friend even before that, you know? Well, I guess it’s my role to listen to the memories of Iris-sama who met Luke later.”

“Oh, really?”

Now it was Iris’s turn to have a twisted expression.

Seeing this, Alma gets encouraged.

“After all, I’ve known Luke since I was three years old?”

“Wait, hold on, Luke never mentioned that to me!”

Naturally, he wouldn’t have mentioned it, as Luke only recently remembered that.

“That can’t be helped. There are secrets just between me and Luke. But if Iris-sama, our benefactor, wants to know, I’ll tell. Do you want to hear?”

“Grrr. . .”

Iris, grinding her teeth, suddenly waved her hand into the air.

A giant bottle of liquor descends from the void.

“Great! Tonight, let’s thoroughly talk about the depth of love between me and Luke!”

“That’s what I want! I’ll make you realize the fate of our bond that exceeds ten years (actually just two years).”

Both of them shout this and down their glasses in one go.

“Good morning. I slept a bit too much in my own bed for the first time in a while. . . Woah?”

The next morning, Luke, arriving in Iris’s room, was surprised by the scene before him.

Empty liquor bottles and various toys were scattered around the room.

Iris was sprawled on the sofa, with Alma collapsed on top of her.

“What happened here?!”

“Ah, Luke. . .”

Iris sits up with a hoarse voice.

“We got a bit too carried away. . . It took all night to settle things with Alma.”

“I. . . Iris. . .”

Alma slowly lifts her head.

“For now, I admit that you have the priority over Luke in this mountain. . . But once we descend, the priority is mine.”

“Alright, alright. Get off for now. You’re heavy.”

“No. . . if I move even a little. . . it’ll come out.”

“What do you mean ‘it’ll come out’? Stop it! Don’t do it on me!”

“What happened? What’s this about priority?”

Only Luke, unaware of the situation, was left confused.

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