The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 33

𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐈𝐫𝐢𝐬

“Luke, Luke, Luke! What have you been doing all this time? I missed you!”

Iris, leaping over the mountains to embrace Luke, showers his cheek with a fierce kiss as she exclaims.

“Hey, hey, master, can you let go for a moment?”

“No way! I’m never letting go!”

Iris hugs Luke even tighter.

“No, not that, Alma is getting squished in between!”


When Iris lowers her gaze, she sees Alma with a blue face, caught between her ample bosom.

“Who is this?”

Luke sighed.

“I’ll explain everything, including this, so let’s go home first. But before that. . .”

Saying so, Luke turns a smile back towards Iris.

“I’m back, master.”

Iris returns the smile with an exceptionally bright one.

“Welcome back, my adorable Luke.”

Alma was on the verge of fainting amidst the two of them.

“Hmm, so this young girl is the friend Luke was looking for.”

Iris’s indiscreet gaze roams over Alma.

“Li, little girl?”

Alma’s smile becomes strained.

The three of them arrive at Iris’s mansion at the foot of the mountain, where Luke explains what happened after he descended the mountain.

“Um, Iris. . .sama, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Alma Bastille. I’m here to. . .”

Alma, with a tense face, greets Iris.

Although being a like a beastkin, is not uncommon, it’s Alma’s first time seeing a demon.

Demons, worshipped as gods by the demonic race for their far superior magical power, are something else entirely.

Alma has no idea how a mere human should interact with such a being.

(Ugh. . .What should I say? Luke looks calm, but. . .this is scary)

Inside, Alma feels like running away.

“Hmm, interesting, very interesting.”

Iris, for her part, looks at Alma with a scrutinizing gaze, seemingly unconcerned with her worries.

“Um, Iris. . .sama?”

As Alma tries to continue speaking, Iris suddenly grabs Alma’s chest.


Startled, Alma lets out a high-pitched scream and jumps towards Luke.

“W, What are you doing?”


Iris mutters, wiggling her fingers.

“Not bad for a little girl. Luke likes big breasts, right?”

“Eh, Luke is that true?”


Luke coughs and blushes.

“But, you know. . .”

Iris gazes at Luke.

Her eyes are filled with affection.

“It’s really good to see you. I’m happy too.”

“Master. . .”




Alma, watching the two of them, felt warmth in her heart, yet simultaneously a prick of pain in her chest.

The five years they had spent together must have been unimaginable to her.

Those were Luke’s memories, never to be shared.

Between them lay a bond into which she could never enter.

As she thought this, her eyes met with Iris’.

Iris, with a teasing lift of her lips.

“Well, for a human, you seem to have something impressive, though not as much as me.”

Saying so, Iris provocatively thrusts her chest towards Alma.


Alma’s eyes tear up seeing Iris’s chest protruding like a mountain range.

“Master, please stop teasing Alma.”

Luke interjects with a sigh.

“Lu, Luke, do you prefer. . . larger?”

“It’s not that. . . never mind, let’s get to the main topic.”

Luke took out a bottle containing chimera blood from his bag while saying so.

“The reason I came today, you see, is because I want Master to buy this.”

“I see.”

Iris took the bottle and gazed at it intently.

“Not bad. Seems like it was taken down quickly, without much magical force, so the blood isn’t tainted. Looks like you haven’t lost your touch since descending to the human realm.”

“Incredible. . . you can tell all that?”

Alma stares in amazement.

“So, how much do you want for it?”

“Ten thousand gold coins.”


Iris agrees readily.

“Just like that?”

“It’s not like I’m short on money.”

Iris shrugs at the surprised Alma.

“Actually, I’ve been struggling to dispose of it. Come with me.”

Saying so, she stands up and leads them to a small room.

“Honestly, you could take as much as you want, not just ten thousand.”

Opening the door, the room is filled floor to ceiling with gold and treasures.

“Wha, wha, what. . .”

Alma stands gaping like a fish in shock.

“No need to be surprised. I was once a minor object of worship. Even now, people believing it reaches me, throw offerings into the river. In fact, they do reach me. There are also treasures from bandit-attacked ships or those carried by wealthy wanderers. Come to think of it, Luke was also picked up from the river.”


“So, that’s why this is. . .”

Alma, who had been swallowing nervously, suddenly realized something.

“By the way, why could Luke enter here? This place is surrounded by a barrier that kills anyone who enters.”

“About that, the reason is simple. Luke died once.”

“Luke died?!”

“To be precise, his heart stopped. It might have been coincidence or fate, but when he fell into the river, the shock and the cold water stopped his heart temporarily, and he passed through the deadly barrier at that time. That’s when I found him washed ashore.”

“Such a thing. . .”

Alma looked at Luke again.

What an incredible coincidence, or rather, something that cannot be dismissed so simply.

Luke has overcome the scythe of the Grim Reaper that has swung down upon him multiple times to be here.

“Thank you.”

Luke bowed his head to Iris.

“So. . . I’m sorry, but actually, there’s another favor I’d like to ask.”

“Ah, I think I already know what it is.”

Iris waved her hand.

“For now, it’s late today, so why don’t we continue this tomorrow? You must be tired from climbing the mountain, so rest well tonight.”

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