The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 25

𝐃𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐨𝐧 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐠𝐲

“This is the entrance to the Striped Dungeon.”

Sir Wilfred pointed to a crack-like entrance in the cliff ahead.

“This is the largest dungeon in our Rampart territory, spanning 15 layers. The demon beasts lurking inside are all vicious and powerful, so everyone be cautious and attentive in your tasks.”

Sir Wilfred turned to Luke.

“Luke, concentrate on protecting Alma. In case of any trouble, prioritize her safety above all. I’m counting on you.”


Thus, the dungeon assault team entered the Striped Dungeon.

The team consisted of 20 members, all strong warriors from the guard squad, with Luke and Alma at the rear, and Tyrone serving as the rearguard.

The dungeon, often subjected to assaults, was lit by magic torches scattered along the walls, illuminating the white rock.

“This is the Striped Dungeon. . . It’s my first time here, but it’s quite something.”

Alma looked around with great interest.

“There are 20 dungeons in the Rampart territory that we know of. This one is the largest, with a high quantity and quality of magic stones, so it’s directly managed by the Margrave.”

Tyrone explained, turning towards Alma.

“. . .And yet, Alma-ojousama, your outfit is impressive every time I see it.”

Currently, Alma was clad in full plate armor that seemed too heavy for even a large man to walk in for an hour, carrying a huge shield that could nearly cover her entire body.

She had come to the Striped Dungeon in this attire.

“Please don’t mention it.”

Alma shook her head, causing the decorative tassel on her helmet to tremble.

“It’s amazing you don’t tire in that.”

“That’s Alma’s unique magic. Her defensive capabilities will be quite useful in this dungeon assault.”

Luke added.

“Indeed, this armor would be a challenge for ordinary demon beasts. You look like a giant clad in armor.”

“Ugh. . . that’s not a compliment.”

Alma muttered as she surveyed the dungeon.

“This is so different from the dungeons we used for practice at the academy.”

“The school’s dungeon is artificially managed, in other words, it’s an artificial dungeon, where they manipulate the magical elements and demon beasts. Here, there’s still some human involvement, but the accumulated magical elements are natural, and the strength of the demon beasts should be incomparable to artificial dungeons.”

“You are quite knowledgeable, Luke-san.”

Tyrone looked surprised.

“The strength of the demon beasts varies with the concentration and amount of absorbed magic essence. This dungeon’s depth means stronger beasts, hence the need for a large assault team. But with Luke-san here, it’s like having a hundred men.”

“There’s no need for formalities. You are older, after all. We can be more informal.”

Luke smiled wryly.

“What are you saying? In the world of magic knights, strength matters more than age. Luke-san is undoubtedly the strongest among us. In fact, you’re the one who doesn’t need formalities.”




At that moment, the procession suddenly stopped.

“It seems like something was found.”

Peering ahead, a huge shadow was visible.

It was a giant frog, bigger than a human’s height.

“That is. . . a Giant Toad. For that, Wilfred-sama and the vanguard alone should suffice.”

As Tyrone spoke, Sir Wilfred raised his sword.

“Enhance the troops!”

With Sir Wilfred’s declaration as a signal, the guards attacked the Giant Toad.

“That is Wilfred-sama’s unique magic, troop enhancement. A strengthening spell that temporarily increases the attack and defense of the entire squad.”

Indeed, the guards’ attack power was tremendous, and the Giant Toad, as big as a bear, was quickly defeated.

The Giant Toad disappeared, scattering magical essence from its body, leaving behind only its huge skin.

“Demon beasts usually disappear leaving only a magic stone.”

Alma watched curiously, tilting her head.

“When defeated, the part where magic is strongly bound in a demon beast remains. Often it crystallizes into a magic stone, but sometimes it binds with body tissue like this.”

“You’re quite knowledgeable. The skin of the Giant Toad is highly prized as a material for magical resistance armor.”

Tyrone added admiringly.

“Some are traded even higher than magic stones. However, such demon beasts are usually stronger.”

The team that defeated the Giant Toad delved deeper and deeper into the dungeon.

“. . .Strange.”

Luke muttered skeptically, while resting after passing the 8th layer.

“Compared to the depth of the dungeon and the density of the magical essence, the quality and number of demon beasts are too few. It shouldn’t be like this.”

“Luke, you noticed it too.”

Sir Wilfred nodded, impressed.

“Indeed, we haven’t hunted even half of what we planned. Moreover, all of them are low to mid-level demon beasts.”

Until now, they encountered about 20 demon beasts, all hunted by the vanguard without Luke’s group’s involvement.

Though Sir Wilfred’s team is excellent, the lack of challenge was too pronounced.

“I had suspected it, but not coming to the dungeon for a while seems to have been a mistake.”

“Luke, what do you mean?”

Alma looked puzzled as Luke explained.

“Sir Wilfred said he hadn’t been in the dungeon for a while. Yet, we haven’t encountered any powerful demon beasts on our way here. It suggests. . . that illegal adventurers have been here.”

“Likely, yes.”

Sir Wilfred nodded gravely.

Dungeons rich in magic stones and materials are usually owned by lords or landowners, and unauthorized entry is prohibited.

Therefore, adventurers hunting demon beasts typically undertake requests through the guild.


However, there were adventurers who would enter dungeons to poach demon beasts without obtaining permission from either the guild or the landowners.

These individuals were known as rogue adventurers, and sometimes they would violently steal the loot of other adventurers, engaging in bandit-like crimes. As a result, they were shunned and feared by society.

“I had let my guard down since I hadn’t heard of such people entering my territory for a while.”

Sir Wilfred gritted his teeth in frustration.

“. . .It seems those people haven’t left yet.”

“What do you mean?”

Sir Wilfred looked puzzled as Luke murmured, scanning their surroundings.

“There are new footprints in this dungeon that aren’t ours. They go deeper in and haven’t returned. If there’s no other exit, I think they’re still in the dungeon.”

“You can tell that?!”

“Yes, this is my unique magic. It would be easier to understand if I showed you.”

Luke said this and placed his left hand on the ground.

“Trace Manifestation. Target: specified footprints, observation distance: as far as the eye can see. Enable visual confirmation.”

As he spoke, the footprints left in the dungeon began to glow.

“There are ten footprints, and they’re moving confidently, as if they’re quite experienced.”

“Incredible! I’ve never seen such unique magic before!”

“Luke has been using this magic to catch a lot of criminals in St. Arrogas.”

Sir Wilfred’s eyes widened in amazement, as Alma puffed out her chest proudly.

“These footprints are from yesterday. They’re probably hunting in the dungeon while camping. I’m keeping the tracking distance short to avoid detection, but I can extend it further.”

“Hmm. . . so if we follow these footprints, we can catch up to them. . .”

After pondering for a while, Sir Wilfred stood up, as if he had made up his mind.

“Alright, we’re changing the objective of this expedition! Our target is. . . the rogue adventurers who have infiltrated this dungeon!”

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