The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 2

𝐄𝐱𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐨𝐥

“Trinal Triples. . .”

Luke’s voice dropped an octave when he recognized the speaker.

There stood three plump men with strikingly similar faces: Tommy Trinal, his brother Thomson Trinal, and their cousin Thomas Trinal.

These three were always together, hence they were known as the Trinal Triples.

In the same grade as Luke and Alma, they were the sons and nephews of the Avaris Count, a court noble in the capital, and often looked down upon Luke and Alma, who were from the countryside.

Since Luke lost his ability to use magic, their attitude had become blatantly excessive.

“Did you hear? Brother, it seems someone has been expelled from the prestigious Arrogas Royal Academy of Magic Knights?”

Tommy asked Thomson grandiosely.

“And that person is a ‘depleted’ who can’t use magic. Alas, how lamentable. Why such a half-baked person infiltrated our academy is beyond me.”

Thomson exaggeratedly shook his head at Tommy’s prompt, and Thomas continued.

“The real mistake was allowing such a person to stay for so long. They should have been expelled as soon as they were found to be ‘depleted.'”


Tommy and Thomson burst into laughter, nodding emphatically.

Luke did not respond.

These light-hearted remarks were typical of the three. If he endured for a while, they would leave in satisfaction.

However, Alma seemed to think differently.

“You three! Such remarks are rude! Apologize to Luke right now!”

She snapped at them fiercely.

“Even if we apologize. . .”

“Exactly, we were just gossiping. Was that Luke, by any chance?”

“How dare you be so shamelessly deceitful.”

Alma gritted her teeth at their unabashedly mocking attitude.

“Alma, it’s okay. It’s true that I’m being expelled. Let’s go.”

Luke placed a hand on Alma’s shoulder and turned to leave the pavilion.

“Miss Bastille, I advise you not to get involved with him.”

Tommy called out to Alma, who turned away in frustration.

“After all, your body is no longer just yours.”


Alma’s face stiffened at those words.

It was also the first time Luke had heard that.

“Alma. . . What on earth. . .?”

Tommy continued with a faint smile.

“I heard, you’ve received a recommendation from the Seraglio Guards, haven’t you? That’s quite an achievement, isn’t it?”

Those words turned Luke’s footing into a quagmire.

The Seraglio Guards, an elite unit of female magic knights guarding the royal harem, admitting only the best.

And their membership opened up a different future from a magic knight.

That is, becoming a bride of the royal family.

Members of the Seraglio Guards inevitably interact more with the royal family, and many end up marrying into it.

In fact, there were rumors that it was common to join the Guard to add prestige before marrying into the royal family.


“Alma. . . Is that true? You’re joining the Seraglio Guards. . .”

Alma looked down sadly.

It was nothing but an affirmation.

“I was told suddenly about three days ago. I’m ready to accept it after graduation. I wanted to consult Luke about it today. . .”

Luke was taken aback by her words.

So that’s why Alma had been out of spirits lately.

Realizing that he had been preoccupied with his own studies and had neglected Alma’s troubles, Luke felt like tearing his hair out.

“Alma. . . I’m sorry. I was only thinking about myself. You were worried about me despite all this.”

“Luke. . .”

Alma looked up with tears in her eyes.

“Miss Bastille, that’s not all, is it? You’re also the designated fiancée of Prince Gale, aren’t you?”

Tommy, who had been watching them with disinterest, said this, and it struck Luke like a knife.

“That’s nonsense! I never agreed to such a thing!”

Alma’s shouting voice seemed to echo from afar.

Alma marrying the prince. . .?

It’s not an impossible story to imagine, voices in his head say.

Alma, one of the influential Margrave’s daughters in the kingdom, marrying the prince is not at all surprising.

Nevertheless, for Luke, it was a completely unexpected turn of events, and he felt that Alma had suddenly become a resident of a different world from his own.

“If the future queen-to-be is seen being close to such ‘depleted’ people, it will lead to unfounded rumors.”

Tommy continued, smirking.

“However, it’s quite something, isn’t it? To rely on the help of the greatest genius in the history of the school, and then the moment that person ‘depleted,’ switched to the prince. The speed at which one adapts, I want to learn from it.”

“What. . .”

As Alma’s face flushed with indignation, Luke stepped forward to confront Tommy.

“Alma is not like that! Apologize to her right now!”

“What are you saying? I merely stated a fact. . .”

Tommy backed away, intimidated by Luke’s fierce demeanor.

“What fact! You don’t even know how much she struggled to achieve her grades! Apologize to her, now!”

Luke pointed accusingly at Tommy.

“Flame Control!”

As the words rang out, Luke’s arm was enveloped in flames.


As Luke tried to smother the spreading flames by rolling on the ground, Thomson, Tommy’s brother, stepped in front of him.

“Don’t you dare order us around, you countryside noble. Someone as useless as you belongs groveling on the ground.”

“Thomson Trinal! It’s forbidden to use magic in student conflicts!”

“Hmph, I was merely admonishing him for trying to resort to violence. It’s self-defense, really.”

Despite Alma’s protest, Thomson just smiled smugly.

“Besides, he’s no longer a student. The rule doesn’t apply to him.”

“If you’re so upset, try to defend yourself with magic.”

Thomas and Tommy added with sneering laughter.



The flames earlier were Thomson’s unique magic – Flame Manipulation.

In this world, anyone who can use high-level magic possesses a unique magic.

Unique magic allows one to activate magic with just a manifestation declaration, not a complex incantation, by fixing a magic formula inside the body. It is a kind of magic only usable by that person.

Only one magic can be fixed inside the body. While you cannot possess multiple, these magics are powerful and can be activated instantly, hence they are considered an essential ability for magic knights.

In the academy, it is customary to identify unique magic with appraisal magic after learning high-level magic. Therefore, Luke, who became “depleted” before being able to use magic, naturally couldn’t use it.

“Hurry up and leave this academy, breathing the same air as a failure like you might ‘deplete’ us too.”

The three of them spat out those words and left.

“Luke! I’m sorry! It’s my fault. . .”

Alma applied healing magic to Luke, who was crouching on the ground.

It was a very basic and elementary magic, but even that was not usable by Luke at the moment.

“Thank you, I’m okay now. More importantly. . .”

Luke, grimacing in pain, sat up and looked at Alma.

“Is what he said true? About you being the fiancée-to-be of Prince Gale.”

For Luke, this concern was more painful than the burns.

Alma looked down and shook her head.

“. . .I don’t know yet. I was just invited to meet him.”

“I see. . .”

Luke sighed deeply.

He felt a little relief in his heart.

“I’ll decline the invitation from the Seraglio Guards.”

“No, I think you shouldn’t.”

Luke immediately opposed Alma’s muttered words.


“Alma, you’ve always said it. You want to become a great magic warrior and help your father. Being in the Seraglio Guards is an honor unmatched.”

“. . .But.”

Luke smiled and extended his hand to the still hesitant Alma.

“Alma will surely do well in the Seraglio Guards. I, who have been watching you closely, guarantee it. And I’m not giving up either. No matter how high you climb, I’ll catch up someday. So, please wait at the highest point. I want to aim for you.”

“Luke. . .”

“It’s a promise. Next time we meet, I’ll become the best magic knight. So don’t give up on your dreams.”

“. . .Okay. I’ll become a great magic knight and wait for you, just as much as Luke. It’s a promise.”

Alma wiped her tears and clasped his hand.

And a week later, Luke officially dropped out of the Arrogas Royal Magic Knight Academy.

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