The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 1


“Luke Surberry, I cannot allow you to remain enrolled in our school any longer.”

The words of Boris Daghoorn, the principal of the Arrogas Royal Academy of Magic Knights, pierced Luke’s mind like a giant battle-axe.

“. . .May I. . . hear the reason?”

Struggling to maintain his composure, he managed to squeeze out the words.

But he knew all too well that it was just a facade.

In fact, he had more than enough reason to suspect why.

“Is it because of my. . . ‘depletion’?”

Boris, with his hands clasped on the desk, nodded faintly.

The place where Luke now stood, the Arrogas Royal Academy of Magic Knights, was renowned as the premier school for training magic knights in the Arrogas Kingdom.

A magic knight, mastering both magical and physical combat, is one of the few who can fight the demon beasts that roam the kingdom, and those who hold this title earn the people’s respect.

Therefore, it had become customary for nobility to send their children to this academy for prestige, including Luke, the eldest son of a count from a remote region, who had been enrolled for a year.

However, for Luke, it had been an experience that brutally stripped away any prestige.

“When you first enrolled, you were truly exceptional. In the magical power measurement, you set a record since the founding of our school, and you performed brilliantly in both practical and theoretical classes. That’s why your ‘depletion’ is such a disappointment to us.”

At Boris’s words, Luke gritted his teeth.

He was well aware of this.

In this world, everyone is born with magical power, though its magnitude varies, and with knowledge and skills, one can perform magic.

However, about half become unable to use magic when they reach puberty.

This was known as ‘depletion’.

Generally, those with less magical power are more prone to depletion, but occasionally, even those with high magical power lose their ability.

And Luke was precisely that case.

Once hailed as a prodigy since the academy’s opening, Luke suddenly lost his magic abilities upon advancing to his second year.

It was a shock that felt like his heart was being gouged out.

He even considered ending his life, but somehow held on, spending the past year in a desperate effort to regain his magic.

He consulted the best doctors in the kingdom, tried every magical potion, and even risked his life in dangerous rituals, but Luke’s magic never reactivated.

Unfortunately, Luke’s misfortune didn’t end there.

The rumor of “depletion” spread throughout the school in an instant, and it didn’t take long for the respect that had been directed towards Luke to turn into contempt, and the envy in their eyes to become mockery. 

He was openly ridiculed, told to leave the school, and was even subjected to physical violence on countless occasions.

In a school filled with proud noble children, someone like Luke was perfect for satisfying their egos.

Despite being humiliated and laughed at numerous times, Luke never gave up on his path to becoming a magic knight.

It was a promise he made to his late father.

But now, that dream crumbled right before Luke’s eyes.


“We also regret having to expel you. You may not be able to use magic, but your swordsmanship and academic performance are top of the class. With your current grades, it’s likely you could even advance further.”

Luke stood in stunned silence as Boris’s words passed through his ears.

He could hear them, but they seemed not to enter his mind.

However, the words Boris uttered next brought Luke back to reality.

“However, your guardian, Sir Greed Surberry, has informed us that he will not pay the tuition fees from next year onwards. We simply cannot keep a student enrolled without tuition payment.”

“My uncle? Did he really say that?”

This was unbelievable to Luke.

Attending the Magic Knight Training School was also a will of his late father, Aaron Surberry.

Boris nodded gravely in response to Luke’s question.

“Your tuition fees have already been fully paid, but there is a request for a refund. Therefore, we have no choice but to let you go. This is not our intention either, do you understand? You have one week to pack your belongings. . .”

Luke couldn’t comprehend Boris’s continuing words.

Everything felt like a surreal story, and before he knew it, he had left the principal’s office.

Eventually, the reality weighed down on him, and Luke slumped down against a wall.

It felt as if the world had suddenly closed in front of him.

“My uncle is having me expelled. . .?”

He didn’t want to believe it, but a part of him calmly accepted it.

Greed Surberry, his father’s brother, was a man of immense greed; it wouldn’t be surprising if he plotted this.


Turning to the voice calling his name, he saw a girl standing there.

Alma Bastille, a beautiful girl with long, glossy black hair and eyes like obsidian, was Luke’s only close friend at the academy.

“I heard you were called by the principal. . . are you okay?”

Alma looked worriedly at Luke sitting in the hallway.

“I wish I could say I’m okay, but it might be a bit difficult.”

Luke said this with a faint smile.

“I’ve been told to leave the academy in a week. So, Alma, it’s goodbye for us too.”

At those words, Alma’s expression changed, and she turned towards the principal’s office door.


Luke grabbed her hand to stop her.

“But that’s just. . .”

“It’s not that the principal is wrong. It can’t be helped.”

He shook his head at Alma, who was about to protest.

“Let’s go. We’re too conspicuous here.”

Luke took Alma’s hand and headed towards a pavilion in the courtyard.










“Such a thing. . .”

Alma, having heard Luke’s explanation, opened her eyes wide in surprise.

“It can’t be helped. I’ve ‘depleted’ my potential, so my uncle must have decided that there’s no point in keeping me at the academy any longer.”

Luke smiled self-deprecatingly, but it was clear to Alma that he was forcing it.

“So, it’s not the principal’s fault.”

“Even so. . . it’s too cruel. . . Luke has worked harder than anyone. . .”

Tears overflowed in Alma’s eyes.

Luke took out a handkerchief and gently wiped her tears.

“It’s okay. I was somewhat prepared for this. Besides, it’s not like my life was taken. I may have been expelled, but someday I’ll definitely become a magic knight. I promised you, didn’t I?”

Surprised by his words, Alma stared at Luke.

“Luke, you remembered. . .”

“Of course. You were my ‘first ‘student’, after all.”

Luke smiled.

When Alma first entered the academy, she couldn’t use magic well and lived her school life like a shrinking violet.

Being the daughter of the influential local noble, Rampart Margrave, she wasn’t directly bullied, but couldn’t fit in with the nobles from the capital either, living her days like a scared little animal.

Luke, also from a regional lord’s family, couldn’t overlook this and decided to encourage Alma and accompany her in magic practice.

Thanks to this, Alma’s magical ability improved rapidly, and now she is called the top genius of her grade.

In the process, the two nurtured a friendship and became invaluable best friends.

“Now I’m the one chasing after you, but someday I’ll definitely stand by your side again. So, don’t cry so much.”


Alma hugged Luke.

Grabbing his shirt, she buried her face in his chest.

“Absolutely, absolutely! It doesn’t matter if you become a magic knight or not, but you must come back to me. It’s a promise.”

Luke gently placed his hand on Alma’s trembling shoulder.

“Yes, I promise. I will definitely come back to see you someday.”

“Luke. . .”

Alma looked up at Luke with tearful eyes.

Her face slowly moved closer to Luke’s.

“Oh? What do we have here? Isn’t that the expelled student, Luke?”

It was then that a voice echoed from behind the two.

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