The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 178

𝐅𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐛𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞

“Luke, as I said earlier, I’m leaving the octopus to you.”

Iris turns towards Leviathan with a snap of her fingers.

“Understood. Please take care, master.”

“Who are you talking to!”

Iris jumps high into the sky with a roar.

She then delivers a powerful kick to Leviathan.

Leviathan, whose body reaches the sky, is knocked down sideways.

Iris’s fingers dig into the tail of Leviathan, who tries to escape into the sea.

“I won’t let you escape!”

She swings around Leviathan, which is several tens of meters long, and slams it into a cliff.

The vibration shakes the entire island.


Leviathan, who tried to escape with a roar, was thrown back by an invisible wall.

“I told you, I won’t let you escape.”

Iris slowly approaches.

The entire island is sealed off by the territory of the divine beast, but within that, Iris’s territory seal has trapped the divine beasts.

“It’s been a while since I’ve rampaged in the world, so let me enjoy it a bit?”


Leviathan’s roar has turned into a scream.

“. . .It was presumptuous of me to worry.”

Luke sighs at Iris’s fighting style.

It’s unimaginable how strong the main body would be if it were serious, considering that it’s just a part of the soul.

“I can’t, I can’t, I have to do what I have to do.”

Luke, who was captivated by Iris’s fight, shakes his head and turns back to Kraken.

The Kraken, seen at close range, looks like a flesh-colored castle wall.

The flailing giant arm would be no match for even thousands of troops.

“Can I really do it. . .”

With a bitter smile, Luke places his left hand on the ground.

“Mud Shift!”

The ground around Luke turns into mud.

Kraken sinks into the mud under its own weight.

But it crawls out of the mud, moving its eight arms skillfully.

“Of course, that’s what happens. But this should prevent you from attacking for a while. Collapse!”

Rocks fall from the cliff above due to Luke’s magic.

The rocks change shape in mid-air and rain down on the Kraken.

“Rock Spear!”

The rock, which has become a giant spear, pierces the Kraken’s arm.


The Kraken’s shrill scream echoes.

At the same time, a black, viscous liquid is ejected from the funnel.


The ink-like liquid released by the Kraken easily breaks through Luke’s defensive magic.

The rocks covered in ink melted, emitting smoke.

Iris, who was fighting Leviathan, issues a warning.

“Be careful! That ink of his can melt anything, whether it’s iron or flesh!”

“Y, Yes.”

Luke, who narrowly avoided the ink, was chilled by the unknown ability of the Kraken.

(As expected of a divine beast, it still had such an ability hidden!)


The spear of rock that had bound the Kraken was beginning to dissolve in ink.

(It seems the restraint is going to be released sooner than I thought. I need to hurry.)

Without a moment’s delay, the pattern on the Kraken’s body began to change.

(A lightning strike!)

Lightning rained down around Luke, who had deployed anti-physical defense magic.

If it hit directly, the power would char the whole body in an instant.

With eight robust and flexible giant arms that melt everything with ink, wide-range attack lightning, and strong magical power resistance, the Kraken was like a fortress and an army in one.

“It’s really an incredible opponent. But now I’ve got the hang of it!”

Luke closed the distance in one go during the lull when the lightning subsided.

“Muddy Displacement!”

The Kraken’s body began to sink back into the mud.

The Kraken’s funnel, trying to wriggle out of the mud, swelled greatly.

But that was within Luke’s expectations.

“Waterfall Pillar!”

A huge pillar of water created by magic blocked the Kraken’s ink.

In that gap, Luke grabbed his left thumb and pulled it hard to throw it.

The prosthetic hand made of Adamant Slime turned into a thin wire and wrapped around the Kraken’s torso.

When he stabbed one end of the wire into the ground, Luke jumped back and started chanting.

The Kraken vibrated its body surface to release another lightning strike.

But nothing happened.

“It’s useless. The material of the Adamant Slime has almost zero electrical resistance. It just flows into the ground before it discharges.”

Realizing that it couldn’t release the lightning, the Kraken writhed its body greatly.

But the wire of Adamant Slime stretched to match the movement, and it didn’t seem to break at all.

Meanwhile, Luke continued to chant.

The surrounding rocks began to emit a faint light in response to the chant.

It was reacting to the magical elements contained in the rocks of Osten Island.

The light of the magical elements leaking from the rocks swirled around Luke.

“That’s right, Luke, you can do it.”

Iris, who had been watching the situation out of the corner of her eye, smiled.


With a tremendous breathing sound, the Kraken lifted its body by force.

The wire made of Adamant Slime was torn and flew off by the rush of magical power.

At the same time, Luke’s eyes widened.

His left prosthetic eye emitted a red flash.

“Piercing Shock Magic Spear!”

Luke’s magic was activated.

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