The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 177


Luke, clad in wind magic, took to the skies.

Iris flew alongside him.

“I know I said this, but don’t push yourself too hard. If you think it’s impossible, tell me right away. I’ll come to help immediately.”

Iris’s tone was serious, a stark contrast to before.

Luke felt a warmth in his chest at Iris’s concern, even if it seemed harsh. She always put him first.

“Thank you, Master. Please take care as well!”

Iris reached out and pulled Luke closer by the neck.

Her soft lips sealed Luke’s.

At the same time, a burning stream of magical power flowed into Luke’s body.

The power returned to his body, which had been exhausted from the battle with the Kraken earlier.

“Wha, what is this. . .”

“It’s a little encouragement from master to disciple. You feel better now, right? Go wild!”


The two continued their flight towards the divine beast.

“Ah, that, guy. . .”

Alma was watching from the mountainside, grinding her teeth.

“So that’s why he kept me away.”

“You can see well. . .”

Cyphos, who was sighing next to her, turned back to Alma.

“By the way, young lady, you seem to know that red-skinned woman as well. . . Is she really who I think she is?”

Even Cyphos, known as the Sword Saint, chose his words carefully when mentioning her name.

Alma nodded slightly, and Cyphos sighed and looked up at the sky.

“And that Luke is looking up to her as his master. What’s going on? Why would a demon, who is said to be as powerful as a god, take a human child as a disciple?”

“. . .I’m sorry, I can’t say more about it.”

Alma evaded the question.

Even though she was sealed 800 years ago, Iris is still considered an enemy of humanity.

If it became public knowledge that she was training under Iris, it wouldn’t end well.

“No, it’s fine. I understand that there must be some circumstances for such a thing. I won’t ask any further. But, I’ve only heard of her in legends. . . Well, it’s not good to live too long.”

Cyphos laughed heartily, stretched his back, and kicked Gale.

“Guh! What’s going on!”

“It’s not ‘what’s going on.’ You’ve rested enough, let’s go.”

“Go? Where to?”

Gale, who had just woken up and didn’t know the situation, was bewildered.

Without paying attention to Gale, Cyphos started descending the mountain path.

“It’s obvious, isn’t it? We’re going to get a closer look. There’s nothing else like it.”










“Well, first we have to pull them out.”

Iris, who had landed on the beach, was gazing at the sea with her arms crossed.

The Leviathan and Kraken are watching them from about 100 meters offshore.

“The water is their territory. If we go in there carelessly, we’ll just be prey.”

“I understand. Master, I need your cooperation. You see that cape over there, don’t you?”

Luke pointed further back from the divine beasts.

The place where Luke and the others were standing was a bay-like terrain, almost circular in shape, surrounded by two capes that were extremely close to each other.

According to Kiel, this is where the goddess once fought with the two divine beasts, and the magic released by the goddess pierced the earth and created this terrain.

Luke glanced at Iris.

It seems that Iris has completely forgotten about that time, and is innocently gazing at the sea.

“I see. Luke, I can read your thoughts.”

Iris smiled and held out her arm.

Luke also thrust his left arm forward.

“I’ll give the signal, so please join me.”


As he chanted, the magic circle engraved on Luke’s left arm emitted light.

“Maximum Explosion!”

Magic was released from his left arm.

At the same time, a magical power bullet was fired from Iris’s arm.

The two magical power bullets hit the two opposing capes directly and shattered them to pieces.

The collapsed cape blocked the entrance to the bay.

Luke jumped high into the sky and released another magic.

“Scorching Ray!”

The flame ray released by Luke did not hit the divine beast. . . but pierced the sea surface.

The sea surface, which was exposed to high temperatures, bubbled up all at once.

“I see, you’ve thought it through. If they won’t come out of the water, let’s make them come out.”

Iris whistled in admiration.

Luke’s magic continued to raise the temperature of the water in the dammed bay, which had become a pool.

“So, how long will it take for them to come out?”

“Well. . . if I keep casting magic like this, I think I can exceed their tolerable temperature in about an hour.”

Luke answered while continuing to fire magic.

“Daaaaaaa! That’s too long!”

Iris shouted and put both hands on the ground.


As she shouted, the beach began to glow red.

The sea surface bubbled up.

Now the dammed bay was boiling like a pot on a fire.

“Hot! Hot!”

Luke hurriedly retreated to a distant rock.

“Master, could you be a little more gentle. . .”

“I don’t have time for that! Hey, if you don’t come out soon, I’ll boil you and eat you!”

Suddenly, the sea surface rose sharply.

As if the sun had suddenly set, the beach was darkened by shadows.

“Alright, they’ve finally come out!”

Iris looked up at the sky with a triumphant look.

Luke also swallowed hard and looked up at the sky.

In front of them, the Kraken towered like a small mountain.

“Then let’s go to the second round!”

Iris roared with her teeth bared.

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