The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 175


“W, Why are you here?!”


Luke and Alma both exclaimed in surprise.

Neither of them could believe what they were seeing.

Iris had been sealed away for 800 years as a demon who harbored ill will towards humanity.

The seal that covered the entire mountain was something not even the demon Iris could break through.

But there was no doubt that the person standing before them was Iris.

“Wha, wha, wha. . .why. . .you. . .”

“Luke~ I’ve missed you~.”

Ignoring the gaping Alma, Iris jumped onto Luke.

“You haven’t been coming home at all lately~ I’ve been lonely.”

“Why is master here. . .huh? How did you. . .?”

“Of course, I came to help Luke. It’s a master’s duty to save her beloved disciple in crisis. You can rest easy now that I’m here.”

Iris, who was surprised, kept rubbing her cheeks against Luke’s.

“Wait a minute!”

Alma, who had lost her patience, put her hands on both of their faces and pulled them apart.

“Why are you here!”

“Tsk, so Alma’s here too.”

“It’s not ‘tsk’!”

Alma snapped at Iris, who was frowning deliberately.

“So, why is master here? How did you break the seal?”

That was what surprised Luke.

Iris herself had said that the barrier that sealed her, even if she was a demon, would not be broken for thousands of years.

Luke, who had been aiming to break that barrier, honestly didn’t know where to start.

So why. . .?

“Ah, this? To tell you the truth, this isn’t me.”

Iris said it nonchalantly.

“?? What do you mean?”

Alma made a face as if she had been tricked by a fox.

“You mean a split body using a medium?”

“As expected of Luke! You understand well!”

Iris jumped onto Luke again, and Alma pulled them apart.

“So stop sticking together!. . .So, what’s a split body?”

“In other words, this is a doll made to look like Iris. Well, since Iris is a demon, it might be better to say it’s a divine form.”

“No way, this is a fake? It looks just like Iris to me. . .”

Alma stared at Iris’s medium in surprise.

It didn’t look like a fake at all.

It was even blinking and its chest was rising and falling with its breath.

“There’s no way what I make would be so cheap.”

Iris. . . or rather, her split body puffed out her chest.

Her voice and attitude were exactly like Iris’s.

“So you’re saying that because it’s a medium and not the real thing, the barrier didn’t react. But it’s amazing that you were able to create such a detailed medium here.”

“The Behemoth’s horn and the ancient dragon Balthazar’s magic stone that Luke gave me were useful. After all, there aren’t many materials that can hold my soul.”

“You split your soul!”

Luke looked at Iris in astonishment.

“Well, of course. If my soul doesn’t come out, it doesn’t count as me coming out.”

“What a reckless thing to do. . .”

Luke held his head in his hands, opposite to the proud Iris.


“If you make a mistake with the soul division, it’s not strange that you could fall from the demon to the barrier!”

The ritual of dividing the soul, which separates a part of the soul, is a dangerous ritual that can lead to death or disability if it fails.

The same is true for Iris, and if she had failed, she might not have been able to maintain her form as a demon.

However, Iris hugged Luke without showing any signs of taking such a risk.

“Well, it’s good because it was successful. Thanks to that, I can feel Luke’s touch even when I’m in the mountains.”

“. . .I can’t beat master.”

Luke could only smile bitterly.

“Hey, why did the divine beasts suddenly disappear!. . . Who is this woman, where did she appear from.”

As soon as he thought there was a loud voice, Gale came.

It seems that he didn’t see Iris blowing away the two divine beasts.

He is clearly wary of the sudden intruder.

“This is Iris, my master.”

“Your master? Why is such a person here.”

Gale throws a rude gaze at Iris.

He doesn’t even try to hide his insolent attitude.

“Who is this?”

“This is Prince Gale, the first prince of the Arrogas Kingdom.”

Luke introduces Iris.

“Hmm, is that so. Well, let’s defeat them quickly and have you guide me around the world.”

However, Iris seems to have no interest at all and completely ignores Gale.

That ignited Gale’s self-esteem.

He stands in front of Iris with an arrogant attitude.

“Hey, I don’t know if you’re Luke’s master or what, but he’s our strength. If you’re going to get in the way, stay back.”

“Ah, you’re so noisy. I don’t have time to deal with you.”

Iris raises her hand in annoyance.

“Um, master. . .that person is the first prince of our country, so please be gentle.”

Cold sweat runs down Luke’s cheek with a bad feeling.

“I know. I’m not going to do anything dangerous.”

While saying that, Iris makes a ring with her thumb and middle finger.

“I’m just going to calm him down a bit.”

As soon as she says that, Iris flicks Gale’s forehead with her middle finger.


Gale is blown away, spinning vertically, and crashes into a large tree, completely unconscious.

“I told you to be gentle!”

“He’s not dead. . .probably. . .”

“Not probably!. . .Good, he seems to be still breathing.”

Luke sighs in relief after checking Gale’s condition.

“That’s why I held back. Let’s finish this quickly. They should be coming this way soon.”

Iris points to the boiling sea surface.

The sea surface rises, and two huge mountains appear with a huge wave.

It’s The Kraken and Leviathan.

Luke stands next to Iris.

“I understand. Let’s settle this here.”

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