The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 154

𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐛𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐚’𝐬 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬

“Luke Surberry, I’m listening to your story. You say you defeated the Behemoth.”

Barbassa suddenly started. 

“It wasn’t just my power. I couldn’t defeat it alone.”

While surprised that the rumors had spread to the demon realm, Luke shrugged modestly. 

“The Behemoth is not a sweet existence that can be defeated by cooperating with the human race. Unless you have a person with great power, you can’t even scratch it even if you lead an army.”

Barbassa glared at Luke. 

“Excessive modesty is no different from disrespect. No, it’s more ugly. You are just plotting under the name of modesty. It’s the same as mocking the other party.”

“Don’t say such a thing. . .”

“Then show it in your attitude. Follow me.”

As soon as he said that, Barbassa stood up and walked towards the exit. 


“I don’t know, but it seems like he’s telling us to follow him.”

Luke and the others, who looked at each other’s faces, hurriedly followed Barbassa. 

Barbassa was heading for the courtyard of the castle. 

The fountain raises a cool splash, and low garden trees bloom vivid flowers around it. 

But Luke didn’t have the luxury to admire the beautiful scenery now. 

Because Barbassa, who had a sword in both hands, was waiting. 

Barbassa threw one of his swords to Luke. 

“Take it, prove your strength to me.”

“Please don’t say unreasonable things! Why do I have to cross swords with you!”

Even Luke had no choice but to panic at this. 

It’s not a joke to cross swords, let alone territorial invasion. 

If it becomes a bloodshed, it could really become an international problem. 

“Your Excellency, you are overestimating me! I am not the one to cross swords with you. Please reconsider.”

Barbassa quietly opened his mouth to Luke, who stubbornly refused. 

“Then you are saying that your lord’s words are lies.”

“What are you talking about. . .?”

“Exactly as I said. You are trying to deny the words of your own lord who swore loyalty.”

“That’s ridiculous. . .”

Luke somehow swallowed the words that Flora-sama would never say such a thing. 

It doesn’t matter whether Flora actually talked to Barbassa or not. 

Luke realized that the option to refuse had disappeared when those words were brought up. 

“. . .I understand.”

Luke picked up the sword with a sigh. 

“That’s good.”

Barbassa held his sword. 

“Let me tell you, don’t think about going easy on me. If I judge that you have added a hand to me, neither you nor the two daughters there will be able to leave my territory.”

“I understand.”

Luke held his sword while answering sullenly. 

He was going to do it seriously from the beginning. 

Rather, Luke was unusually angry. 

He was fed up with the arbitrary behavior of Barbassa, a lord of the demon realm, no matter what.



“Let’s go!”

Barbassa lunged at him. 

Generally, demons are superior to humans in both magical power and physical abilities. 

Among them, pure demons like Barbassa were not opponents that ordinary humans could handle, even if there were 100 of them. 

However, Luke was completely blocking Barbassa’s storm-like attacks. 

“You’re pretty good! How about this!”

A magical power bullet was fired from Barbassa’s hand. 

It’s an ability that only pure demons can use, which allows them to use magical power for attacks without using inefficient methods like chanting. 

But even that was dodged by Luke at the last moment. 

The magical power bullet that missed and went behind destroyed the fountain. 

Water from the fountain sprayed towards Barbassa. 

Taking this opportunity, Luke switched to offense. 

“Guh. . . You. . . To this extent.”

Suddenly, Barbassa had no choice but to go on the defensive. 

“Amazing. . . Sir Berlanji is on the defensive. . .”

Kiel was watching the battle between the two with wide eyes. 

“It’s said that even an army can’t stand against Sir Berlanji.”

“Because it’s Luke, he’s been through battles like that many times.”

Alma puffed out her chest proudly. 

“What on earth is Luke. . .”


Barbassa thrust out his left hand. 

The glow of a magical power bullet lit up at the tip of each finger. 

“It’s useless!”

At the same time as Luke thrust out his left hand, Barbassa’s magical power bullet disappeared. 


Luke’s nullification magic had erased Barbassa’s magical power bullet. 


With a shout, Barbassa’s sword was knocked away. 

“Not yet!”

Barbassa grabbed the blade of Luke’s sword. 

The steel blade was crushed into pieces. 

“How about this!”

A right hand filled with magical power attacked Luke. 

The moment the fist reached him, Luke’s left fist punched through Barbassa’s temple. 

“Guh. . .”

Barbassa’s body swayed. 

A follow-up right fist attacked Barbassa’s jaw. 

The fist stopped just before it shattered the jaw. 

“Are you satisfied with this?”

Luke’s quiet voice echoed in the courtyard.

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