The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 153

𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐦

“Damn it, Dorkin, you’ve done something unnecessary!”

Barabad was pacing around the captain’s room with a rough gait.

“A nobleman from the Kingdom of Arrogas? Why did you have to get involved with them? Thanks to you, I had to kill you.”

The honeymoon between Barabad and Dorkin, who received a suitable reward in exchange for overlooking piracy in the territorial waters where they could not touch the human race, was ended by an intruder named Luke.

He considered the option of killing Luke on the spot, but then he would have to kill everyone.

That seemed like a decision that was beyond Barabad’s capabilities.

So, for now, he decided to bring him to the demon realm.

After Dorkin’s death, there is no one to testify to Barabad’s corruption.

If so, it would be less trouble to let the higher-ups handle the rest.

“I wish they wouldn’t let him out of this country.”

Muttering to himself, Barabad continued to pace around restlessly.

The ship arrived at Northport in the demon realm of Berlanji overnight.

“So this is the demon realm. . .”

Luke, who had descended from the gangway, looked around with sparkling eyes.

The atmosphere was similar to that of Iannat, another port town, but there were also clear differences.

First of all, there are no humans.

The ones walking around are beastkin, fairies, and even demons with strange appearances that he have never seen in the Kingdom of Arrogas.

It feels like a completely different world, even though it’s a neighboring country.

“Alma, look at that! That’s a Quarm tribe with four arms! It’s my first time seeing one outside of a book! There’s a Harpy over there! And goblins too! They live together with other demons here.”

“Can you calm down a bit?”

Barabad sighed.

“You’re about to be interrogated for territorial invasion. You should be a little more solemn.”

“Sorry, but this is my first time coming to the demon realm.”

Luke apologized, but his eyes were still darting around.

“Look at that door! It’s much bigger than the doors in our country. It must be because they’re used by orcs and trolls!”

“. . .Just take him away quickly.”

With a fed-up look on his face, Barabad handed Luke over to the waiting military police.










Luke and his companions were taken to a massive stone castle.

Kiel’s face stiffens at the sight of the castle.

“It’s strange, why are we being brought here? We’re supposed to have only violated territorial waters.”

“Could this be. . .”

Kiel nodded at Luke’s words.

“This is Barbassa’s castle.”

“This is. . .”

Luke also swallowed hard and looked up at the towering castle.

Barbassa Berlanji, he had only spoken briefly at a party, but he had a strong impression of a quirky personality.

Above all, he doesn’t hide his dislike for humans at all.

“This might not be easy.”

Unconsciously, Luke muttered that.

Luke and his companions, who were taken into the castle, were guided to the audience room after a while.

Barbassa was looking down at Luke and his companions from the upper part of the audience room.

“So it’s you guys, the ones who brazenly invaded our territorial waters.”

Barbassa spat out with a bitter face.

“I never thought that a nobleman from the Arrogas Kingdom would infiltrate us in this way. It seems that humans think that they don’t have to obey the laws of the demon race.”

“Your Excellency, can you listen to my story?”

“Do you think that if I listen, your sins will be lighter?”

“No, but if you, the demon race, also govern the country by law, then you need facts to judge.”

At Luke’s words, Barbassa raised his eyebrows slightly.

“You’re saying something petty. Then speak. Prove your innocence as best you can.”

“Understood. Then I will explain.”

Luke stood up and began to tell the story of what had happened so far. . .

“Hmm, I understand your point.”

Barbassa, who had finished listening to Luke’s story, snorted with a look of displeasure.

“You entered our territorial waters unavoidably to help a human ship that was attacked by pirates. But that’s your convenience and it has nothing to do with us.”

“But I heard that crossing territorial waters is allowed in case of rescue.”

“That’s only for rescue. Your action to suppress piracy is not included. Rather, what you did is a clear abuse of authority.”

“That’s a false accusation! If you start saying that. . .”

“Calm down.”

Luke hurriedly covered Kiel’s mouth, who was raising a protest.

“But we had no choice but to act when we saw the distress signal from the merchant ship. Your Excellency, you said it was an abuse of authority, but eliminating danger should also be part of rescue operations.”

“You’re being clever. . .”

Barbassa glared at Luke.

“But even if we recognize your actions as rescue, we can’t just let you go. We’ll have to conduct a thorough investigation first. Be prepared for a month.”

At those words, Kiel screamed.

“No way! I’m fine, but at least let these people go home! Luke and Alma were just caught up in my decision!”

“No way. That wouldn’t set an example for others. As a rule of law, unless there are exceptional measures, we can’t overturn this.”

“That’s. . .”

Luke stepped forward in front of Alma, who was sighing.

“So you’re saying there are exceptional measures?”

“Hmm, I thought you’d take the bait.”

Barbassa showed a defiant smile at Luke’s question.

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