The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 151

𝐏𝐚𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐥 𝐛𝐨𝐚𝐭

“What the. . .Gah!”

“You! Don’t mess. . .Guh.”

“Damn, they’re all over. . .Bleh!”

A dull sound echoes from Dorkin’s ship. 

“I, Is this okay?”

“If it’s that much, it’s okay to leave it to Alma. I guess we don’t need magic anymore.”

Luke answers with a smile to Kiel who looks worried. 

Only the screams and impact sounds of people echo in the quiet sea where Luke’s magic has been solved, and eventually they also settled down. 

After a while, Alma comes out waving her hand big from the side of Dorkin’s ship. 

“It’s okay now! Bring it closer!”

“This is terrible. . .”

As soon as she moved to Dorkin’s ship, Kiel frowned at the devastation in front of her. 

The pirates were all lying on the deck like tuna. 

Their clothes were torn, their limbs were broken, and their faces were swollen so much that they couldn’t be identified. 

Dorkin was in a particularly bad state, and it was only because he was barely wearing clothes that she knew who he was. 

“But it’s self-inflicted.”

Kiel approached Dorkin through the pirates. 

When she forcibly pulled up Dorkin, who was groaning, by the collar, she started yelling at him with a great momentum. 

“Dorkin, how far have you fallen! Why don’t you understand that guys like you are tormenting everyone, especially when you attack a trading ship that is dealing with the island!”

“He. . .hehe. . .what’s. . .that?”

However, Dorkin did not change his defiant attitude even though he was battered. 

“We don’t care what happens to you Kranken who are hanging out with humans. More importantly, I’ll make sure you pay for making me go through this.”

“You. . .what are you saying? You can’t escape the death penalty for attacking a human merchant ship.”

“I wonder? You might not be able to say that if you know who’s behind us.”

“What do you mean by that. . .”

“Kiel! Someone’s coming!”

When she tried to further pursue Dorkin, who continued to smirk, the oarsman shouted loudly. 

“That’s. . .isn’t that a demon patrol boat!”

Kiel’s face turned pale as she looked into the telescope. 

The expressions of the crew changed at Kiel’s words. 

“Kiel, this is bad. The demons patrolling around here and the Rivasura clan are in cahoots. If we’re not careful, we might get a hard time.”

“What should we do? Isn’t it better to get out of here now?”

“No, it’s no good. They should have noticed our ship’s flag. If we run away now, they’ll just make excuses.”

Kiel shook her head at the words of the crew and glared at Dorkin with a hateful look. 

“We’ve saved lives. If we’re proud, it’s okay.”

While they were doing this, the demon patrol boat quickly approached and moored to Dorkin’s ship. 

Fully armed soldiers boarded. 

“What’s going on here.”

The fishman captain glares at Kiel with a cold gaze as he looks around at the pirates lying on the deck. 

Kiel shrugged and pointed to the merchant ship with her thumb. 

“There’s nothing to it. We just helped because that merchant ship was being attacked. Isn’t it a rule of the sea to help as much as possible when you find a distress signal?”



“Is that true?”

“Y, Yes, we were loading magic stones on the island to return home when these people suddenly attacked us. We couldn’t escape because our rudder was damaged, but Kiel came to our rescue.”

The captain of the merchant ship, who was brought as a witness to Dorkin’s ship, answers while wiping his sweat.

The demon captain glares at Dorkin.

“Is what this person saying true? Were you trying to attack this ship?”

“There’s no way that’s true.”

Dorkin answers with a smirk.

“We were just trying to do business with this ship. We told them we could sell magic stones cheaper than the Kranken clan. Then they misunderstood something and ran away, so we just chased them. It’s a unfortunate misunderstanding.”

“Don’t be ridiculous!”

Kiel shouts in anger.

“It’s an undeniable fact that you guys attacked this person’s ship!”

“No, we just unleashed magic to get the ship’s attention. It’s just bad luck that it hit the ship. Really, misfortune tends to pile up.”

“You. . . villain!”

“Well, well, let’s stay calm.”

As Luke somehow calms down the fist-raised Kiel, he turns back to the demon captain.

“I also guarantee her testimony. I clearly saw this ship attacking.”

“Who are you?”

The demon captain stares at Luke suspiciously.

Luke puts his hand on his chest and bows slightly.

“Excuse me for my rudeness. I am Luke Surberry, the lord of Narejji in the Kingdom of Arrogas. I look forward to your acquaintance.”

“What. . .! A nobleman from the Kingdom of Arrogas?!”

At this remark, Dorkin loses his color.

The weight of the same words is different between commoners and nobles.

For Dorkin, who was trying to talk his way out of it, this was literally a bolt from the blue.

“No. . . that’s ridiculous! It’s a bluff!”

“Whether it’s a bluff or not, you can easily check.”

Luke is very calm.

“Kukuku. . .”

Cold sweat appears on Dorkin’s face.

Dorkin turns back to the demon captain with a flattering look in his eyes.

“Hey. . . hey. . . Mr. Barabad. . . you’re not going to believe what they’re saying, are you? We have a relationship, you’re not going to treat me badly, are you?”

“Hmm, but I can’t ignore it if it’s a nobleman from the Kingdom of Arrogas. Moreover, the ship that was attacked is a merchant ship belonging to the Kingdom of Arrogas. If things get rough, it could become an international issue. This doesn’t seem to be a problem that can be settled internally. . .”

The captain, called Barabad, tilts his head as if thinking.

“But, but! You’ve been making good profits until━”

Dorkin’s words are cut off there.

Dorkin falls down, spouting fresh blood from his throat.

“Therefore, I execute Dorkin here for the crime of piracy.”

Barabad coldly declares, lowering his blood-dripping sword.

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