The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 150

𝐏𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐠𝐚𝐢𝐧

The ship is sailing across the deep blue sea.

Luke and Alma are on the ship returning to Iam.

Osten Island is about to disappear beyond the horizon.

“It was a good island, despite everything.”

“Yes, I’d like to visit again someday.”

Luke responds to Alma, who murmurs this while looking out into the distance.

“Right? You’re always welcome to visit!”

Kiel interrupts the two of them.

“But I wonder if it’s okay. After all, we couldn’t do anything.”

“It’s fine! I told you, the islanders will figure it out.”

Kiel waves her hand with a smile at the worried Luke.

“The island has overcome crises like this many times. It’ll work out this time too.”

“I hope so. . .”

Luke sighs and leans on the ship’s railing.

Despite what Kiel says, there’s an indescribable unease smoldering in Luke’s heart.

The power struggle that divides the island, it feels like it’s not just an island problem.

It seems to have something to do with the Arrogas Kingdom.

Did Flora know about this and call me here. . .?

“Luke, what’s wrong?”

Alma looks at him with concern.

“Ah, no, I was just thinking.”

“Could it be about Prince Gale?”

“That was a surprise.”

With a wry smile, Luke gazes at Osten Island disappearing over the horizon.

“Who would have thought we’d meet Prince Gale in a place like that.”

“But I wonder if it’s okay. Does this mean he’s quit the St. Arrogas Defense Force?”

“Hmm, I wonder.”

“What’s up? What are you guys talking about?”

Kiel interrupts the two of them, who are lost in thought about Gale.

“Ah, no, it’s nothing important. . .”

“Speaking of which, Luke, you’re not seasick this time.”

“Now that you mention it. . . Are you okay?”

At Kiel’s observation, Alma also looks at Luke with surprise.

“Yeah, I’m fine now. I’ve got the hang of the ship’s rocking pattern and adjusted my body to it. I can even move around like this.”

Luke smiles and does several somersaults on the swaying deck, then smoothly climbs up the mast.

“Wow, you’re good! When did you learn to do that?”

Kiel is amazed at his skilled movements, like a seasoned sailor.

“This is my special skill. . . Wait, did something just flash. . .?”

Luke, who is on top of the mast, looks out at the horizon with his hand on his forehead.

A light that is clearly different from the reflection of the sun is flashing.

Soon, red smoke begins to rise.

Seeing this, tension runs across Kiel’s face.

“That’s. . . a distress signal! Full rudder! Head straight for the distress signal at full speed!”

The ship makes a large left turn and heads towards the rising smoke.



A ship appeared under the distress signal rising from the horizon. 

Another ship can be seen running parallel to that ship. 

Kiel raised her eyes at the sight of the flag fluttering there. 

“Damn, isn’t that Dorkin’s guy! He’s still not stiff!”

“Kiel! The ship being attacked is a merchant ship from the Arrogas Kingdom!”

The sailor looking at the oars raises his voice. 

At that voice, Luke and Alma looked at each other. 

“Kiel, hurry up as much as possible, we have to help!”

“I know! But it’s against the wind and against the tide!”

Smoke began to rise from the merchant ship, not a distress signal. 

Luke descended from the mast and ran to Kiel. 

“We won’t make it in time like this. . . Kiel, lower the sails!”

“But if we do that, we’ll catch the wind head on.”

“It’s okay, trust me. I’ll definitely get to that ship faster than now.”

“. . .I understand, you have some kind of plan.”

Kiel nodded heavily and turned to the sailors. 

“Lower the sails right now! All of them!”

The sailors all started moving at once. 

Luke began chanting in the middle of the deck. 

A pale blue magic circle floated up around Luke. 

“Wh, what the. . .?”

As the sailors were surprised, Luke’s magic was completed. 

“Cloud Splitting Gale!”

Clouds gathered in a whirlpool above the ship. 

“Wh, what’s this?”

“Is it a storm?”

The swirling clouds called the wind, and the wind pushed the ship. 

“In, incredible! It’s an unbelievable speed!”

“But it’s too fast! The ship will fall apart at this rate!”

The ship went at a furious speed, creaking the hull. 

The two ships were getting closer in no time. 

By the time Dorkin’s pirate ship, which noticed the approaching ship, tried to counterattack, it was already too late, and the three ships were running parallel, wrapped in Luke’s wind magic. 

“Dorkin, you’re still doing this!”

Kiel shouted, leaning out from the ship’s side. 

“Kiel! You again! Get out of here!”

Arrows rained down with Dorkin’s roar. 


With a single shout, all the arrows aimed at Kiel were cut down by Alma. 


Alma jumped a distance of about 10 meters in one leap and moved to Dorkin’s ship.

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