The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 15


“You’ve done well to not flee and show up.”

Arriving at the designated northern forest on the outskirts of St. Arrogas, Trinal Triples were already waiting.

This area, frequently used by soldiers for training, was littered with practice wooden swords, armor, and wooden dummy figures in the clearing within the forest.

“I couldn’t just ignore something written like that. What was that all about?”

“Pretending to be ignorant, huh? You despicably put us to sleep and abducted Miss Bastille!”

Tommy snorted in disbelief in response to Luke’s question.

“What are you talking about! Luke didn’t abduct me! He actually saved me from you all!”

Despite Alma’s vehement protest, Tommy was unswayed.

“Miss Bastille, you are being deceived. This man has deceitfully impersonated a dead man and brainwashed you. As your future husband, I cannot overlook the sad fact that the woman destined to be my wife is being deceived.”

“What are you. . .”

Luke held back Alma as she tried to confront them.

“So, what do you want from us? If I am at fault, you could have just reported me to the appropriate authorities instead of summoning me here.”

“We don’t want to make a public spectacle of this. It reflects poorly on the Trinal family if it’s known that the woman destined to be a wife is deceived. And. . .”

Tommy pointed the tip of a wooden sword he was holding towards Luke.

“Furthermore, a knight’s pride is to avenge the humiliation he has suffered with his own hands. Therefore, I challenge you to a duel right here!”

“. . .Even if I refuse, you won’t listen, right? What are your terms?”

“It’s obvious! If we win, never approach Miss Bastille again and leave this city forever!”

“What are the rules? Is it just you and me fighting?”

“Let’s make it two against two. Since Miss Bastille is also involved, Thomson and I will participate. The rule is the duel ends when both fighters are unable to fight or lose the will to fight.”

Tommy smiled confidently.

“We are noble aristocrats, this duel will be fair. We don’t want any complaints about foul play later.”

Luke nodded and turned to Alma.

“Understood. Alma, what will you do? If you’re uncomfortable, I can fight alone.”

“No way! I can’t let Luke face danger alone! Besides, I’ve reached my limit with them.”

Alma said this while glaring sharply at Tommy.

“If we win, never bother us again. And apologize for the rude remarks made to Luke.”

“Fine. The duel will be judged by Thomas. And let’s agree not to leave this clearing, so no one can run away.”

Tommy remained utterly confident.

“Don’t worry, this duel isn’t about betting lives. Wooden swords used for mock battles will suffice as weapons. Fortunately, this is a practice ground, so feel free to choose any weapon you like.”

“Then, I’ll take you up on that offer.”

Luke picked up a huge shield lying on the ground and handed it to Alma.

“Is that really necessary?”

Alma frowned.

“That’s best for you, Alma. You don’t need any other weapon.”


“Are you sure about this? Don’t complain later. You’re free to use any weapon you like.”

Luke shrugged in response to Tommy’s words.

“I’ll refrain. I’m not good with weapons.”

Veins popped on Tommy’s face.

“Getting c*cky, aren’t you! You might have learned a bit of magic and are feeling high and mighty, but I’ll make you regret your mistake! Thomas, give the signal!”

At Tommy’s command, Thomas raised his arm, and the duel began.










Tommy smirked as Luke slowly stepped forward.

In reality, Luke had seen through Tommy’s scheme.

A magical circle was deployed over the entire area designated for the duel.

Its effects were. . . attenuation of magical power and magical effects; almost rendering everyone within the circle’s range unable to use magic, and even if they could, its effectiveness would be reduced to a fraction.

Additionally, the effects of physical strength reduction and decreased mobility were also incorporated.

Presumably, Thomas, acting as the judge, was secretly supplying magical power to the circle.

From their composed expressions, it was certain that Tommy and Thomson had either applied magic to themselves beforehand to block the effects of the magic circle, or were carrying charms.

Yet, Luke had no intention of admonishing or protesting against their actions.

Because there was no need to.

The magic circle’s effects were halved in prioritizing concealment, and such a magic circle was incapable of even scratching Luke’s magical power and physical strength.


Stepping in, Alma too seemed to notice something was amiss and looked anxiously towards Luke.

Likely, she felt the shield in her hand suddenly become heavier.

“It’s okay, Alma. You’ll be fine. Trust me.”

Upon hearing Luke’s words, Alma nodded tensely and glared again at the two in front of her.

“What’s wrong? Where’s the bravado from earlier? It won’t be a duel if you don’t move?”

Tommy and Thomson, on the other hand, seemed confident of victory, wearing relaxed expressions.

“If you won’t come, then let me begin. . . Flame Control!”

With Thomson’s declaration, flames that appeared swirled and attacked the two.

“Fools. This is what happens when you oppose us. . . huh?!”

Thomson’s mockery turned into a look of astonishment as the flames cleared.

Alma and Luke, who were there, didn’t have a single burn or scorch mark.

“Fool! Do you think a wooden shield can withstand flames!”

“You can’t even scratch Alma’s shield, enhanced by her 《Heavy Armored Warrior》 magic.”

Luke shrugged his shoulders at the surprised Thomson.


With a burst of determination, Alma’s shield bash sent Thomson flying.

Thomson spun in the air and crashed into a tree, becoming completely motionless.

Tommy and Thomas, who had been watching from the side, were left speechless.

“He. . . He’s dead. . .?”

Even Alma, the one who had launched the attack, looked pale.

“I think he’ll be okay. He won’t be able to get out of bed for a month, though.”

“I never expected it to have this much power. . . Was there something special about this shield?”

“That’s the power of the 《Heavy Armored Warrior》. It doesn’t just enhance defense but strengthens every aspect related to defense. That’s why shield-based attacks also become powerful.”

“Why?! Why can you use such magic!! Why can you move like that!!”

Tommy screamed.

“Is it really that surprising?”

Luke turned to Tommy.


Tommy’s face contorted in fear upon seeing it.

“I’ve deployed magic circles for magic attenuation, stamina, and physical ability attenuation, but it had no effect at all, is that what you’re thinking?”

“No, who would do such a thing! Don’t come! Don’t come over here!”

Tommy recklessly casts magic, but it doesn’t even graze Luke.

No, the magic cast by Tommy was being diverted before it reached Luke.

“There are two reasons. The first is that Alma’s inherent magic is to be applied to her own body. Your magic circles are ineffective as they only attenuate magic that takes a physical form. And the second reason is. . .”

Luke extends his hand.

A huge vortex of wind forms in front of his hand.

It’s the same wind magic that Tommy uses, the fierce wind, but on a vastly different scale.


“At this level, the magic circles are almost ineffective against us.”

As he speaks, the magic is unleashed, and Tommy is blown away to the same tree as Thomson, collapsing in a heap.

“Well. . .”

After confirming Tommy’s unconsciousness, Luke turns back to Thomas.


Thomas’s face contorts in fear.

“If the opponent loses the will to fight or becomes incapacitated, the match ends, right? I think this settles it, but do you want to continue?”

“N, No, it’s fine. . . we lose.”

Thomas mutters in a thin voice.

“Is that so? Then please keep your promise not to involve yourself with Alma anymore.”

“I understand, we’ll keep that promise. I’ll tell the others too.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Luke says this and then smiles at Alma.

“Well then, Alma, shall we go?”

The two leave the Trinal Triples in the forest and depart without looking back.

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