The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 14

𝐀𝐥𝐦𝐚’𝐬 𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐪𝐮𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐜

“Luke, what’s the rush? Calling me out to a place like this all of a sudden.”

Alma asked Luke, fidgeting.

It was evening, at a lush park in a tranquil district of St. Arrogas.

This park, with a pristine river flowing through the middle, had become a secret favorite for lovers to meet.

Alma noticed a young couple sitting closely on a bench within her sight.

(Could it be that Luke called me here for. . .?)

Pink fantasies raced through Alma’s mind.

“Yeah, actually, I have something I want to give you. Just wait a moment.”

Saying so, Luke retreated into the shade of the trees.

Alma’s fantasies sped up even more.

(. . .Could it be? It’s only been a month since we met again, isn’t it too soon? But. . .if Luke is serious, then I. . . What should I do! How should I respond? Happily? I love you too? I’ll follow you forever?)


Alma, lost in thought, suddenly found her vision blocked.


What Luke brought out was a gigantic shield.

A bulky shield, made of wood, leather, and metal plates, seemingly twice the size of those issued to the city guards.

“What. . .is this?”

“Yeah, I’ve been observing for a month and figured out your unique magic. At the academy, it was identified as swordplay enhancement and appraisal, but that was a mistake, or rather, it changed as you grew. Now, this is your unique magic.”

“. . .This is. . .?”

“《Heavy Armored Warrior》! Your unique magic increases your physical abilities the stronger your armor is! Right, that’s why I also prepared some armor.”

Luke then pulled out more gear from the shade.

An immense suit of armor, too heavy for one person to wear alone.

“I went to every weapon shop in St. Arrogas to find the heaviest one. It might not fit your body exactly, but your unique magic should compensate.”

Luke explained happily as he helped Alma into the armor.

After a while, there stood Alma, looking like a metal giant.

“Yeah, it fits perfectly. Can you move a bit? I think you can do it now.”

“. . .”

Without a word, Alma took a side step.

Her movement was light, unbelievable for someone wearing such heavy armor.

“Now try swinging your arms! One-two, one-two!”

“. . .”

Following Luke’s instruction, Alma shadowboxed.

The earlier shield made a heavy slicing sound through the air.

The force seemed enough to knock out even an orc.

“Amazing! Amazing, Alma! This is exactly your unique magic! And it’s a constantly active type that doesn’t need verbal activation! This is truly a natural talent!”

“. . .No.”

Alma stopped moving.

Behind the lifted visor, her face was sweat-free but looked on the verge of tears.

“This is. . .nooo~~~~!!”

Suddenly, Alma screamed and ran off like a startled rabbit.

“This is. . .this is. . .not cute at all~~~~.”

“A, Alma?”


Luke hurriedly chased after her, but Alma had already become a tiny dot in the distance.

“Dressed so ruggedly. . . Luke won’t think I’m cute like this. . .”

Alma runs, tears streaming down her face.

As she runs, a tree she collides with breaks from its base.

“Incredible. . . she’s using so much magical power and it’s not even close to running out! Alma, you’re undeniably a genius!”

Unaware or not of Alma’s sorrow, Luke chases after her, exclaiming in awe.










“Haah, I can’t believe my unique magic is 《Heavy Armored Warrior》.'”

Alma lets out a big sigh.

“Isn’t that amazing? It’s a much more powerful unique magic than the ‘Swordplay Enhancement’ you used at the academy. Alma, you really have incredible talent.”

“But it’s not cute.”

Still, Alma continues to mutter.

The two are back at the Ginsei-tei, having tea.

“The amazing thing about Alma’s 《Heavy Armored Warrior》 is not only that it enhances her physical body with armor, but it also dramatically increases the defense of the armor she wears. The more sturdy armor Alma wears, the higher her attack and defense become. And since it’s always active, it’s strong against surprise attacks. It’s almost invincible.”

“But that means I have to keep wearing armor, right? And it’s so bulky. . .”

Alma looks resentfully at the armor laid on the floor.

She even came to the Ginsei-tei wearing it.

True, she didn’t feel any physical fatigue, but the embarrassment was so great she wished she could crawl into a hole.

“Indeed, constantly wearing armor isn’t practical. It would be troublesome to remove it every time you sleep or use the restroom. There’s room for improvement here. . .”

“No, what I want to say is not that. . .”

Alma sighs while looking at Luke deep in thought.

“Um. . .”

Then, Ellie, the daughter of the Ginsei-tei, arrives.

She’s holding a letter in her hand.

“I was asked to give this to Luke-san.”

“To me?”

Luke takes it with a puzzled look on his face.

“It’s not trapped with magic or curses. But not many people know I’m staying here. . . What is this?!”

Luke, having opened the letter, is surprised at the signature he sees.

“Trinal Triples?!”

It was a letter from Trinal Triples.

And it also said this:

I challenge you to a duel. Come to the northern forest with the daughter of Lord Rampart. If you refuse, I will accuse you of the actions you took against Lord Rampart’s daughter.

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