The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 147

𝐔𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐫𝐞𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐨𝐧

“What did you say!”

When Kiel shifted her gaze to the end of her sight, she saw a figure on the rocky area far below the cliff.

It was the children they met this morning.

And the children were surrounded by demon beasts.

They were hideous demon beasts with grey skin, wielding weapons made from processed stones.

The children were resisting with spears and hoes, but the difference in strength was clear.

“Damn, those are sea pig monkeys! I told you it’s dangerous in the morning!”

As she shouted, Kiel jumped off the cliff.

She slid down the cliff with a momentum that seemed to make her fall.

“Kiel, it’s dangerous!”

In a panic, Luke and Alma followed her.

“Those are sea pig monkeys, demon beasts that lurk in the shore and sometimes attack children!”

Kiel slid down the cliff, not caring about the scratches on her skin from rocks and tree branches.

But the place where the children were was too far away.

“Kiel! Be careful!”


Kiel’s body floated in the air as she tripped over a rock.

Luke caught her body.

He then lifted Alma with his other hand and jumped into the air.

“Wind Wrap Glide!”

Luke wrapped the three of them in wind magic and descended through the air as if sliding.


“You’ll bite your tongue if you open your mouth!”

The three of them slid down through the air towards the children.

But Luke couldn’t erase his grim expression.

(Will we make it. . .?)

The sea pig monkeys were now about to attack the children all at once.

The distance to the children was too close to cast an attack spell.

(I have no choice. . .!)

To distract them even a little, Luke fired a flame bullet into a place away from the children.

“This should buy us some time. . . Huh?!”

When he returned his gaze to the children, the sight that spread before him left Luke speechless.

All the sea pig monkeys around the children had fallen to the ground.

“Impossible! What on earth?!”

As soon as they landed, the three of them ran towards the children.

“Is everyone okay!”


The children clung to Kiel all at once.

“I was scared, I was really scared.”

“They suddenly attacked from behind the rocks.”

“There, there, it’s okay now.”

Kiel gently comforted the crying children.

“This is. . . what a sword stroke. . .”

On the other hand, Luke was at a loss for words looking at the sea pig monkeys that had died on the rocky area.

They were all cut down with a single stroke.

And there was no sign of resistance or even reaction.

They might not even have realized they were being cut.

“And. . . he defeated them with. . . that. . .”

Luke turned his gaze back to the sea with a gasp.

A man was standing on the rocky area where the waves were crashing.

He was a slender man with long blonde hair fluttering in the wind.

All he had in his hand was a thin bamboo used as a fishing rod.

(He killed those demon beasts with that. . .!)

The sea pig monkeys were by no means weak demon beasts.


Rather than saying that it’s more difficult to defeat because it has a higher muscle density than a normal goblin that lives in the sea, and also has a thick layer of fat.

It is said that a master of the sword can bisect the body along with the armor even with a twig.

(Is this person reaching that level. . .)

With a sense of awe, Luke approached the man who turned his back.

“Thank you for saving the children.”

“. . .I just eliminated it because it interferes with fishing.”

The man answers bluntly without turning his face.

When he heard that voice, Luke was so surprised that he almost jumped up.

“That voice. . . Prince Gale?!”



Luke’s voice reacts to the man and Alma at the same time.

The man who turned around was. . . undoubtedly Prince Gale himself.

– Gale Arrogas – He has the first right to succeed to the throne of the Arrogas Kingdom, and is also a peerless magic swordsman who is touted as a genius once in a hundred years.

Since he participated in the Behemoth subjugation with Luke and completely broke his arrogant self-consciousness at that time, his name has hardly been heard since then.

It was about half a year ago that Prince Gale was rumored to have disappeared in the city.

There were various rumors that he had given up the right to succeed to the throne or that he was drowned in magic medicine and was not in a state to appear in public, but it was hesitated to hear the inside story of the royal family, and Flora did not take the initiative to explain, so Luke did not know what the truth was.

That Prince Gale is standing in front of Luke now.

Moreover, his appearance has changed so much that it is unbelievable that Gale Prince is there just by looking at him.

His proud blonde hair has grown out of control, and his face, which was as smooth as tanned leather, is covered with a beard.

And his body, which used to be muscular and bulging, has become thin.

However, because of that, it emits a sharpness like a sharpened knife.

What was surprising to Luke more than anything else was his demeanor.

Normally, Luke can identify individuals regardless of their appearance.

This is because Luke can analyze things like a person’s unique way of putting weight on their body, distortions in their body, and habits.

However, all of the previous physical habits of Prince Gale are now gone.

If I were to give an example, it would be like an old tree that has been standing there for hundreds of years, showing a calm demeanor as if it has become one with the scenery.

It was as if everything from the body structure to everything else had been replaced from a year ago when I met Prince Gale.

However, the arrogant gaze that stares at Luke has not changed at all from that time.

“. . .Tsk.”

Prince Gale clicked his tongue and looked away from Luke.

“Why are you here.”

“That’s the same for you, Prince Gale! Why are you here?”

“. . .”

Prince Gale continues to turn his face away without answering Luke’s question.

“. . .”

“Prince Gale, does the royal family know that you are here? We were invited here by Flora-sama, does Flora-sama know too?”

“. . .She. . .Flora doesn’t know.”

After a long silence, Gale reluctantly opened his mouth.

“I’m. . .training here to beat you.”

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