The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 146


“Kiel said. . . shrine maiden. . .”

By the way, that young man from the Kranken clan named Gaston also said. 

― Take the shrine maiden with you ―

“Our family has been a shrine maiden’s family for generations, and it’s our family’s duty to prevent the divine beast from waking up.”

“Such a thing. . .”

Luke had no words to return. 

Speaking of divine beasts, they are beings that can destroy a country. 

Certainly, if you think about sealing such power, you can’t achieve it with half-hearted measures

However. . .

“Ah, don’t misunderstand, it’s not like I’m going to be a sacrifice or anything like that.”

Kiel laughed and waved her hand. 

“Besides, I’m not dissatisfied with being a shrine maiden. It’s an important role to protect this island and it’s an honor that our ancestors were told by the goddess. But. . .”

Her face suddenly darkened. 

“Because of that power, I’m involved in a power struggle.”

Kiel nodded slightly. 

“In addition to being a shrine maiden’s family, my grandfather was the last great chief of this island. Thanks to that, there are many people who want to support me.”

“Could it be that the engagement with Errant is also. . .”

“So, I’m involved.”

Kiel sighed heavily. 

“The Kranken clan is mostly pro-human, unlike the pro-demon Rivasura clan, and Errant is the main force of that. But there are also many neutral people in the Kranken clan, so they’re trying to unite the village by marrying me, the granddaughter of the former great chief.”

“So that’s what it was.”

“My dad died when I was a kid and now I live with my mom. So when Errant, who is said to be the next chief candidate, said he wanted to marry me, my mom was happy. She decided on the engagement without listening to my opinion.”

Kiel kicked a pebble at her feet and looked at the sea in the distance. 

“Errant is not a bad person. He’s a young leader with popularity and leadership. His face is not bad either. He’s quite popular with the island’s daughters. But, I think it’s wrong to get married to unite the islanders.”

Luke understood Kiel’s feelings painfully well. 

There is nothing more painful than having your life decided without your will being involved. 

“And I feel like if Errant and I get married now, it will only be a formality. I don’t think a real couple is one where one feels indebted to the other. I don’t think the islanders would follow us if we got together in that state. I think a couple is more like a relationship where they trust each other, I think.”

Kiel looked at Luke and Alma. 

“Like you guys.”

“I, I wonder. . .”

“Oh, Kiel, you’re so good at talking!”

Unlike Luke, who shyly averted his eyes, Alma was smiling and patting Kiel’s back.



“Speaking of the Clan Kranken, they are said to be human faction, but is Kiel different? It sounded like her opinion was different from that of the human faction’s Errant.”

“I would say I’m an independent faction. I think this island should continue as it has been because that’s how it’s been so far. There are those in the Kranken Clan and the Rivasura Clan who agree with me, but unfortunately, they are a minority and have little influence.”

Kiel exhaled with a look of frustration.

“There are those who are happy that the demand for magic stones has increased due to the conflict between the demon race and the human race, but that’s a big mistake! Because of the war, magic stones are being bought cheaply and the pressure on the island is increasing. No matter which side we take in this situation, all we have to look forward to is being devoured by a major power!”

After saying this in a dismissive manner, Kiel took a deep breath and turned to Luke and the others.

Her usual smile was on her face.

“Sorry for complaining about something that doesn’t even concern you guys.”

“No, that’s not it. . . This is something that affects our country as well, and if there’s anything we can do. . .”

“It’s okay.”

Kiel shook her head from side to side.

“Thank you, it makes me happy to hear you say that. But this is an island problem, a problem that we have to solve.”

With that, she stretched out and pointed to a small path ahead.

“Oh, the view of the sea from here is really amazing! I’ll show you two as well.”

With that, she veered off onto the side path and walked briskly ahead.

“Wait, wait a minute, Kiel, wait.”

Alma and Luke followed behind her.

“This is my secret place, when I’m feeling down, I often come here to look at the sea.”

The three of them pushed their way through the branches of the trees and followed a narrow path that looked like a beast trail.

“Wow, what a great view!”

Alma exclaimed in surprise.

Beyond the forest was a small cliff, and below it was a sea that shone emerald green.

In the far distance, the southern territories could be seen faintly in blue.

“From here, you can see our village in its entirety. . .”

Kiel, who had been proudly introducing the place, stopped talking.

“Those are. . . children over there! They’re being attacked by a demon beast!”

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