The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: With My Parents and Best Friend

After the unexpected turn of events with Camilo, I returned to the dormitory and saw the dorm mother, Barbara-san, peeking her head out from the window of the management room.

As the mother figure for everyone, Barbara-san surprisingly remembers the names and faces of all the female students. So, she casually greets even plain students like me like this.

“Oh, Leticia-chan! Marquis Benito-sama contacted you just now!”

“…As expected.”

Barbara-san, with her plump belly wrapped in an apron, tilted her head in confusion at my exasperated expression.

“What’s wrong? Marquis-sama seemed to be in a very good mood.”

“No, It’s nothing… thank you, Barbara-san.”

My father said he would wait for me for a little while, so I reluctantly headed towards the conversation room with the crystal ball installed.

As I entered the room and spoke to the crystal ball, a voice overflowing with joy immediately returned.

[Letty! It’s been a while!]

“…Yes. It’s been a while, Otoo-sama.”

[Last night, I received a call from Duke Cervantes’ eldest son! It’s about the engagement, can we move forward with it?]

Without any preamble, it seems like he’s completely overjoyed.

When Camilo contacted my parents, the word “engagement” wasn’t mentioned yet, but after the discussion earlier, we have come to an agreement.

Suppressing the urge to say various things, I nodded towards the crystal ball.

“Yes, please take care of me, Otoo-sama.”

[Yes, of course! So, even though you said you wouldn’t get married, huh…Alright, leave everything to me!]

Ugh, this joy…it’s embarrassing…!

I’m sure they’re all thinking how wonderful it is that the stubborn girl has awakened to love. The regret and embarrassment of not being able to follow through on my initial intentions now weigh heavily on my shoulders.

Unable to bear it, I hunch my back, and then I hear a high-pitched voice coming from the crystal ball.

[Engaged to Duke Cervantes’ eldest son?! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?!]

“E-Even Okaa-sama…!”

Ugh, uuuugh! This is so embarrassing!

I’m 16 years old and my parents are celebrating my engagement with all their might. It’s painful to be reminded of how much they worried about me, and it’s even more painful to be teased with grinning faces. Please stop!

[Don’t worry, Letty. We don’t really know what you’ve been afraid of all this time, but based on the impression he gave us when we talked yesterday, I think Camilo-sama is a very sincere person.]

“…Do you really think so?”

[Yes. When he heard that you had rejected the engagement with Prince Agustin and were satisfied with it, he said it was the first time he had heard that. He kept asking if you really made the decision on your own. He seemed very sincere.]

Okaa-sama seemed to recall the conversation and her voice became more lively.

Camilo didn’t just cut off my escape route without any discussion. He was trying to understand my feelings.

What should I do? Hearing that makes me feel…happy, maybe.

[Besides, you’ve grown up receiving plenty of our love. So, you should be able to build a home filled with love too.]

See? I heard my father make an agreeing sound in response to the gentle voice.

Feeling a love that couldn’t be contained in just that exchange, I almost started to cry a little.

Otoo-sama, Okaa-sama. In my first life, I did something terrible.

Because of that, the two of them were arrested. I don’t know what happened to them because I was executed right away, but I’m sure it was not a good thing.

I can’t let the two of them suffer again this time. And my younger brother too. So, I decided not to get married for the rest of my life so that I wouldn’t get involved in any turmoil.

Even though I’ve done nothing but selfish things, they’re both still happy. I’m sorry for always causing you worries, my dear parents…

“…Thank you, Otoo-sama, Okaa-sama.”

When I put some strength into my throat, my voice became strange. My father and mother just smiled happily and didn’t point it out.

After finishing dinner at the dormitory, I visited the room of one of my few friends.

Alondra Bellis, a classmate of mine, is the granddaughter of Count Bellis, a world-renowned authority on magic research.

She is also deeply engrossed in her own magical research and has completely transformed her dorm room into a laboratory. As she rarely comes out of her room except for classes, I usually have to go to her if I want to talk.

“Hmm, so you’re engaged to Camilo Cervantes. Congratulations, I suppose.”

“T-Thank you…”

Alondra looked up from her test tube and narrowed her eyes, causing her loosely tied light pink hair to sway gently.

Despite her lack of concern for her appearance, with her worn-out black dress and dark circles under her light blue eyes, I know that she has a very refined face.

Despite her overly eccentric personality, she is also a truly kind-hearted girl.

“But you always used to boast about how you wouldn’t get married, and now you suddenly become the most promising candidate for marriage. Isn’t that a strange story?”

Alondra speaks in a manner that is truly befitting of a difficult researcher. It seems she has been hanging around her grandfather, Dr. Bellis’ laboratory since she was a child.

“I wonder if there’s any connection between you living your second life and all this talk about time.”

The truth is, I have told Alondra everything about going back in time.

In my first life, I had no connection with Dr. Bellis’ granddaughter. We became friends in our freshman year, through a magic research group project. We both preferred to live quietly in the corners and got along well.

As autumn approached, I finally told her about my past life, after hearing her talk about her research on time.

I know it was a stupid thing to do, but at the time, I was starting to feel overwhelmed with the burden of keeping my secret all to myself.

Even if I gradually atone for my past sins, no one sees or hears me. I am constantly haunted by vague self-doubts, wondering if I am going crazy.

Alondra listened to the story without changing her expression and then believed everything.

It was such a relief to have a best friend who said, “That sounds like an interesting research subject,” with a happy smile.

“Yes, it has a lot to do with my first life.”

“Okay, tell me about it.”

I nodded quietly and told Alondra about everything that had happened over the past two days, from practicing magic with Camilo to the recent conversation with my parents. Alondra listened calmly, and eventually crossed her arms and let out a sigh.

“First of all, is it okay for me to hear this story?”

“It’s fine. I confirmed it with Camilo.”

Camilo said there were reasons not to announce the engagement, but I still don’t know the details.

However, since she was the only trusted friend, I wanted to tell her, so I got permission from him before leaving.

By the way, Camilo said, “I don’t mind at all, but I’d like to meet that friend next time.” He wants to meet the person who has been supporting Leticia so far.

I feel like he’s taking it very seriously and cherishing it. Why is Camilo so kind in both his past and present lives?

“That’s interesting. I’d love to hear about Camilo-dono’s first life.”

“Oh, so you think so too?”

“Yes. We might be able to find the cause of the time reversal.”

Alondra is always calm and rarely changes her expression. But she must be really interested in this topic, as she’s even wearing a faint smile now.

I am curious about the cause of the time reversal too. I’ve been gradually remembering my past life memories since I was a child, but there wasn’t anything special that triggered it.

“But Leticia, are you okay? The situation has changed quite a bit in just two days.”

Concern for her friend is evident in Alondra’s calm, serene light blue eyes.

I was so happy about Alondra’s kindness that I choked up, but eventually nodded slowly.

“I’m okay. I was just surprised.”

“…If you say so, it’s okay. But Leticia, remember that life exists for yourself.”

This is her belief. Life is for oneself. That’s why Alondra is willing to devote her life to her beloved magical research, even if it means she’s not particularly interested in saving people as a result.

“I’ve already dedicated my first life enough to myself. So this time, I’m good.”

“So you’re accepting the engagement with Camilo-dono to repay the debt of your first life?”

That was a spot-on observation.

It would be a lie to say that I have no feelings of redemption. Did I accept this engagement with Camilo just because I wanted to repay him?

“No, I wanted to face it. Although it’s not the only reason…I’m not lying when I say that’s what I thought.”

I was surprised to find that even I didn’t realize my true feelings were coming out.

…I see. Maybe I don’t know anything about Camilo. That’s why I thought I wanted to know.

“I see. Then, isn’t that a good thing?”

“Yeah. Thanks for worrying about me, Alondra.”

My best friend’s smile was kind.

It was fortunate that Alondra was there. I showed my gratitude by nodding firmly.

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