The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: “I hate fools.” —— <Agustin>

I hate fools.

As the Crown Prince, Agustin Seve Holguin, I was taught everything that a future king needs to know from a young age.

Magic, swordsmanship, politics, culture, manners, imperial studies… I absorbed them all and produced results.

And now, I am even said to be superior to the current king, so of course, I need to carefully choose the people around me.

My younger brother, who is a year below me, is talented but not very good at magic, and to watch his goody-two-shoes nature he inherited from father, so I reject him.

My cousin Camilo, who I don’t get along with at all and is a thoughtless fool, is also out of the question.

Male classmates who only think about their own gains are also out.

And so are the women who send flirtatious glances my way, only interested in my face and position.

I get angry at how useless they all are.

One day, as I became frustrated with the too-easy lessons, something unusual happened.

It was said that there were talks of engagement with the daughter of Marquis Benito, a loyal retainer of my father, but that suddenly fell through.

Leticia, Marquis Benito’s daughter, is said to be a prodigy who consistently ranks in the top 10 even as a second-year student. It’s rare for a daughter of a high-ranking noble to be that talented, so I was considering allowing her to be my fiancée.

She rejected our engagement?

For the first time in a while, I felt a deep sense of irritation welling up inside me as I asked my father beyond the crystal ball in a low voice.

“Father, why was I rejected?”

[Hmm… it seems that Benito’s daughter wasn’t interested. She said she wasn’t suited for you.]

My father replied with a common excuse.

It’s unthinkable for a royal proposal to be rejected. Am I being underestimated by my subject? Isn’t this whole situation solely due to my father’s timidness and opportunism?

“…I understand. I hope you’ll continue to stay well, Father.”

I felt like my father called my name, but I ended the call without any further discussion.

Tomorrow, I’ll go see this lady’s face. I’ll ask her directly why she dared to act so disrespectful towards me.

“Ah…y-yes, I am Leticia Benito.”

Leticia, Marquis Benito’s daughter, who I found in the hallway, was a very plain and unremarkable woman.

She had a look of fear on her face and I felt an inexpressible irritation.

“What? A plain girl like you is rejecting the honor of becoming my fiancé? Are you mocking me?”

I spat out these words and Leticia shrank even further.

What’s wrong with her, being so scared for no reason? Normally, a girl who is spoken to by me would be overjoyed and excited.

And what’s with those thick and huge glasses? I can’t even see her eye color or facial features clearly.

“You, I can’t see your face because of those glasses. It’s disrespectful.”


Leticia’s face turned pale, but I had no intention of taking back what I said.

Of course, it was disrespectful, but for some reason, I wanted to see her true face at that moment.

What was the reason for her to give up the right to become the most respected woman in this country as the crown prince’s fiancé?

Why are you refusing to become my wife? I want to talk to her face to face.

“Take off your glasses. And tell me the reason you refused me, without lying.”

“Agustin, please stop bullying my Leticia.”

That’s when it happened. Camilo appeared from the side and hugged Leticia, glaring at me with obvious anger in his eyes.

My cousin, one year younger than me, whom I’ve always disliked and never really had any interaction with in this Academy, had come to intimidate me. I was honestly surprised.


But when Leticia called out his name in relief, I felt a strange irritation again. She feels safe with Camilo, but is she afraid of me?

“Camilo. Did you just say “my”?”

“Yeah. Leticia became my fiancee since yesterday.”

“You mean to tell me that you were the reason she turned down my engagement?”

“That’s right. Leticia belongs to me, so I won’t give her to Agustin…absolutely not.”

Even though I should have had a rough idea of what the answer would be when this man appeared, my mood didn’t improve one bit.

Camilo holding Leticia tightly in front of me as if to show off.

In other words, I was just a nuisance who was getting in the way of their relationship.

What the hell is this? A woman this plain, who can’t even give a proper answer, is the kind of woman I don’t want in the first place.

Just because I asked for a reason, he’s already treating me like an enemy…Camilo, why are you looking at me like that?

Your eyes are filled with a fierce and murderous aura, as if I were your enemy or something.

What an unpleasant guy. I’ve always hated this man’s simplistic mindset.

“…Hmph. How ridiculous.”

I spat out those words and left the scene.

Whether these foolish people stay together or break up, it’s none of my concern as the future king. It doesn’t matter.

…It shouldn’t matter.

I’m only getting so irritated because Camilo picked a fight with me. That’s all there is to it.

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  1. RKADE 14 says:

    Whether these foolish people stay together or break up, it’s none of my concern as the future queen. It doesn’t matter.

    1. RKADE 14 says:

      This is meant to be king instead of queen.

      1. Tnx for pointing out.

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