The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Unknown Facts

The first match was a practice game that was quickly decided, but from the following matches, intense battles that kept us on the edge of our seats continued.

The spectators were excited throughout the entire match, and we also cheered desperately. It seemed that Camilo was also having fun cheering loudly from his own team’s side.

In the end, Nicholas-sama won the heated battle that lasted until the very last minute of the fifteen-minute time limit in the final match, and Alania Academy won.

“Well, it was quite an impressive match! It had a lot of moves and was interesting!”

Amid the still simmering excitement, the voice of the club president was also loud and energetic as the audience began to head towards the exit.

By the way, when Camilo waved his hand towards us, Beatrice-sama and the other two fainted and were carried out. I wonder if they’re okay.

“Well, everyone was really working hard.”

“Especially Camilo-senpai! I never imagined we would win so easily!”

Luna clenched her fists in excitement as Crustia-san spoke in her calm tone.

Yes, Camilo’s performance was amazing. He won the match in just a few tens of seconds, almost making it seem like his initial outburst was nothing.

It may have looked easy, but it wasn’t. While his regained memories from his past life contributed to his strength, his ability to become that strong is the result of his hard work.

He was so cool. Camilo undoubtedly contributed to the team’s victory with his performance, and even Nicholas-sama and the others seemed to praise him from the bottom of their hearts. It was almost too incredible to waste.

I wonder if it was really good for him to quit. Camilo is wanted by so many more people.

“It was really amazing…sigh, I got sleepy after shouting for the first time in a while.”

“Telencio-senpai looked sleepy the whole time even before it started.”

Luna sighed with exasperation at Telencio’s yawn.

As I smiled at the heartwarming exchange, I found an unusual person in my line of sight and stopped in my tracks.

Around the entrance to the arena, that figure with white hair and a silk hat from before——

“Oh, Leticia-chan, what’s wrong?”

Crustia-san noticed me first and tilted her head. Everyone stopped in their tracks as if they were being led, so I panicked.

“I’m sorry. Someone I want to greet is here, can I go?”

“Of course, go ahead.”

After conveying my request to leave early, I left the group and approached the person I was looking for.

“Dr. Bellis. It’s been a while.”

His face, which turned around, showed a faint surprise. Did he remember my face? A calm smile quickly appeared.

“Oh, you’re Miss Leticia. Has it been since you came to visit during spring break?”

The movement of lifting his silk hat to respond had a friendly personality seeping through.

The wrinkled face had a mature charm appropriate for his age, and his white mustache was neatly trimmed short.

Despite being a world-renowned researcher, Dr. Bellis is a humble person without any airs, and according to her granddaughter Alondra, he is the epitome of a revered researcher. Even from my perspective, there is no doubt that he is an impressive person.

“How have you been?”

“I’m doing well, Dr. Bellis. It’s good to see you doing well too.”

“Hahaha, I let myself do what I want, so I can’t get sick.”

I can’t help but smile at his usual joke.

He speaks just like Alondra and has a resemblance in her facial features, but he is the complete opposite when it comes to being shy around people.

“Did you come to watch the practice match, Dr. Bellis?”

“Oh, yes. I’m a Mardiq fan, actually.”

“Is that so? It’s somewhat surprising.”

“I get that a lot. Well, the game was fantastic with more than expected excitement.”

Dr. Bellis, who was supposed to be a graduate of Alania Academy, let out a satisfied sigh.

Having won such a fierce battle, I’m sure he must have enjoyed it immensely.

“And then maybe I’ll go see my granddaughter’s face. Alondra probably won’t come to watch the practice match anyway.”

“Fufu, Alondra is studying in her room.”

As expected, he knows his granddaughter’s personality well. While I smiled at the close relationship between the two, I noticed that Dr. Bellis’s expression wasn’t good and tilted my head in confusion.

“Is something the matter?”

“…No. I was just a little worried. I came to see how Alondra was doing rather than to watch the practice match.”

He was worried about Alondra?

I became even more confused about the flow of the conversation. Dr. Bellis didn’t give the impression of being overprotective, and he had an attitude of letting Alondra do what she likes.

So why did he bother to come and check on her?

I became worried about what could have happened, and then I was hit by the shock of Dr. Bellis’s next words.

“Ever since the engagement to the Crown Prince was announced, she’s been feeling a bit down… Oh, by the way, how’s Alondra been lately? I hope she’s not causing any trouble for Miss Leticia.”

I couldn’t even respond to the words full of grandparental concern.

My mind went blank and I couldn’t think of anything.

Engagement? What is it? What does it mean? I don’t understand at all.

“The Crown Prince and Alondra are engaged…? Is that true?”

“…Didn’t you know?”

Dr. Bellis raised his eyebrows slowly, making me realize that he wasn’t joking.

No way. That’s a lie, right?

I haven’t heard anything about it.

Not even a single complaint…!

“I see. I thought you knew since you’re the only friend of my grandchild…”

Dr. Bellis seemed to have figured out my answer from my pale and speechless state. He spoke while pondering.

Come to think of it, Alondra seemed to be lost in thought a lot lately.

Well, I can’t deny that the idea of engagement itself is not impossible.

Alondra is Intelligent and beautiful. When they narrowed down the candidates based on family background, age, and qualifications, the possibility of her being chosen was not low.

But her one weakness in social circles unconsciously brought me a sense of relief.

But why…why didn’t she consult with me about anything?

No, why couldn’t I have noticed?

It’s my fault. It’s because I refused the engagement with Prince Agustin that Alondra ended up with it.

Yet, she didn’t say anything and only warned me about the danger of Yserra-sama, trying to do something about it.

“Was Alondra reluctant…?!”

“Oh yeah. She said it’s no joke that she can’t do research, but because of our family background, she couldn’t refuse. So she seemed to have naturally withdrawn from being a candidate and stayed quiet.”

Dr. Bellis cut off his words there.

After hesitating to say something and averting his gaze, he let out a heavy sigh.

“I have a feeling that because of her personality, she might do something reckless.”

I gasped sharply.

Alondra, who had transformed her dorm room into a research lab.

A small back devoted to research, even to the extent of minimally studying general education.

A child who would do anything for research.

But in reality, a kind child.

She probably didn’t say anything to me because she thought I would worry about it.

The current fiancé is most likely the one who is highly likely to be targeted by Yserra-sama.

When the topic of who that is came up, Alondra didn’t offer to be the one. Instead, she talked about how she should be my bodyguard, so why was she always with me?

“Miss Leticia?”

Dr. Bellis called out my name with concern, but it passed through one ear and out the other.

What is my best friend trying to do?

What is certain is that she must have thought she could handle it alone.

It must have been for a reason that she wanted to investigate Yserra-sama.

What would Yserra-sama do if she found out that Alondra became his fiancé?

And now, that girl is alone in the dormitory…

“I’m going back to the dormitory! Please come with me, Dr. Bellis!”

“What are you…?!”

The crowd of spectators had dwindled considerably. I shook off Dr. Bellis’ attempt to stop me and ran as fast as I could.

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