The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Helper’s purpose is consistent 〈Camilo〉

——You know what will happen the next time you lean on Letty.

My eyesight was above average.

While keeping a close eye on Telencio without letting my guard down, Nicholas in our own camp shouted a reprimanding voice.

“Camilo! A magical outburst? Don’t! Concentrate properly!”

He stood up from his prepared seat, raised his fist, and passionately spoke.

Why? He dared to lean Letty? Don’t be loud.

The other comrades also stood up and sent their warnings, but their voices were drowned out by the cheering of the audience, so it was probably Nicholas’s voice that was strange.

“Sorry! I’ll do it properly, so don’t worry!”

I shouted back at him.

“I’m really counting on you, Camilo!”

So noisy. No, I know it’s my fault.

Since Nicholas is the captain, he should keep a steady demeanor.

I checked the audience again. Telencio seemed to have fully regained consciousness, and Leticia was watching over him with a puzzled look.

I don’t like the fact that he is sitting next to her, but if that guy leans on Letty again, I’ll use magic to wake him up.

I readjusted my sword and faced my opponent head-on. He was gaping and had plenty of openings after experiencing the power of the thunder magic earlier, but he had the courage to accept the intense pressure I was putting on him.

I mentally paid my respects to his stance as he regained his composure and readied his sword. It was my fault for deliberately causing the magic to go out of control and surprising him.

I don’t know this opponent since I didn’t participate in this year’s national competition, but his skills as a regular player in Manzanella should not be underestimated.

In other words, even in my current state where I’ve regained my skills as a dragon knight, I can still use a certain degree of power.

Anyway, I’m worried about Letty. I don’t care about showing off my good points or apologizing for suddenly quitting the club.

——Let’s get this over with and go home.

I tightened my grip on the hilt of my sword and kicked the ground with force.

At the same time, I activated wind magic from behind to use as propelling force to move forward.

[Cervantes has activated wind magic! Will this sudden attack work in his favor?!]

The commentator says something, but once the battle begins, even a single noise becomes inaudible.

I focus only on the movements of the enemy right in front of me.

Even though the rule is to use a sword with a blade cut off, the underlying concept is a battle to the death. If the blade hits a vital spot, it’s a serious competition where losing means death, and that’s Mardiq.

As soon as I entered the range, I launched a sword attack aimed at the opponent’s neck, but it was deflected by the opponent’s last-minute response. Along with a loud metallic sound, I immediately regained my stance without retreating.

“Damn, he’s too fast…!”

As the opponent cursed, he backed off significantly and conjured a huge fireball.

Perhaps it’s because he’s proficient in fire magic that he’s able to activate it so quickly. It was a good decision on the enemy’s part to launch a magic attack at the timing when I used wind magic for movement.

However, there are countless ways to defend against attacks, even without wind magic.

At the moment when a film of water appeared ahead, a fireball collided and a large amount of steam burst out. Even in the hazy white vision, I didn’t lose my sense of direction.

I rushed towards the opponent without hesitation and closed in. Finally catching sight of me, his eyes widened in astonishment and stared back at me.

Without any hesitation, I thrust my sword towards his neck.

After a brief exchange in the steam, as the vision gradually cleared, the murmurs of the audience, which had been unconsciously blocked out, began to reach my ears.

And then, at the moment when our figures could finally be seen from the seats, a thunderous cheer engulfed the arena like cutting through the air.

[And here we have a superstar showing overwhelming strength! Player Cervantes wins the vanguard battle!]

Waiting for the opponent to lower his sword, I also released the tension from my arm that had been holding my sword against his. As we shook hands with a refreshing, wry smile on his face, the cheers grew even louder.

I still love Mardiq after all.

It’s interesting that since magic can only be used once per attribute, experience, intuition, and courage play a big part.

However, if there is too much difference in strength, I have to hold back and not go all out, and is considered insulting to the opponent, I cannot participate in matches until I become a Dragon Knight.

That’s why I had to quit, but I don’t have much regret about it.

I looked up at a point in the spectator seats. I can’t wave to her, but if I stare into her eyes behind the glasses, I can see the black braids swaying in surprise.

Yeah, Letty is still reckless, but I can’t help but want to be with her.

——Camilo, you did it! Great job!

At that moment, it seemed like Letty was saying those words, and I couldn’t help but look at her.

I thought it was an illusion, but Letty also stood up and waved her hands in excitement, not to be outdone by the Volunteer Club members who stood up to express their joy.

It’s not noticeable because the whole venue is showing a similar reaction. Having said that,, is it okay for her to do something like this when she was happy about not announcing our engagement?

Oh well, Letty really knows how to make me happy.

Pretending to wave my hand towards everyone, I actually waved it towards Letty.

The female students sitting around the Volunteer Club area all erupted in excitement, but I couldn’t hear or see any of it.

With overwhelming feelings of happiness, I returned to our base where Nicholas and the others were waiting.

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