The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: The grand event of the Academy, a practice match! — Part 2

Alondra told me not to be alone, so I decided to look around with Crustia-san, who headed to the food stalls again.

We enjoyed watching the sights and eating cotton candy, and when we returned, the venue was already packed with people. Amid the excitement and noise, we returned to our seats where our friends were waiting.

On my right, Telencio was still sleeping, and on my left, Crustia-san was holding a mountain of food she bought from the stalls. We may have looked like a pretty rowdy group, but the audience didn’t seem to mind and eagerly awaited the players’ entrance.

The atmosphere was really intense. As it was a showdown between prestigious schools, everyone seemed to be expecting it from the bottom of their hearts.

“I heard that the record of the traditional practice games is 32 wins for Alania Academy and 33 wins for Manzanella Academy. Last year, thanks to Camilo-kun’s performance, we won, and if Alania wins this year, the win rate will be equal, so both schools are fired up.”

“Wow, you really know a lot, President.”

“I do my homework. You have to enjoy everything!”

Crustia-san, who is eating his mega portion of french fries at a speed that is both elegant and seamless, is interrupted by the President’s commentary.

The club president’s explanation followed without pause.

Then Luna, who was sitting on the opposite side of the club president, tilted her head as if trying to recall something.

“Regulars are five people, and each match is a one-on-one team battle, right?”

“Oh, right. The simple rule is that the first team to win three matches is the winner.”

Yes, the rule itself is simple.

The time limit is 15 minutes. The winner is the one who makes their opponent surrender or faint, or throws them out of the ring.

In an individual match, there is an extension, but in a team match, if the winner is not decided when the time is up, it will be a draw.

The battle consists of a combination of swords and magic, and each person can only use their attribute of magic once. Therefore, unless you’re good at using a sword, you can’t win.

I wonder what position Camilo is in. He’s an auxiliary player, so is he in the middle or a vice-captain?

At that moment, a thunderous cheer erupted from the entire venue.

Lost in thought, I hastily glanced at the stadium. The players from both schools had emerged from the gate set up diagonally across from us.

Mardiq’s uniforms had a lovely design inspired by knight armor. Manzanella Academy’s uniforms were black, and Alania Academy’s were…red.

——How nostalgic.

When Camilo appeared in his uniform, cheers erupted throughout the venue.

Amidst the excitement at its peak, I was the only one who remembered Camilo in his crimson knight armor from my previous life.

Oh no, I might cry a little.

Come to think of it, there was something I’ve been wanting to say for a long time.

Thank you for trying to rescue me before I was executed.

For some reason, the story of my execution felt like a forbidden topic, and it felt as if there was an invisible wall that prevented me from speaking out.

But, I’ll make sure to tell him next time we talk.

That I was so happy I almost cried. That I’m really happy to see him again like this.

I have to tell him with a smile, no matter what.

“Kyaaahh! Camilo-samaaaa! You’re so cool!”

…Wait, Beatrice-sama, are you crying?! You were like this the first time around too!

But honestly, it might have helped a little. My chest was so tight and overwhelmed, but thanks to the commotion, I was able to distract myself.

Oh, come to think of it, Telencio… is he still asleep?! With all this excitement, he’s way too important to be sleeping!

“Wake up, Telencio! It’s starting!”


When I shook his shoulder, he at least opened his eyes. Thank goodness.

I let out a sigh of relief and turned back to the stadium. As the players who had lined up and exchanged greetings returned to their own positions, Camilo was staring straight at us.

…Huh? It’s not like we’re at a close distance or density where he can confirm that we’re here…?

[Now, introducing the sudden superstar from Alania Academy! Last year’s individual champion and vanguard, Camilo Cervantes!]

As the announcement echoes throughout the arena, not only the female students but also people of all ages and genders let out a loud cheer.

“No way, Camilo is the vanguard?!”

“It’s an important position!”

“They’re not going to win first to gain momentum.”

Even Crustia-san has started to nibble on churros, but why is everyone so calm?

While I’m panicking by myself, Camilo and his opponent face each other in the middle of the arena.

At this moment, even the audience falls silent, and a tense atmosphere fills the arena like a palpable pressure.

After exchanging a bow and unsheathing their swords, the bell rings to signal the start of the match.

At that instant, both players cast their magic at the same time.

Even though it had already been impressive, the cheers now are the loudest of the day.

The momentary glow emitted by the magic circle and the enthusiasm akin to an earthquake. Everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats with such excitement that it’s a wonder they aren’t all writhing on the floor.

I wonder what’s going to happen. Hang in there, Camilo…!

It happened when I was praying with my hands clasped in front of my chest. I felt a solid impact on my right shoulder and was dragged to look at the source of the weight.

As expected, it was Telencio.

He’s asleep. Completely asleep.

He was saying such good things earlier, but why did he come here? Moreover, how can he sleep when things are so lively here?

“Hey, Telencio! Wake up and cheer with us! We’re at a good part right now…!”

“Ugh, I’m sleepy… What…?”

“What do you mean ‘what’?! Wake up, Telencio!”

Ugh, he’s so heavy!

Even though he looks fragile, he’s still a boy. Somehow, he’s so heavy!

Anyway, I have to make him stand up, or the two of us will crash into Crustia-san’s pile of food. I tried to lift Telencio up by wrapping my arm around his shoulder.

The incident happened at that moment.

A deafening explosion sounded, and my vision was filled with white.

As I instinctively closed my eyes, Telencio seemed to have jumped up as well, and the weight on my shoulders disappeared.

While I was still huddled up, not understanding what was going on, the light subsided and the bewildered faces of the people became visible again, but the state of the stadium had completely changed.

The ground around Camilo was blackened and scorched. I don’t know much about magic, so I couldn’t judge what had happened, but the broadcasting club in charge of the announcements did a great job.

[Oh no, Cervantes has caused a lightning magic explosion! What on earth has happened to last year’s champion?!]

The male student’s voice on the announcement was nervous and high-pitched.

I know that magic explosions don’t happen easily. The Mardiq fans in the audience were all murmuring, and the Camilo fans screamed in unison.

Camilo, are you okay…?!

[To have such power from an explosion, is it safe to say that Cervantes mastered the art?! Or rather, would it have been a catastrophe if it had hit the opponent?! However, wasting such valuable lightning magic is a painful mistake!]

That’s right, magic can only be used once for each attribute, so it’s a valuable card to have.

I was getting worried and feeling helpless, but for some reason, Camilo, who seemed to have calmed down, was looking at me again.

No, he’s not looking at me. The harsh gaze, which can be felt even from afar, is directed towards the person next to me——.

“…Huh? Why is he staring at me when I just woke up?”

Telencio says with a twitchy face.

Um, I have no idea either. What happened to Camilo?

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