The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Zoo Date — Part 1

The news that Camilo had come to pick me up arrived just as I was about to leave for the front door.

Since Otoo-sama was absent due to work, Okaa-sama, Samuel, and the maids were standing at the entrance to see me off.

Camilo appeared through the double doors soon after.

He was wearing a striped long-sleeved shirt, matching navy double-breasted vest and slacks. His refined attire suited him very well, and for a moment, I forgot my greeting words. However, Camilo’s actions after this were even more outrageous.

The moment our eyes met, he pulled me towards him by my waist and then gave me a kiss on the forehead.

Instantly, the maids let out a yellow scream, but my racing heart made me lose the composure to notice my surroundings.

“My fiancée is the most beautiful in the world. I thought white would suit you too.”

U-uhh… I didn’t completely lose my composure today, did I…?

If he were to smile at me with those sweet eyes that make me melt, I wouldn’t be able to breathe.

Lately, being with Camilo has been making me more and more uneasy. It’s like my chest tightens and hurts… this unfamiliar feeling just confuses me.

“Well, aren’t you two close~.”

Oh, that’s right, Mother is here too! I’m too embarrassed to even turn around!

“Good day, Marquise Benito. I’ve come to take Miss Leticia to the zoo.”

“Good day, Camilo-sama. Please take care of my daughter.”

“Of course, I’ll protect her with my life.”

The polite words spoken with a refreshing smile… is it just my imagination or do they sound heavy with sincerity?

“Samuel, can I borrow your sister for a moment? Is that okay?”

Camilo gave a small smile and also addressed Samuel.

Even though Camilo was being courteous, I can’t afford to be rude to my own family. I resigned myself and turned around, and for a moment, it seemed like Samuel was making a strange face.

It was like a grudging expression, I suppose. But I must have had a strange illusion. Cute Sam wouldn’t make such a face.

“…Onee-sama, I want to go to the zoo too~.”

“Well, what about Sam?”

Samuel looked up at me with the same rose-colored eyes.

Of course, I would be happy to go to the zoo with Sam, but I already made plans with Camilo today. What should I do?

I was so troubled that I didn’t notice the look of despair on Camilo’s face.

“Oh dear, it’s not good to disturb a date, Sam.”

As I was about to ask Camilo for advice, Okaa-sama gently stroked Sam’s head and sang out her words.

“Now, the two of you go and have a good time. Sam will play with Okaa-sama.

Samuel looked unhappy, but Okaa-sama’s pushiness was irresistible.

With a chorus of “Have a good time!” from the maids behind us, Camilo and I were sent out.

Just then, the pleasant sound of cicadas began to echo. The summer sun was hot, but the dry air felt good.

…Okaa-sama. She did it for me, didn’t she?

I feel embarrassed and sorry for what I did to Sam.

Since everyone went through the trouble of making me look so pretty and sending me off, I should have as much fun with Camilo as possible.

“Shall we go, Letty?”


After being rocked by the carriage of the Duke Cervantes family for a while, we arrived at the zoo and immediately went inside.

Even though it was a weekday, the park was crowded with many people under parasols due to the summer vacation season.

Especially noticeable were the families and couples. Just feeling the open and sunny atmosphere made me naturally happy.

“I’m so happy to finally be at the zoo…!”

I couldn’t contain my excitement and let out a cheer.

Although my parents had taken me here before I regained my memories, since it was a childhood memory, I hardly remember what the place was like.

I finally got to visit the zoo that I had been yearning for since my first life.

“Hey, Camilo, where are we going?”

“Let’s go wherever Letty wants to go.”

“Well, then, how about the Hippos?!”

The grassland-dwelling hippopotamus, called the Kusakaba, is a species of hippopotamus that lives away from water. I had heard that it has a beautiful green color, and I had been wanting to see it.

“Let’s go quickly!”

I said that and was about to start walking, but Camilo extended his hand, so I stopped.

“Please take my hand. Let me take you to see the Kusakaba.”

His tone was joking, but I couldn’t tell if he was just being playful or if he was considerate of me and wanted to make it easier for me to take his hand.

But now, I was frozen in place, staring at the hand he had offered.

What should I do? This is the first time I’ve ever held hands with a man.

“Letty? Sorry, it’s fine if you don’t want to.”

Misunderstanding his fiancée’s attitude, Camilo laughed with a lonely expression and started to retract his hand.

I quickly reached out and grabbed the hand of the arm that didn’t have the parasol, more like grabbing than escorting, but I couldn’t afford to care about that.

“No, it’s not like that! I was just flustered because it was our first time. I was happy. Thank you, Camilo…”

As I spoke, I started to feel embarrassed and turned my red face towards the ground.

However, Camilo wasn’t responding right away, making me anxious. When I timidly raised my face, there was Camilo, whose face was as red as his own hair color.

“Why are you turning red too, Camilo?!”

It feels like both of our shyness is multiplying…?!

“No, it’s just… Letty is too cute. Ah, damn it. That’s cheating…”

He’s muttering something, but his voice is muffled and I can’t hear it.

Just as I was about to ask him to repeat himself, Camilo took my hand and started walking.

It was a big hand. He must have continued his training even after leaving the Mardiq Club, as the inside of his hand was hardened.

I feel really restless for some reason…

The Kusakaba hippo was just so cute.

I was surprised because it really had the color of a grassy field.

Its relaxed walk with a body several times larger than a human being could only be described as soothing.

“Oh, it’s so cute! I could watch it for hours!”

“Yeah, it’s really unique and interesting,” Camilo nodded in agreement, impressed.

However, there are still plenty of things to see, so we need to keep moving and not miss anything.

“Hey, Camilo, is there any animal you want to see?”

“I think I want to see the saltwater crocodile. It’s apparently the largest crocodile in the world.”

“That sounds amazing. Let’s go see it right away!”

I grabbed Camilo’s arm and started walking ahead of him. I knew it wasn’t a very escort-like attitude, but I let my feet move on their own because Camilo looked so happy and was laughing.

We walked around the spacious park, didn’t feel tired at all, saw many animals, had lunch, and kept walking.

Come to think of it, I may not have played like this much since I regained my memory.

It was just pure fun, and I didn’t even notice the time passing.

I thought to myself that this kind of moment is what happiness is all about, it felt natural.

Camilo was laughing a lot too, I wonder if he’s enjoying himself as well.

…I hope so.

The area with small animals was designated for petting, and I was struck by the fluffy little balls of fur.

I crouched down, drawn in by their twitching noses.

Aww, they’re so cute. Their tiny movements are really adorable!

“Hey, look Camilo, a blue-eyed bunny!”

I turned to Camilo, holding the bunny with blue eyes close to my chest, expecting him to immediately agree with me about how cute it is. But he had a distant look on his face, staring at me intently.

“What’s wrong?”

“…Nothing. I just feel like there’s nothing happier than this.”

As I was caught off guard by the unexpected words, the blue-eyed rabbit slipped out of my arms.

For a while, I just gazed at the bittersweet smile mixed with happiness.

The people around us were all captivated by the small animals, and it wasn’t suspicious for them to see two people gazing at each other in a place like this.

In the fun interaction area, only our time stopped.

Me, who had died once, and the animals who were certainly alive here.

Looking at Camilo’s dry yet teary eyes, I felt like his words, “I just feel like there’s nothing happier than this”, were about me being alive.

My chest was stuffy and my throat burned.

“…L-Let me, excuse me.”

Finally, I stood up with a trembling voice, without any words prepared.

Is Camilo also happy?

I am too.

I feel like crying just a little bit.



I moaned softly and held my forehead as I suddenly became dizzy, despite wanting to express my happiness.

“What’s wrong, Letty?!”

Camilo immediately hugged my shoulder to support me.

I could still stand, but I was feeling lightheaded. This shouldn’t happen often, but it was probably because I had been exposed to the sunlight.

After all, I had folded my parasol to touch the small animals.

“I’m sorry… I think I just got a little too excited.”

“Oh no, we need to get a doctor right away!”

“You’re overreacting. I’ll be fine after a break.”

I laughed it off as if it was nothing, but Camilo didn’t loosen his stern expression. After a brief argument, I finally emerged victorious and decided to take a break in the shade for a while.

At the rest area, which had many benches under a roof, I sat down on an empty seat.

Come to think of it, I was nervous today and couldn’t sleep well.

How pathetic. Because I’m always studying, I have less stamina than I did in my first life.

“Are you really okay?”

“Yes, I’m feeling much better now.”

“…Sorry I didn’t notice. I was just… I was in a funk.”

Camilo said with a pained expression, and I quickly shook my head.

“It’s not your fault, Camilo. I’m the one who should apologize…”

I curse myself that I can’t even take care of myself properly. I wanted to thank Camilo earlier, but the atmosphere had already changed.

“Isn’t it unfair to blame Leticia for that? Anyway, you should have something to drink. I’ll go buy some juice.”

Even in the midst of all this trouble, Camilo is still very kind.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault. I’m worried about leaving you alone, but I can’t let you walk in the sun right now. I’ll be right back, so if you’re approached by strangers, just ignore them.”

Camilo gave me instructions like he was talking to a child, then hurriedly left the rest area.

I’ve caused him so much trouble. I feel useless.

I waited for Camilo with my head down, feeling down.

But after a little while, I thought I heard a familiar voice and suddenly looked up.

“Hey, Agustin-sama, let’s go to the souvenir shop!”

“I’m fine. I hate crowded places.”

“Eh?! I don’t want to go alone!”

I immediately recognized the bickering couple even from a distance, and my whole body stiffened.


Why are Prince Agustin and Yserra-sama here…?!

I felt a sensation of all the blood draining from my body. Even though I thought I should run away, my butt seemed to be glued to the chair and while I was anxiously spinning my wheels, it seemed like the conversation had come to an end.

They each have a grim look on their faces.

And what’s more, even though Yserra-sama had entered the store, Prince Agustin was walking over here.

Wait a minute. This is really bad!

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