The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Two Beautiful Girls

Right now, in front of me, there is a beautiful girl with lightly curled light peach-colored hair.

She’s wearing an elegant navy blue dress that fits her slender body perfectly, and her sophisticated demeanor fits well with the café’s terrace seat.

Her face is more perfect than a doll’s, with light makeup that maximizes her charm, which she doesn’t usually show off.

Yes, Alondra becomes a perfect young lady like a different person when she’s on a long vacation.

According to her, “When I go back to my parents’ house, my mother and the maids dress me up, but I don’t mind as long as they do it for me.”

I was also forced to wear a collared dress after they took away my glasses, so I can say that we’re in a similar situation.

“Hehe. I love Alondra’s dressed-up appearance. It’s so cute!”

“Is that so? You’re cute too, Leticia.”

The two of us compliment each other and laugh jokingly.

We have transformed ourselves beyond recognition from our usual appearance, so even if we ran into Academy students, nobody would recognize us.

The fact that I won’t be exposed as myself means that even if someone sees my real face, there’s no need to worry about them regaining their memory.

I still feel uneasy without my glasses, but being free of them is not so bad either.

“How’s your summer vacation going, Alondra? Is your research going well?”

“I’d say it’s going alright… Oh, and by the way, I’ve been given the opportunity to talk to a witch through Grandpa’s connections.”

“A witch? That’s amazing!”

Without possessing the chosen black magic, which is separate from normal magic, one cannot become a witch. The magic of witches was once considered illegal because it could brainwash people and require sacrifices.

Although discrimination on the surface has disappeared, witches are still regarded as mysterious and somewhat frightening beings.

“Well, the difference between witch’s black magic and general magic is an inevitable point of contention in the study of magic research. If we can hear it directly from the person themselves, it’ll be something to look forward to.”

Seeing Alondra sipping lemon squash with a small smile on her face, she seems to be very happy.

It’s great if your best friend is having a fulfilling summer vacation. However, when I smiled and said, “You seem to be having fun,” Alondra had a pensive look on her face.

“Actually, there are some things that I’m curious about.”

“Curious about what?”

“Yeah, it’s something I want to ask the witch about. If it’s just my imagination, then it’s okay, but it’s better to clear up any doubts.”

I’ve heard from teachers that Alondra’s research is already beyond the level of a student.

Surely, this brilliant friend can see many things that I can’t.

“I don’t really understand, but… do your best, Alondra!”

“Thank you, Leticia. I’ll make the most of this opportunity.”

Alondra wrapped up the conversation and asked about my summer vacation.

My summer vacation? Well, I already reported earlier that a dinner party was held, and other than that, I’m just playing with Sam as usual and studying…

“Speaking of something different, tomorrow I’m going to the zoo with Camilo.”

Actually, we were talking about that after the dinner party.

When Camilo asked, “Since it’s summer, do you have any place you want to go?” I answered, “The zoo.”

I had been longing to visit the zoo since I was a child and had never been there before.

Camilo seemed to understand my feelings and nodded with a smile.

“Fumu. It’s like a healthy date, isn’t it?”


I froze at Alondra’s amused expression.

…Date? Is this a date?

“What is a date? What’s the definition?”

“Definition? Isn’t it just when a man and a woman go out together?”


I became aware of the heat gathering in my cheeks. When my gaze wandered from agitation, Alondra looked back at me with an exasperated expression.

Oh no, I hadn’t even realized it, but now that it’s been pointed out, it’s true!

I’ve always spent time with Camilo since my first life, and I thought it was the same this time too.

I’ve never been on a date before. I wonder if I can do it well…?


Morning came in a flash.

I couldn’t sleep well because I was nervous once I became conscious.

I may look terrible, but today is the day I’m going to the zoo with Camilo. I was definitely looking forward to it.

Just as I gathered my determination and got up, Okaa-sama barged in and handed me a white fluffy dress made of a soft material without any questions asked.

My glasses were confiscated, and I was surrounded by maids, but I didn’t resist even a little bit about today.

“…In that case! Everyone, let’s get all dressed up today!”

With a firm resolve, I looked back at Okaa-sama and the maids with determined eyes.

“Well, Letty! You finally understand now!”

Okaa-sama exclaimed, and the maids gave a lively response in unison.

That’s right, because today is a date.

If I take off my glasses and dress up nicely, no one will notice that it’s me, even if they see me.

It’s not a problem to show my face because the difference between my normal self and my disguised self is stimulating.

Besides, Camilo praised me for my disguised appearance before.

So I’m sure he’ll be happy if I look nice today too. When Camilo smiles happily, I feel happy too… So for now, I should put aside my embarrassment.

Under the direction of Okaa-sama, who had a smug smile on her face, the maids began to move briskly.

After washing my face, I decided to change into the dress that had been handed to me earlier.

Since today is not a formal occasion, there’s no need for a corset. The white chiffon dress with no sleeves is tied at the waist with a thin light blue ribbon.

Normally, I would hesitate to wear such a cute dress, but for some reason I feel brave when I think that Camilo might be pleased with it.

“Fufu, it’s good to be young…”

Okaa-sama whispers in a good mood, but I turn my red face away and ignore her.

They loosely curled my hair and finished it off by threading a navy blue ribbon from the nape of my neck up to my forehead, tying it into a butterfly knot.

“Oh my! My lady, you look absolutely adorable!”

“How lovely!”

“No gentleman can resist you now!”

The maids praised me one after the other, and as a simple-minded person, I was quickly encouraged by their compliments.

Okaa-sama also smiled with satisfaction, so I decided to trust everyone’s abilities and go out.

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