The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Studying for the test 〈Camilo〉

I walk quickly down the hallway, feeling the tension unique to test week.

I want to hurry and go to the library to meet Leticia, but my restless feelings are interrupted by someone.


I turn around at the voice from behind me and see three female students standing there, led by a girl with blonde vertical rolls.

…I don’t know these girls, do I? Who are they?

“I am Beatrice Lavoie, daughter of the Marquis.”

After Miss Vertical Rolls finishes introducing herself, the two girls on either side of her also introduce themselves as Louisina and Melania.

Yeah, those are definitely names I don’t know.

“What do you want?”

Miss Beatrice’s contented smile as she speaks makes me feel weary, though I’m sorry to say it.

It’s always like this. As the long vacation approaches, I’m constantly being invited to these types of events and I’m tired of it.

During summer vacation, many students make plans to play in advance before heading off on their break, as it is the midst of the social season.

Last year, I declined all invitations because I was having so much fun playing with my friends. However, this year, I have a different reason.

It’s because I want to deepen my relationship with Leticia even just a little during the long break.

“Sorry, but try asking someone else. I’m busy.”

I said in a flat tone without even managing a polite smile.

As the three young ladies turned pale and exchanged pleasantries, I resumed walking towards my destination.

Finally, I arrived at the back of the library, where Leticia was indeed studying.

It was only yesterday when Elias regained his memories. At that time, I was waiting here with Leticia to study, but after the commotion, it wasn’t a good time to focus on studying.

It’s worrisome how she didn’t even notice that I had arrived. She’s too defenseless, but it’s not my intention to disturb what the person I love likes to do.

I just want to be with Leticia.

I just don’t want to lose this person ever again.

I create a barrier as if it’s become a customary event. We have to avoid unrelated students coming here and spreading rumors that we study together.

To be honest, creating this barrier is quite tiring, but maybe it’s a little weird that I want to be with Leticia so badly that I’m willing to go to such lengths.

I sit down in the seat next to Leticia with a small, wry smile, and her head with pigtails trembles as she notices the sound of the chair.

Her face, which she hastily raised, gradually fills with surprise.

“Camilo? This barrier, did you make it?”

“Yeah. I wanted to study with you, Leticia, so I set it up.”

“You went through all that trouble…?”

I smile at Leticia, who tilts her head, and take out my writing tools and textbooks from my bag, placing them on the desk.

I don’t have any intention of taking advantage of Leticia’s intelligence to teach me how to study. I plan to study on my own.

“Are you studying for the test too, Camilo?”

“Yeah. Even those of us who rank in the middle need to study.”

“Hehe. I know that already.”

As a joke, Leticia laughed happily.

Oh, to be able to spend time together again, gazing at this adorable smile.

When I learned of your death in my previous life, I was filled with despair at the thought that we would never meet again.

And yet, here you are, alive and well.

Truly, how fortunate I am.

After a little while, I stumbled in my history studies.

Damn, it’s still so difficult. Why are there three factions, and why do some people have overlapping affiliations? And with an upcoming civil war, how are we supposed to know who’s fighting who?

It’s not in any of the reference books, and the books I found… don’t mention it. I’m at a loss.

“What’s wrong, Camilo? Where are you having trouble?”

Just when I wanted to bury my head in my hands, I heard a gentle voice and quickly looked up.

Leticia was tilting her head with a worried expression, albeit a bit shyly.

Apparently, my emotions are easily written on my face.

“Show me. If it’s something I can understand, I’ll explain it to you.”

“…I’m sorry. It’s about the Baron War.”

As I apologized with a weak tone, Leticia smiled softly.

When I asked her about something I didn’t understand, she moved to my side with her reference book after thinking for a moment.

“Take a look at this. The King’s faction, the Grand Duke’s faction, and the Parliament’s faction are divided. The members of the Parliament’s faction were originally part of the Grand Duke’s faction, but they separated due to the changing times. In other words——”

She continued with an eloquent explanation.

The soft smell of the book and the summer sunlight.

Even though her eyes were hidden behind her glasses, the silhouette of her profile was beautiful, and I found myself getting lost in it before quickly snapping back to reality.

No, no, this won’t do. Leticia took the time to help me, and what am I thinking about?

“So, do you understand?”

“Ah, yes, I understand it well.”

Actually, I only understood about half of it, but I couldn’t confess the truth, so I nodded with a smile, trying not to let my smile look forced.

“That’s good. Camilo always helps me out, so I want to be of any help to you too. Please feel free to ask me anything if you have any trouble.”

With a brave smile and kind words, Leticia returned to her seat.

She’s such a gentle person.

Normally, she’s calm, kind, and very serious.

Did she love Agustin so much that she couldn’t even make sensible judgments?

Does she still love Agustin now?

The doubts and anxieties that I had been holding onto for so long suddenly surfaced without warning. Although Leticia had said that she didn’t want to be involved anymore, I wondered if that was really how she felt.

When I met her in prison a few days before her execution, she still loved her husband. Even after all that he did to her, she still loved him.

But what would she think if she found out that I killed Agustin, whom she loves so much?

I don’t know what Leticia would do.

Leticia does not know.

I was scared.

If Agustin and Miss Yserra regained their memories, Leticia might find out how they died.

That’s why I kept the engagement a secret.

Even if it was discovered, I thought that as long as the engagement was agreed upon by both families, Leticia would have no choice but to accept it.

I’m a coward.

Even if she were to know everything,

Please give up and laugh by my side…

I was watching Leticia study, but before I could get caught, I lowered my gaze to my reference book.

That’s right, I have to study. I can’t selfishly waste my time thinking about other things and let my grades drop when Leticia is working so hard.

I don’t want to interfere with the things my love likes.

Even if she doesn’t love me back, it’s enough for me to just be by her side.

But what if even that is no longer possible?

What would I do then?

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