The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The second prince is a good person — Part 2

In a familiar corner of the library, within the barrier created by Camilo, His Royal Highness Elias was sitting at the desk with his head in his hands.

It didn’t take long to explain the situation to Elias, who had regained his memories. The only thing left was whether he could accept it or not.

“…I want to go home and sleep.”

——I understand how you feel!!!

I’m sorry, Elias-sama. If I hadn’t made a mistake, I wouldn’t have caused such confusion…!

“I was actually planning to have you open the lid on your memories soon, Elias. It’s not a big deal.”

Camilo was sitting across from Elias without any particular signs of agitation, with his arms crossed. Since I was sitting next to Camilo, I could see Elias’s face turn pale as he finally sat up.

“… Even if I get my memory back, what good will it do?”

“Of course there is. If you can remember how you died, you can avoid it.”

(What…! That’s true!)

It was like scales had fallen from my eyes.

Why didn’t I think of it before? Isn’t it the most certain way to avoid death if Elias-sama himself regains his memories?

However, I cannot think that it is best for him to regain his memories without any preamble.

I became worried about Elias-sama, who looked pale, and even though I knew it was rude, I decided to speak up.

“Elias-sama, I’m sorry for causing confusion. It must be painful for you to remember your final moments. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. Why don’t you take the rest of the day off?”

This treatment during test week for the top student in our grade, Elias-sama, is truly regrettable. I feel so sorry that I could cry.

“…No, it’s okay, Miss Leticia. None of this is your fault. Camilo was right; I should have regained my memories somewhere along the line. I should be grateful, if anything.”

Elias-sama smiled faintly with kind words.

Oh, how kind Elias-sama is. Despite being close in age, he has the opposite personality of the fiery Prince Agustin.

“However, to die in a carriage accident while studying abroad. I’m unlucky as well.”

Elias-sama shows a wry smile.

Perhaps Camilo remembered that time, he lowered his young green eyes.

They were close even back then, so when Elias-sama passed away, Camilo was very depressed.

I was also very sad and couldn’t bear to see his face in the coffin.

“Anyway, it was fortunate that you regained your memory. You would have survived if you didn’t get on that carriage.”

“But maybe it’s better to quit studying abroad. Well, you have time to think about it.”

Camilo breathed a sigh of relief and sank deeply into his chair.

Elias-sama still had a pale face, but he seemed to have processed this situation in his own way.

Although I can’t erase my feelings of guilt, I’m glad he is a wise person. If it’s possible to avoid death, then it’s undoubtedly the greatest stroke of luck, as he said.

As I breathed a sigh of relief, my eyes suddenly met with Elias-sama’s.

His thoughtful sapphire blue eyes were narrowed, like those of a small child.

“When you were engaged to my brother, I was always worried about how lonely you seemed. I never thought you would be executed after I died…”

Elias-sama had really been worried about me all this time.

It’s natural to feel a lot of things when the woman who married your own brother is executed.

“There were many things I didn’t understand while I was abroad. But it’s certain that my brother was unfaithful. I’m sorry, Miss Leticia.”

“N-No…! There’s no need for Elias-sama to apologize!”

I shook my head, pale and taken aback by the Second Prince’s straightforward bow.

He’s really too good of a person. I’m like a notorious villain who was cursed to die, and that reputation is certainly not a lie.

“It was my fault. I was really foolish back then…It’s only natural for Prince Agustin to abandon me.”

“As far as I can tell, you didn’t do anything that would make you deserve execution. I don’t think your crimes were severe enough for that,” replied Elias-sama with a serious expression, leaving no room for denial.

Indeed, from a legal standpoint, I didn’t commit a crime that would warrant execution.

And yet, somehow, I was labeled with the infamy of embezzlement and treason, and as a result, I was beheaded, probably because I was in the way.

Prince Agustin did everything in his power to push the Queen to her execution, probably to formally welcome his lover as the new Queen.

“Stop it, Elias. As Leticia said, you don’t have to apologize,” Camilo’s voice was bright. Recognizing the cause of my death and clearing the air seemed to have dissipated the stagnant atmosphere, like the release of a barrier.

“That’s right, Elias-sama. It’s a past event that can’t be undone.”

I smiled at Elias-sama in the same way.

Yes, it’s just a past event that won’t happen again. All we have to do is work hard to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.

As I clenched my fists with determination, Elias-sama suddenly laughed mischievously.

“…That’s right. After all, the two of them are engaged.”

Elias-sama smiled and tilted his head. His face was beautiful, and the air around him seemed to shine. He was truly like a prince from a fairy tale.

However, this was undoubtedly his teasing expression. Although Elias-sama is a very kind person, he has a bad habit of being mischievous when he finds something interesting.

“Camilo can’t be left out either. Until recently, he was more interested in hanging around with boys rather than being in love, until recently.”

“Hey, Elias!”

Camilo suddenly blushed and grabbed Elias-sama’s collar. It could be considered a reckless act that could lead to punishment, but since Camilo is also a member of the royal family and they are good friends, it seems that their actions are invalid.

…Huh? He’d rather hang around with boys than fall in love?

“Well, actually, we would like to invite you to our Marquis family villa for the summer vacation.”

Now that I think about it, it does seem that way, but I thought he had some experience with the famous beauties who surrounded him.

“Hahaha, you’re so flustered. It’s okay, you know. You have to live your life without regrets. Hey, do you think Miss Leticia is your first love? Can you secretly tell me?”

“Hey, cut it out…! How can you just blabber about it in front of Leticia!”

The two friends started arguing with each other loudly. I smiled wryly and watched them, resting my chin on my hand.

But there’s no way I could be he’s first love. Elias-sama sure knows how to have fun.


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The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person

The Legendary Villainess Who Vanished on the Guillotine, in Her Second Life She Wishes for Peace as a Studious, Plain Glasses-Wearing Person

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Queen Leticia was executed by beheading. She had committed various crimes in order to turn her husband’s attention away from his lover, which ultimately led to her being labeled as the worst villain by the public. I was disliked by my husband and hated by the people, and everyone hated me. Oh, how foolish I was. Father, Mother, I’m sorry. However, even though I thought I had died, I somehow went back in time and started my second life. “In this life, I won’t fall in love. I’ll become a plain and studious person and live a peaceful life!” In my previous life, I had spent my Academy life playing around, but now I devoted myself to studying. Even though my ex-husband, Prince Agustin, is one year ahead of me, I no longer care about him. One day, Leticia met a male student named Camilo Cervantes. He was a superstar at the Academy who would later become a dragon knight. In my previous life, we had been close, but in this life, I was a bottom-tier girl and he was a popular student. Of course, there should be no connection between us. Despite this, various circumstances led me to learn magic from him, and during our practice, my glasses slipped off, revealing my face. And then, an intense love and obsession began! He surrounded me with his love! Huh? He saw my face and regained his memories from our previous life? “I’ve always loved you.” Is he serious?!


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