The Heroine Ran Away! the Villainous Daughter Has to Break off Her Engagement and Tame Her Watchdog Mage – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Don’t you think sometimes fantasy is too cruel?

This is an exciting and thrilling world where swords and magic exist.

In my previous life, I was obsessed with sweet and loving romance novels, and now I find myself in the setting of one. 

The story follows the classic path, with the poor Baron’s daughter, Kukrika, enters a school for noble children and eventually becomes loved by the prince and becomes the queen. 

The charm of this novel lies in the adorable protagonist, Kukrika.

Her earnest efforts bring tears to my eyes. It’s so touching. 

Despite her father’s alcoholism, she strives to acquire a skill and support herself… 

How many times have I thought, “I will support Kukrika!”?

Kukrika meets the arrogant prince at the school and gradually becomes close to him, to the point of being proposed to a year after graduation. 

When I realized that I had lost my life in an accident and was reincarnated into this world, I danced with overwhelming emotions. 

Yes, until I discovered my own name.

My name is Viara Emery Marcus. 

I am the daughter of Duke Marcus, a beautiful woman with soft, long, pale blue hair. 

Though it may sound self-praising, my hair shines like a jewel, glossy and beautiful. 

My eyes are silver, so beautiful that they can be compared to star sapphires, and of course, they are not colored contacts. 

I have large eyes, a straight nose, and naturally moist, red lips without any makeup. Now that I’m 16 years old, I have grown into a stunning beauty that turns heads wherever I go.

It’s a cheat in terms of appearance, typical of a rival character. 

It’s the beauty that makes people wonder if it’s a CG image, but of course, it’s only natural for a character in a novel to be beautiful.

However, my fate is a tragic one. I play the role of the villainess.

Since childhood, I have been set as the fiancée of the first prince of this country, and I am supposed to love him. 

So far, the story has been progressing mostly according to the novel, except for the fact that I don’t like the prince. This year, I am scheduled to enter the school as the prince’s fiancée. 

“I have no hope left.”

I unintentionally let out a complaint. 

In the novel, Viara loses the prince to the heroine shortly after entering the academy.

No matter how much I love him, cry and cling to him, the prince’s heart drifts away. 

No matter how consumed by jealousy I was,I bullied the heroine too much. 

What I did to trap the heroine and ruin her growing intimacy with the prince was just too cruel. 

It’s one thing to speak ill of her and exclude her from the group, but hiring a man to assault her, poisoning her, pushing her not just down the stairs but off the balcony… My stance was “kill the heroine as soon as you find her.”

Viara, couldn’t you have done something else…?

Attempted murder is definitely not acceptable. 

In the end, my evil deeds were exposed, and I was condemned. Behind the happy ending where the prince ends up with the heroine, Viara was dragged out in front of the people and executed. 

The guillotine, no way. 

Do we really need such a cruel ending?

I want to ask the author, I want to confront them. 

Or rather, Viara is completely used as a stepping stone.

More like a rival or a model villainess! 

I didn’t want to ride the rails to hell, with a goal colored by despair.

I am determined to get off this rail along the way. 

In the romance novels and isekai light novels I devoured in my previous life, there were many stories where even the villainess could find happiness. 

It will be alright. 

Even as a rookie villainess, I should be able to find happiness if I work hard!

With my memories restored, I made every effort to avoid the death flags.

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