The Heroine Ran Away! the Villainous Daughter Has to Break off Her Engagement and Tame Her Watchdog Mage – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: I’m the villainess, but did the heroine escape?!

[In any story, there is always a protagonist and an antagonist.]

That’s what I thought.

“At last, the time has come. . .!”

I, Viara, became the villainess through reincarnation recently.

With memories from my past life, I am a rookie villainess.

However, unfortunately, I have no intention of becoming a villain.

After all, in romance novels, isn’t it a common trope for the villains to face punishment if they do something bad?

I don’t want to experience pain or death.

Since I’ve been reincarnated, I want to live peacefully.

Currently, it’s a pleasant afternoon in the springtime.

I was relaxing in the Duke’s salon with three reports in my hand.

Having tea in a lush green salon during the afternoon is a truly elegant moment.

However, my heart, which knows my fate, is not at ease.

Because I am the villainess who appeared in a romance novel.

I am the love rival of the heroine. 

Starting from tomorrow at the school I will be entering, I have to take a brilliant first step as a villainess.

So I have to persuade the heroine as soon as possible. I have to tell her, “I’m not your enemy!!”

However. . .

“Wait. What is this?!”

What I obtained was a document called the “Academy Freshman Roster.” It’s a list of the people who will become my classmates for the next year.

As expected of a school where nobles gather, familiar names are lined up one after another.

No, no, that doesn’t matter.

I’m looking for only one person, the name of the heroine.

The gentle breeze swayed her long faint pale blue hair . Her silver eyes followed each and every name on the list. 

However, no matter how much time passed, I couldn’t find the name I was looking for.

“It can’t be true. . .Someone tell me it’s a lie. . .!”

I checked the names lined up on the paper over and over again, down to every corner.

But her name was still not there.

There’s no way that could be true. . .

There’s no way that could happen.

It can’t be true!!

My right hand trembled nervously.

With a crunching sound, I crushed the list in my hand.

I took a deep breath, filling my lungs with air, and screamed from the depths of my heart.


Upon hearing my scream, Cid, the escort mage , quickly rushed to my side in an instant.

“Milady!?! What’s the matter?!”

The handsome young man with black hair and crimson eyes widened his eyes, distorting his ruggedly handsome face.

Cid rudely grabbed my shoulder from behind and shook me vigorously.

“What happened?! What’s wrong?!”

Hey, stop it. I’ll get dizzy, so stop.

“Let go!!”

I shook off his hand and, with my hair in disarray,I screamed again.

“What’s going on!? The heroine’s name is not on the roster!”

Viara Emery Marcus. 16 years old.

Reincarnated into the romance novel “I Offer You a Rose-Colored Gem,”

have become the villainess…In a world without a heroine.

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