The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Diana’s Inn

Looking at the people who got off the carriage, Diana felt confused.

The ones who arrived were Roberto, the village chief of Pabst village, and Daniel, an art dealer.

They didn’t seem like guests looking for accommodation. They must have come for the housewarming.

“Oh, long time no see, Village Chief Roberto.” 

Diana said, approaching him. Roberto looked embarrassed and smiled weakly, as if feeling awkward.

“Ah, congratulations on the new house, Diana. By the way, who are you…?”

After giving a nod to Ilsa, Roberto turned his gaze back to Diana.

“You are the daughter of Heinz Trading Company and the younger sister of Ilsa-sama, who married into Ishtar Trading Company, right? Why didn’t you tell me about that earlier?”

Diana apologized for keeping silent until now.

“…I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine. Um, could I have a look around here?”

“Sure, but…”

As Diana watched Roberto walking around here and there with a puzzled expression,

“Diana, I heard a rumor.”

Daniel approached with a knowing look on his face.

“A rumor?”

“Yeah. The rumor is that when a man and a woman stay overnight in that mountain cabin, they become connected――”

“Oh my. That’s quite something…”

“It seems there’s an interesting jinx going around. It’s all the talk among the nobles that Ilsa-sama reconciled with Gustav and Sophia-sama is pregnant. Two out of two couples have succeeded.”

“With a 100% success rate in matchmaking. Numbers don’t lie.”

“Diana, this is an opportunity. Village Chief Roberto came here today because he heard about those rumors.”

“So, the inspection is about that?”

“Yeah. Actually, recently, we’ve been running short on inns in the village.”


“Now, we’re planning to establish a new inn somewhere. That’s why this place is being considered as one of the potential locations.”


While Daniel was explaining, Roberto returned.

“Hmm, this land is full of rocks. By the way, Diana, I have a question.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“If, if I were to ask to place an inn here, would you agree?”


Diana looked perplexed and glanced at Leon. Leon, seeing that, slowly walked over.

“I am the owner of this land.”

“Oh, right. The land is purchased under the village’s name. If there’s enough space, could you consider the idea of an inn?”

“…Who would manage this inn?”

“At the moment, several nobles have expressed their interest. They are all skilled in managing estates. So, your hands won’t be burdened.”

“I see. Estate management…”

“We’ll offer double the market price for the purchase. Since this is a frontier area, it’s a better deal than leaving the land unused. What do you think?”

Leon embraced Diana’s shoulder.

“Please give me some time to think. We just built a new house. I want to consider it after our lives settle down.”

“Hmm, I understand. I apologize for bothering you during this difficult time. But it would be helpful if you could think about it.”

Saying that, Roberto tipped his hat and left.

Leon and Daniel discreetly glanced at Diana.

Diana was trembling slightly.

Leon whispered into his wife’s ear.

“…Is she trembling with excitement?”

Diana, while trembling, nodded with a pained smile.

“Oh my, it seems the blood of a shrewd merchant is boiling within you.”

Daniel, who had been watching nearby, smirked.

“I understand how you feel, Diana. It’s like the fireworks that go off when an opportunity rolls right in front of you. You’re a true merchant at heart. Aurel-sama must be delighted up in heaven.”

Leon directed a complex gaze towards his wife.

“…Let’s calm down for now, Diana. It’s all happening too fast.”

Diana nodded, but her eyes sparkled with excitement, clearly calculating her moves.

Leon let out a soft sigh.

“It’s tiring… in a way.”

In their new house, on their first night.

The bedroom was on the second floor.

They even upgraded the bed to a double bed, and the brand new linen sheets felt crisp and comfortable.

Despite having obtained a more sleep-friendly environment than before, Diana was too excited to fall asleep.

(A inn, huh…)


Suddenly, Leon, who was sleeping next to her, turned over and faced her.

“…Can’t you sleep?”

Leon’s hand reached out towards Diana’s crimson hair. When Diana nodded, his hand gently pulled her head closer.

“Is it because the village chief brought up the inn idea?”


“What do you want, Diana?”

Diana pondered.

If she ran an inn, she could showcase her cooking, tinctures, and everything else without holding back.

Moreover, if the village bought the land, her pockets would be filled.

But running an inn would require manpower. Wages would have to be paid.

If she got involved in this matter, it wouldn’t just affect Leon but also their relatives. It couldn’t be decided based solely on her desires. If she made a wrong move, it could lead to the family’s separation.

Besides, the shortage of inns would likely be resolved once the war settled down. Building an inn just for that purpose would be too risky.

Perhaps it would be better to leave the management to the nobles here――

Suddenly, Leon forcefully sealed Diana’s lips with his own.


“You forgot about me just now, didn’t you?”


“…If there’s something Diana wants to do, I’ll support you.”


“But if you have doubts, it’s better to pause. Besides, didn’t you just take a reservation from a noble lady earlier? It wouldn’t be too late to try that out and see.”

“You’re right… That’s true.”

“Let’s plan it out. It’s dangerous to act based on emotions. If you come up with any ideas about the inn, let me know too. We’ll need different perspectives.”

“…Thank you, Leon.”

“Now then, since we bought a new bed…”


Leon’s hand reached towards her knee, causing Diana’s face to turn red.

“Hey! When someone is seriously thinking about the future…”

“We haven’t done it in a while, so it’s fine.”

“Well, you see…”

“I love you, Diana.”

Surrounded by the scent of the new house and touching her husband’s body, Diana suddenly imagined her future self.

She should avoid taking on more than she can handle. However, she should strive to find happiness with her family in this village.

What should she do to make herself and someone else happy?

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