The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Guests to the mountain cabin

“Sofia-sama is pregnant?!”

The noble ladies couldn’t hide their surprise as they spoke one after another to Diana.

“Huh? Diana-san, don’t you know? Sofia is expecting. Klaus-sama is completely doting on her and the baby in her belly!”

“Sofia, who used to avoid her husband so much, has changed after experiencing the mountain cabin. It’s like the light has returned to her eyes, and she’s full of life.”

“There must be some secret, right? We also want to experience it. Evacuating cuts off our connections with the surroundings, and we tend to feel lonely. . . It would be so nice to genuinely love our husbands.”

The relatives listening at the round table were trembling. Diana, too, was momentarily stunned and unable to catch up with the information, but…

“Actually, Sofia-sama didn’t stay in this cabin…”

Leon’s words were immediately silenced by Diana’s hand.

Diana’s heart began to flutter restlessly.

A great opportunity was approaching…

“Wait, everyone. Let’s organize our thoughts. So, all of you want to stay in this mountain cabin, right?”

The noble ladies blushed and eagerly nodded.

“In that case, let’s do this. You can take turns staying in this mountain cabin. The fee will be 10 silver coins per night. How does that sound?”

Ilsa made a slightly displeased face, but the other nobles nodded in agreement.

“Understood. Then, we will start accepting reservations one week from now. I will make a schedule, so please let me know your preferred dates.”

Diana whispered to the gaping Leon.

“We’re moving to a new house anyway, so it’s fine, right? Let’s have them do the final work in this cabin.”

Leon snapped back to reality.

“R-Right. No one will be living in that cabin anymore.”

“That’s right. And then, we’ll lend it to the nobles and sell it to my sister.”

“I see. It might bring in some extra income…”

And so, amidst the watchful eyes of the relatives, they hastily made a reservation list in a notebook.

“Here, this will be the record of the accommodation schedule. Please bring this with you and gather on the designated day. We will give you a lecture on farm life.”

The noble children happily left with satisfied faces.

Ilsa, who had been sulking in the corner, came from behind.

“…I was looking forward to enjoying farm life too.”

“Onee-sama, you can buy the cabin after everyone’s stay settles down. Please let us farmers have one last chance to earn from it.”

“Well, I guess there’s no helping it. Besides, you have your own life, so I can’t force you.”

Saying that, Ilsa sat down at the table with a sigh. The relatives exchanged glances, impressed by her thick skin.

“Oh my! Flower salad? It’s so cute, Diana.”

“Yes, I mixed it with wine vinegar dressing. Feel free to try it.”

“Hmm… It has a watercress flavor. A little spicy and mature. By the way, this dressing has a berry taste, doesn’t it?”

“I used a bit of strawberry for flavoring.”

“That’s good, Diana. You have a great sense of cooking. Oh, let’s market this dressing too.”

“Oh? Has Otou-sama possessed Onee-sama as well?”

“Hmph, I am still a merchant’s child. Fufu, this chicken is so tender and delicious.”

Upon hearing that, Fritz proudly puffed out his chest.

“The bread… Ah, hello George-san. You made it, right? It’s such a good bread that I feel like wiping the plate.”

George silently bowed as usual.

“And this wine is also top-notch. It’s a hidden gem from the farm that doesn’t reach the city, right?”

Thomas awkwardly averted his gaze.

Hans nervously waited, his heart pounding.

Ignoring him, Ilsa said,

“…Um, the tablecloth is really lovely.”

Hans finally let out a sigh of relief.

“Diana, you really have been blessed with wonderful siblings. It’s not easy to find a farmhouse with such abundant resources and land. Instead of picking flowers little by little, Diana, why don’t you open a restaurant?”

A cool autumn breeze blew in from the mountains.

Diana asked her sister.

“. . . A restaurant?”

“Yes. Just by having people come here and treating them to a meal, it could become a respectable business.”

“I see. . .”

“Oh, of course, I won’t deny what you want to do. The idea of hosting agricultural experiences has been received quite favorably among the nobility. Diana originally comes from an upper-class background. There are many nobles who find solace in the agriculture that you envision. Nobles wouldn’t ask peasants to do agricultural work for them, and peasants wouldn’t suggest that nobles try their hand at farming. So, you are playing the role of a bridge between the nobility and the farmers in this evacuation destination. Be aware of that.”

As her sister spoke about the restaurant from a bird’s-eye view, Diana thought again.

We are children of a merchant family, she thought.

Diana looked back at the mountain hut.

And she thought.

It seems that a new wind is starting to blow in this remote area――

“Mountain hut, agricultural experiences, restaurant, ranch. . .”

Leon looked down at his wife, who chanted those words like a spell, with a puzzled expression.

“Hey, Diana.”

“If we do it all at once, this place could become a major tourist ranch.”


“But for that, we’ll need to hire people. . .”

“Are you in the middle of a divine revelation?”

At that moment.

From a distance, another carriage could be seen heading towards the mountain.

Diana gazed at the carriage, surprised by the unexpected passenger. Her eyes widened.

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