The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Things That Can Be Done in the Wilderness

Diana wrote down the things she could do in this remote area in her notebook.







Flower arrangement

For now, these are the things she could think of.

At the mountain cabin.

Sofia looked at the list and crossed her arms, pondering.

“What are some things that both Ojii-sama and I can do?”

“We won’t know if we can do them until we try.”

“That’s true. Fishing can be done by both men and women.”

“It’s easier than hunting… Sofia-sama, can you handle cleaning fish?”

“No way!”

Anyway, the important thing is to give it a try.

They got on Duke McGallen’s carriage and called out to Leon in the cowshed.

“Hey, is Thomas here today?”

“Yeah, I think he is. But what do you need him for?”

“Sofia-sama wants to try fishing. I thought of borrowing a fishing rod from Thomas.”

“Fishing? What kind of whim is this?”

“Let’s just go to the river and see.”

“Alright, alright. Well, be careful.”

While riding down the hill in the carriage, Sofia was lost in thought.


“Don’t talk to me. I’m thinking about how to invite Ojii-sama to the mountains…”

Diana opened her mouth in surprise. But gradually, she felt something welling up within her, following Sofia’s change.

Finally, Sofia is trying to face her husband.

Diana looked at the passing scenery outside the window and thought.

The magic of the frontier.

It used to be a joke, saying things like that. But now, it feels like it might not be just a joke. It is something that definitely exists. In this seemingly barren land, there is something. Although its true nature is not yet clear.

The group arrived at Thomas’s winery.

As the fragrant scent of grapes wafted from the winery, the two knocked on the door.

Thomas quickly came out, and Diana spoke to him.

“Um… I would like to borrow two fishing rods.”

While comparing Diana and the carriage behind her, Thomas immediately looked down at his feet.

“How much?”

Diana had assumed that he would lend them to her right away due to their family connection. Yes, he was that kind of person.

“Well then, I’ll give you some fish if we catch any. How about that?”

“Hmm, if it’s this season, it would be trout, right? Then, please have them smoked for me.”


“There’s a smokehouse further downstream from the river, and all the villagers use it. Smoking not only works for fish but also for meat, cheese, and eggs. It gives a delicious flavor and extends the shelf life, thanks to the cherry wood chips.”

Diana’s eyes sparkled. It was completely new information to her.

“Understood. I’ll bring the smoked fish.”

“Smoking takes time. When you return the fishing rods, please report your catch. I’ll come to pick them up later.”

“What? Will you take all of them?”

“You’re such a troublesome sister-in-law. I’ll leave one fish each for Diana and the young lady over there. The rest, I’ll take.”

“You cheapskate.”

“Did you say something? I don’t have to lend them to you, you know.”


“Well, that’s how it is. We also have employees here. It’s a hassle, you know.”

The fishing rods were handed over.

“Also, let me tell you where you can catch fish. It’s the outer edge of the river’s meandering, where the flow stagnates. I think there are already other anglers there, so you’ll know the spot right away.”

“Thank you, Thomas.”

Diana, holding a fishing rod, returned to the carriage and informed the coachman of their destination.

There was a place where she suspected there might be someone already.

It was a place she usually passed by on horseback.

In the middle aged men gathering spot, an entirely out-of-place young girl with a fishing rod in hand, disembarked with another person.

The fishing customers were surprised to see a woman in a dress swinging a fishing rod. Sofia’s posture when casting the line into the water was unexpectedly graceful. Sofia gazed at the water’s surface and sat down on the ground. Diana squatted down beside her.

“…So, we wait, right?”

“Hey, Diana. Does that hook have bait on it?”

At the sound of a familiar voice, Diana and Sofia turned around.

George was standing there.

“George! Why are you here?”

“Well, I came here to go fishing.”

“…Diana-san, do you know him?”

“Yes, he’s my husband’s brother.”

“Oh, I see. Hello, I’m Sofia.”

“…Are you getting yourself involved in another complicated situation, Diana?”

The perceptive brother-in-law immediately lifted a nearby stone.

Underneath the stone, various insects were wriggling.

The women’s faces froze.

“Hurry, take them. Pierce these insects with the hook. The trout will bite soon.”

Sofia turned pale instantly.

“N-No way! I can’t even touch insects, let alone eat trout that have eaten these insects!”

George sighed as if mocking her.

“Just so you know, all the fish you’ve eaten so far have probably eaten a considerable amount of insects.”


“…So it’s fine.”

“George, that logic is too cruel for the Duchess…”

Diana shook her head and lamented, but…

“…You’re right.”

Surprisingly, Sofia agreed.

“Well then, Onii-sama. Could you take those insects and put them on this hook?”

Returning the fishing rod to her hand, Sofia handed the hook to George.

Diana thought. Sofia seems like the type of person who will try anything if convinced logically.

George pierced the wriggling insects with the hook.

When Sofia swung the fishing rod over the water again, after a while, the rod twitched.


“Quickly, reel it in.”


Displaying unexpected teamwork, Sofia stood up and pulled the rod.

“Don’t reel it in too fast. The line might break.”


“Let’s move a bit further from the shore. Pull while bringing the rod’s angle to vertical, and step back.”


“Go for it, Sofia-sama!”

The elderly man who had been watching the situation next to them gently put the net in from the side.

Sofia’s cheeks lit up.

Inside the net was a shining large trout.

“We… we did it!”

“Amazing, Sofia-sama!”

“Thank you, everyone!”

Catch achieved.

Duchess McGallen had now grasped the knack of fishing.

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