The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Pregnant Cow

Since roses were no longer available, Diana decided to stop making syrup for a while.

In the barren land mixed with stones, carpenters began constructing the foundation of a house. Every day, the sound of hammering made the young female cow restless… or so Diana thought. Before she knew it, the cow’s belly started to swell, and a veterinary examination revealed that she was pregnant.

One of the cows they currently owned had passed one year after giving birth, and soon her milk would stop flowing. So, for Leon, the pregnancy of the young female cow seemed like a fortunate coincidence.

“It was the right decision to leave the cows to the cowherd. It’s lucky that they naturally got pregnant while we were taking them out for walks.”

The two of them were having a simple and wild lunch, grilling the trout they caught with salt and devouring it. Diana turned her face away from the fish and asked.

“That’s right. I didn’t pay much attention, but cows only produce milk after giving birth, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. It’s something that only those who have raised livestock can truly understand.”

“What will happen to the cows after they give birth?”

“We have buyers. If it’s a male, we can leave it to them, but if it’s a female, we can raise it here. With Diana here, we have more hands to help.”

Cows giving birth to cows.

It was something obvious, but something that one wouldn’t notice if they lived in the city. Diana felt a little sympathy for the female cows. Humans were forcing them to sacrifice themselves just because they wanted to drink their milk.

“It’s not fair to the cows. We’re stealing the milk meant for their babies.”

“Oh, you noticed that, Diana. That’s right. We’re built on top of sacrifices.”

“That’s true. Before the current cow finishes producing milk, maybe we should make one more cheese.”

“That’s a good idea. Should we invite the noble ladies again to help make it?”

“That sounds fun. And let’s see how much we can sell the cheese for in the end.”

“Speaking honestly, Diana… Oh? Do you hear that sound?”

It was the sound of a carriage. Diana placed the trout on the plate and leaned out of the window.

“That carriage… It’s Duke McGallen’s carriage.”

“Oh… I hope he’s not here to ask us to live in a shack.”

“I hope not. After all, Melissa’s misunderstanding should have been cleared up.”

“I wonder what he came here for…”

The carriage arrived at the top of the hill, and the only person who got off was Sofia.

“Oh, Sofia-sama,” 

Diana greeted her politely.

“You’re here alone in a place like this. Is something wrong?” 

Sofia shook her head with a troubled expression.

“No, nothing. But I just wanted to distract myself.”

“Aren’t you bringing your noble friends with you today?”

“Well… about those two…” 

Sofia hesitated and stumbled over her words. Diana’s eyes sparkled.

“There’s a bench outside. Please have a seat if you’d like.”

“Thank you, Diana. You’re a kind person.” 

Sofia said, with a slightly hesitant tone. She sat on the bench outside, and Diana joined her.

The two of them quietly watched as the house gradually took shape.

“Oh… Did you give Klaus-sama the handkerchief?” 

Diana nodded in response to her question.


“What did he say?”

“He said thank you,” 

An indescribable silence followed. It was neither good nor bad. Diana was worried and sweating, thinking she might have said something wrong, when suddenly, a horse approached from a distance.

The veterinarian had arrived.

Leon quickly left the shed and walked towards the horse. 

Taking the veterinarian to the cowshed, they disappeared for a while.

“…What’s that?”

“He’s a veterinarian. Our female cow got pregnant.” 

Diana explained. Sofia’s face became slightly stern.

“…I see.”

“But if the female cow gives birth, she’ll be able to produce milk again. Humans are selfish, aren’t they? Taking away the precious milk meant for the calves and enjoying it for themselves.”



Sofia rubbed her eyes. Diana panicked, thinking she had said something wrong, and broke out in a cold sweat.

“I’m sorry! Did I say something offensive――.?”

“…Is Diana-san loved by her husband?”

Diana froze at the sudden question.

“Well… What do you mean by that…?”

“…I’m sure I’m not loved.”


Diana’s mind raced.

“But… Didn’t you say you didn’t need love?”

“… “

“People say they don’t like things because they change their minds. I like things because the love of the creator is conveyed.”


“So, love was necessary after all?”

Diana knows that it’s a slightly mean way of asking. But ever since she met the sincere Klaus, she couldn’t help but side with him.

Sofia covered her face with both hands. Diana gently rubbed her back, as if encouraging her to vomit.

“M-My body…”


“…My husband, he doesn’t desire my body.”

“Is that so…”

“I can’t do it.”


“That’s why I can’t find any value in myself. Ojii-sama is kind to me, but I think it’s because he has given up on everything.”


“Women are taught from a young age that they should not cause problems in their marriage, always smile every day, be loved by their husbands, and bear children to be considered complete.”

“… “

“I can’t do any of those things. That’s why it’s painful.”


Diana hugged Sofia. Sofia cried as if her throat was being squeezed.

Diana thought. This used to be her. If Leon hadn’t come to rescue her, she might have ended up like this. Women cannot live alone in this world. Especially those from respectable families.

“… Even Klaus-sama loves Sofia-sama.”

“That’s a lie. If that were true, it should be possible.”

Something inside Diana snapped.

“… Sofia-sama, I will say something harsh, but isn’t that the same as the words that are causing you pain?”

Sofia suddenly fell silent and raised her tear-stained face.

Diana repeated quietly.

“It should be possible… Isn’t Klaus-sama suffering from the same words?”

Sofia looked stunned and lowered her head, wiping her face with a handkerchief with the initial 〝S〟 on it.

“I see… That’s right.”

Sofia buried her face in the handkerchief.

“… We’ve been suffering, focusing only on what we can’t do.”


“We were scared, so we ended up using things as a way to escape. Because if we stepped forward, we would both be pitiful.”

“… “

“… That’s why we need to rediscover what we can do together…”

Diana was bewildered by the sudden change in logic.


Sofia stood up with determined eyes.

“Hey, what can you do in your shop? Please tell me everything, one by one.”

Diana was overwhelmed by Sofia’s enthusiasm and could only nod.

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