The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Whereabouts of Heavy Rain

In the pouring rain, Diana arrived at the inn, completely drenched. 

The butler at the entrance took her luggage, and Ilsa arrived with a maid.

“Oh my, what a mess! Jessica, bring new clothes for Diana!”

The maid hurriedly turned back. Diana received a towel from the butler and vigorously wiped her soaked body.

“. . .What about the noble ladies?”

“Oh, it seems they couldn’t come because of the heavy rain. Apparently, the nearby river flooded and washed away the bridge.”

Diana was surprised. It was the first she heard of such a thing.

“But it’s not like that here.”

“That’s right. It seems the mountains have been experiencing heavy rain for a while, and it has flowed into the nearby river. This inn is located on a slightly higher ground, so we don’t feel the changes. But in the lower-lying towns, the river has already flooded the floors of houses this morning.”

Lipps village was on higher ground, but Pabst village was in a low-lying area. Leon’s mountain cabin was safe from flooding, being up in the mountains, but Diana was concerned about the location of the rose garden.

“I hope everything is alright. Leon said he would walk back to the mountain cabin.”

“Oh, Diana came here on Regina (the horse). Shall I send someone for him?”

“That would be helpful, but wouldn’t it be difficult?”

“. . .It’s troublesome. I guess all we can do is pray for their safety.”

Diana was allowed to soak in a hot bath and changed into new clothes. At times like this, she was grateful to have the same body shape as her sister, Ilsa.

She went down to the entrance again, intending to meet her sister, when it happened.

“. . .Diana!”

A familiar voice reached her ears.

As she looked ahead, Diana gasped.

George was there.

“You, why are you here. . .?”

“I was trying to deliver wheat and was stopped by the innkeeper. Pabst village is flooding, so he told me to stay until the water recedes.”

Diana turned pale.

“W-What do you mean. . .?”

“I thought it was just light rain every day. But apparently, it has been heavy rain without a break in the mountains.”

“Oh no. . .”

“Diana, maybe you should wait until the water recedes before going back.”

“But, the rose garden. . .”

“Ah, yes. It’s quite low-lying over there. . .”

Both of them felt a surge of emotions for their loved ones.



“I think they’ll be okay, probably. . .”

George murmured to calm himself.

And then, it happened.

The door was being pounded by multiple people.

The butler cautiously opened it, and there stood the members of the Rose Garden, all gathered and waiting.

Unable to contain herself, Diana rushed out.


Leon, drenched and stumbling, stepped into the entrance, and Diana flew into his arms.

In front of everyone, Leon embraced his wife with a wry smile.

“I was worried about you. . .”

“I’m sorry, Diana. I’m glad we’re both safe.”

George’s gaze wandered aimlessly.

Suddenly, he looked at Keaton’s face, but Keaton just turned away from George like a child.

“. . .Is Laura. . .”

George raised his voice, and Diana looked up.

“Is Laura not here?”

When Diana separated from Leon, she asked Keaton.

“Keaton-san, is Laura-san still serving at the rose garden today? Where is she now. . .?”

Finally, Keaton answered with lips trembling from the rain.

“Well. . .I sent Laura back to her forest home before the light rain started.”

Diana was dumbfounded.

“W-What? But that forest is close to the river. . .”

In that moment. . .

George flew over and confronted Daniel.

“Hey, you.”

Daniel seemed unfamiliar with George and blinked rapidly as he was suddenly approached.

“Hurry and go help Laura. You. . .you love Laura, don’t you?”

Daniel, surprised but composed, pushed George’s chest with his arm and created some distance between them as he answered.

“Oh, yeah. I already sent one of the servants, so it’s fine.”

Diana let out a gasp.

Anger ignited in George’s forehead.

“You. . .don’t you want to save Laura with your own hands?”

Daniel stared blankly at George.

“Well, of course I want to do that desperately. However, I have a responsibility as the head of Belz Trading Company.” 

George said, his eyes widening at the unexpected response from his opponent.

“Now, I can’t just go and die――.”

“You, aaah! Which is more important, Laura’s life or your own life! Say it!!”

George’s furious roar, which could overpower the sound of heavy rain, shook the walls of the inn.

Daniel, whose collar was grabbed, had his eyes roll in fear.

Unable to answer anything further, George pushed him away in frustration.

“Damn it. . .I was a fool to expect anything from the likes of you.”

Daniel’s legs gave out, and he slumped onto the floor.

“Hey, Diana.”

When Diana was asked, she answered honestly, “Yes.”

“Is your horse. . .not afraid of water?”

Diana swallowed hard and nodded several times.

“Yes. My horse, Regina. . .has received training in swimming.”

George slowly turned towards her, his gray eyes showing determination as he nodded.

“Lend me that Regina of yours. I’m going to rescue Laura right now.”

The sound of rain grew even more intense.

However, no one dared to stop him, as they saw the resolute expression on his face.

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