The Happy Farm of the Fallen Noble Daughter ~A Slow Remote Wasteland Life Exploration with My Dearest~ – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Measure of each person’s happiness

Diana was welcomed into George’s mansion.

As they sat at the dining table and discussed Daniel and Laura’s story in the rose garden, George laughed as if relieved.

“Well, isn’t that great? Laura can marry a wealthy man.”

Upon hearing that, Diana’s hair stood on end.

“So, is that okay, George?”

“. . .What?”

“W-Well. . .”

“You’re going beyond meddling. If that’s what I think, then it’s fine. My emotions are not determined by anyone else.”

Diana slumped her shoulders.

It seemed that George wouldn’t treat her like he did with Leon after all――.

“Don’t tell me, Diana, you’re imitating my past actions.”

Diana, struck by the truth, raised her face while sweating.

“Hmm. . .”

George stared at Diana as if finding it amusing.

“I don’t know what kind of wind is blowing, but unlike Leon, I’m stubborn. No matter what others say, I won’t bend my will.”

“. . .Even if you lose the person you love?”

“That’s how Diana thinks.”

Diana was taken aback.

“It’s precisely because I love her.”

His gray eyes pierced straight into her sister-in-law’s eyes.

“If it makes that person happier, sometimes it’s better to step back.”

Diana’s shoulders drooped at the same words Leon had used back then.

“Besides, this is completely different from your situation. We’ve both come to the conclusion to part ways.”

Diana understood that well.

However. . .

“. . .I just wanted to do what satisfies me.”

Upon hearing her words, George twitched his eyebrows.

“Thank you for putting up with my selfishness, George.”

“. . .”

“I thought I would be turned away, so I’m glad you let me into the mansion.”

George leaned back on his chair and cleared his throat as if wanting to say something.

“. . .There’s something I haven’t told you yet, Diana.”

Diana raised her face.

“Do you know why I went to confront Leon that day?”

Blushing, Diana shook her head.

“It’s because I thought it would be fine for you to become my sister-in-law. . .It had nothing to do with Leon.”

Diana thought she heard his true feelings.

George closed his eyes as if resigned and said with a sigh.

“But listen here. If you think I’m doing this for George’s sake, you’re sorely mistaken. I’ll say it clearly. You’re an annoying and selfish woman who tries to be liked by everyone and stirs up trouble.”

For some reason. . .

Being scolded, her heart warmed.

“And you, you’re a selfish man who insists on having your way even if it hurts others.”

“Hmph, say whatever you want. In the end, it’s all about the results. I’ve succeeded in acquiring a sister-in-law.”

“Ugh. . .”

“I win. . .Now go home quickly. It might rain again in the evening.”

A brief conversation.

Having said what needed to be said, Diana mounted her beloved horse, Regina, once again.

With a face devoid of hesitation, Diana looked up at the cloudy sky.

A drop of rain fell on her face.

A week later. . .

When Diana went to the rose garden with rose syrup in hand, she noticed that Laura’s attire had changed.

Instead of the slightly faded burgundy dress she used to wear, she now had on a light mint green dress with frills here and there.

Her hair was beautifully styled, with a small shining silver decorative pin adorning her chignon.

Diana was slightly shocked by the transformation she saw in Laura after such a long time.

And the quality of the material, which would shine even brighter when polished, tightened her chest even more.

(If she were my sister-in-law, how much──)

Just as she thought that, Diana suddenly snapped back to reality.

This was as if she were becoming a second George.

“Oh. . .Diana.”

Laura noticed her and Diana hurriedly took out the bottle of syrup from the basket.

“Is that rose syrup? Did you bring it?”

Diana nodded.

“How much is it――.?”

As Laura said that and searched her pockets. . .

“Oh, Diana.”

She heard a familiar voice from behind.

When she turned around, Daniel was there.

“Did you make another new product?”

“. . .Yes. It’s rose syrup.”

“For Laura?”

“Yes. Laura-san said it’s her favorite.”

As soon as she said that, Daniel’s expression changed.

“What? How much is it?”

“Since this is the concentrated form, it’s three silver coins.”

“Do you have it in stock?”

“This is the last one. It’s been difficult to gather enough roses.”

“I see. . .”

Daniel took out a memo from his pocket and wrote something down. It seemed like he carried it with him every day to talk to Laura.

“I’ll buy it. It’s a gift for her.”

Diana handed the rose syrup to Daniel instead of Laura.

Laura looked puzzled, but when Daniel approached her, she finally seemed to understand.

He handed her the bottle with the words 〝A gift for you〟 attached.

Seeing Laura smile slightly towards Daniel, Diana felt a strange sense of hurt.

However, she kept that emotion silent in her heart and walked back to her beloved horse, Regina.

What’s done is done.

(Some things are just not meant to be. Yes. . .I will live my life in business from now on.)

She was now running towards a new goal.

To buy a new house.

She was just one step away from reaching her dream home. Diana mounted Regina again, as if shaking off her emotions.

She adjusted the heavy basket in her arms. Inside it, there were tightly packed bottles of lily flower tincture, adding to its weight.

Her destination was the inn in Lipps village.

She was going to deliver the pre-ordered batch to the noble daughters who were gathering there again.

Once again, she was caught in the rain. Diana headed towards the inn, holding the basket close to her chest, determined to deliver the scent of summer to the young ladies.


TL: The best supporting character: Regina the 🐴

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