The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Cooperation of friends

Human beings are mysterious, aren’t they? To think that living alone is nothing but arrogance.

Even if I feel like I’ve been pushed down to rock bottom and can’t crawl back up, just one word from someone can give me the strength to do so.

For Julian-sama, I want to be that kind of existence.

I finally admitted to myself that I love him.

“…This is the first time for me. Adding my previous life, I’ve been alive for almost 27 years.”

Muttering to myself while leaning against the school building, I gazed at Julian-sama and Princess Chai who were a little further away.

She sticks to him like glue outside of class. He still has that blank smile on his face and seems to quickly avoid being touched.

If it really is under the guise of entertaining a princess, what kind of attitude is that?


That sweet voice calling me by a nickname and that soft smile. I have to see when his face, which is only shown to me now, will one day turn to Princess Chai.

As I thought this, my heart sharpens with pain as if a sword had been thrust into it.

“…My wish is not my own happiness.”

If Julian-sama is happy, then I don’t mind.

I gripped my skirt tightly and took deep breaths.

“Princess Slophone, I apologize for interrupting you at such a busy time.”

“We have always wanted to speak with the princess, and have been hoping for an opportunity to do so someday.”

“We know that we are interrupting your time with Prince Stratis, but could we also have a chance to speak with you?”

The young ladies who are always by my side, including Sanna, appear in front of the two of them. Even from here, I can feel their nervousness, and I regret the request I made.

I really have to thank these girls who have helped me cooperate to have some alone time with Julian-sama.

“Thank you everyone. I would love to chat with all of you as well, but…”

“We admire Slophone women so much! We would love for you to please teach us the secret of your beauty, as your country is known as a nation of stunning women!”

“The culture that values women is also wonderful! We are interested in how Slophone gentlemen treat women!”

“We are also very knowledgeable about what is currently popular among the young ladies of Luvalantia!”

While wearing a smile, Sanna and the others persistently pressured Princess Chai, who gently refused.

“Prince Julian, would it be okay with you?”

Sanna asked him nervously. For them, speaking to these two individuals on their own was like putting their lives on the line. Nevertheless, they were doing their best for me and not for their own sake.

“I don’t mind.”


“But I’ll be accompanying you.”

Nobody could object to his sharp response. Why did Julian-sama not want to leave her side? Perhaps his heart was already…

I firmly stepped on the ground and appeared from the shadow of the building. I stood in front of the two of them, as if protecting Sanna.

“I apologize. I asked these young ladies to arrange an opportunity for me to speak with Princess Chai.”

“A, Aliseteen-sama.”

“We just want to purely learn about Slophone’s culture.”

If I were to speak the truth, they would also be blamed. I put on a ladylike smile, and respectfully curtsied to them.

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