The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Impossible

Why is this happening to me? I haven’t done anything wrong.

Everyone else is at fault. It’s because of the behavior of the people around me that I was forced to do such things.

If only they had shown more concern for me, I could have lived obediently.

It’s all their fault.

——That’s not true, Aliseteen.

What? Who? Who is denying me?

——Shall I tell you why you had to die alone without anyone missing you?

Why is that?

It’s because you’re a worthless, shitty human being, Aliseteen.

“No, noo! Get away from me!”

I screamed as I jumped out of bed with a loud bang. I breathed heavily and looked around, my eyes scanning the room.

As a result, sweat dripped down from my temple.

“I, I…”

The room was still dark, and it took me a while for my eyes to adjust. Eventually, I realized that this was my own room.

But this dream feels too real, with my heartbeat pounding in my chest and the sound of my ragged breathing echoing in the room. The sensation of the sheets against my skin is so vivid.

“But I was supposed to have died there…”

Before my seventeenth birthday, my life had come to an end. I died alone in that cold room, devoid of any life.

No, I wasn’t alone. There was an executioner there to carry out my death sentence. And surely, there were others watching from the observation window as witnesses.

That’s all there was to it.

It’s pathetic how someone like me, who was once surrounded by people and loved by her family, died such a pitiful death.

At the time, I was so worn out and didn’t even consider why they didn’t execute me publicly. It was probably out of consideration for Princess Chai.

That woman had pleaded for mercy for me until the end. She was like a pure saint until the very end.

“I was so scared… I was so scared… ahh…”

Tears streamed down my face as my memories slowly began to return. The bone-chilling cold, the overwhelming loneliness, and the indescribable fear from that time. Remembering it all, my body trembled uncontrollably.

Did I really die? Is this heaven? Why do I still feel such intense fear even in death?

“No, no, I can’t take it anymore…”

I had no room in my heart to hate Princess Chai, Julian-sama, the noblewomen who betrayed me, or even my own family.

All I could do was scream and shiver in terror.

“Aliseteen-ojosama! Are you alright?!”

As the door to my room was flung open, several servants and guards rushed in, their footsteps echoing loudly.

“Are you okay, Ojo-sama?!”

Seeing the figure of the maid who hurriedly came to me first, I open my eyes wide in surprise.

It’s because she was Lili, the maid I once dismissed.

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