The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The End of the Arrogant Lady

Why, I wonder. Where did I go wrong?

“…I truly admired Aliseteen-san from the bottom of my heart.”

I stared coldly at Princess Chai, who was sobbing in front of me, without trying to hide my disgust.

I could see bandages wrapped around her arms, which were hardly a serious injury. How despicable of her to exaggerate her injuries to gain sympathy.

I wanted to jump at her and tear off her mask right away, but my arms were restrained by the guards.

Julian-sama stood next to Princess Chai, gently comforting her as if they were a loving couple.

“…I didn’t do anything wrong.”

As soon as she said that, Julian-sama’s forehead furrowed deeply. Why did I have to be glared at like that by my fiancé?

It’s all her fault, not mine.

“What did you do to Princess Chai? Don’t you realize that you’ve done something wrong?”

“It was self-defense, Julian-sama.”


He looked at me with eyes as if he were looking at maggots.

“If you don’t understand, let me explain it to you. You and your followers threatened Princess Chai and subjected her to cruel bullying. Not only that, but you also tried to hit her with a vase from upstairs and pushed her down the stairs. You could have sparked a conflict between our countries by injuring the princess of a friendly nation.”

Julian-sama calmly spoke the truth, word for word.

So what?

I was just so angry. This woman, who was treated like a saint just because she was a princess, irritated me to no end.

I wished she was dead.

“Your excuses are useless. You have no allies here.”

“…Julian-sama, you’re also at fault.”

I looked down and muttered to myself, my amber hair falling in front of my face.

“Why do you smile at that woman?”

“…What are you talking about?”

Ignoring Julian-sama’s perplexed tone, I continued.

“Aren’t we engaged to be married? As your future wife, doesn’t it hurt your heart to treat me like this?”

“…You always think only of yourself.”

As I lifted my head, I could see Julian-sama’s face through the gaps in my hair that had fallen out of place.

For a moment, I thought tears would spill from his gray eyes, and I didn’t know why.

“Let’s go, Princess Chai.”

“Julian-sama, please don’t let her suffer. I will do something about it.”

“…You are a kind person.”

Julian-sama looked at Princess Chai with deep affection. She looked worriedly at me before leaving the room at Julian-sama’s urging.

“Why…why did this happen? Why…”

I lost all my strength and hung my head in despair. Will I never be seen in those eyes again?

If that’s the case, then I don’t mind being looked at with eyes that see me as trash.

I pressed my cheek against the cold floor and slowly closed my lifeless eyes.

ーーOne month later, I was quietly executed without being seen by anyone.

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