The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Thunder in the Blue Sky

“So, over there, everyone always gathers before bed to have conversations. Both adults and children participate and exchange opinions.”

“Is that so? That sounds wonderful.”

Today, with the wind rustling softly, it was a very pleasant afternoon. We were on Julian-sama’s terrace, gathered around a book.

Listening to Julian-sama’s stories from when he was studying abroad was very interesting. Even within the Luvalantia Kingdom, there are various customs in each village and town. It must feel even more different in other countries, from the atmosphere that you can feel on your skin.

Before, the world within this kingdom was everything to me. But now, I want to see landscapes that I haven’t seen before, with my own two feet.

“Look at this clothing.”

“Well, it’s beautiful. Is this for a wedding?”

I lightly touched my finger to the faded black-and-white illustration that Julian-sama brought back in a document.

“I’ve never seen those flowers before.”

“They don’t bloom in our country, you know. It’s something unique to this warm climate.”

“That’s wonderful… I want to see the real thing someday.”

I approached my nose to the scent as if I were smelling it, and Julian-sama gently narrowed his eyes as he watched me.

“In that country, even foreigners were very friendly, so I’m sure Alise will be welcomed too.”

“Do you really think so?”

“If you’re worried, just go with me.”

Julian-sama fluttered his eyelids, which were lined with long eyelashes. His expression was still kind.

“If you’re with me, you won’t be scared, right?”

“N-No, I won’t.”

“You can go as a honeymoon trip. We can’t exactly travel around the world, but…”

Marriage. The word made my heart flutter in various ways.

Julian-sama now was completely different from before. And so was I. Sometimes when things don’t go the way I want them to, I have a tantrum, but I don’t think about hurting others in my current situation.

But the fear doesn’t disappear. It all started when I entered the school and Princess Chai transferred.

“…Talking about the future like that is wonderful.”


I wiped my gaze away from the book and looked over to him. He called my name, but I didn’t react.

“It’s impressive that they welcome foreigners. It must be a wealthy and relaxed country.”

To divert the conversation and not seem too unnatural, Julian-sama brought up a topic and answered my question.

“It seems that everything is due to the climate and fertile soil. There are also fewer nobles like in this country who flaunt and fatten themselves in their private clothes.”


I chuckled and covered my mouth, Julian-sama also looked relieved.

“Speaking of which, during the two years I was there, royal families from other countries visited as a sign of friendship.”

“Which country were they from?”

“The princess of the Slophone Kingdom, I think.”

As soon as I heard the name, my chest began to throb and boil like I had just drank freshly-boiled water. I felt a hot sensation in my throat.

For some reason, I have a very bad feeling.

“I, I would like to know her name.”

“What’s her name? Does Alise know anyone in Slophone?”

“Well, um…”

I’m not sure if “know” is the right word, but it’s not entirely wrong. Julian-sama, who couldn’t have known my circumstances, casually mentioned that name without thinking much of it.

“It’s Princess Chai. The fourth princess of the Slophone Kingdom, Chai Slophone.”

No way, this can’t be true. I never expected that Julian-sama and she would meet so soon.

As I faced this unexpected turn of events, I hugged myself tightly, trembling all over.

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