The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Mysterious Chest Pain

I asked Julian-sama about Princess Chai, but he didn’t seem to know much about her. Since Luvalantia and Slophone are friendly countries, it would be impossible for the royalty not to have any conversation with each other.

Actually, Julian-sama mentioned that they had shared a few meals together while studying abroad.

However, he seemed to have a reaction that was as if he had suddenly remembered something while he was chatting with me. At least, that was how it appeared to me.

“Princess Chai must have been such a lovely person. She was like a fairy.”

“Yeah, she was definitely a lovely girl. I think she said she was two years younger than us.”

Despite saying she was lovely, his expression remained ordinary. It seemed more like he was stating a fact, rather than his own thoughts.

This is strange. Previously, Julian-sama clearly seemed to be taken with Princess Chai. Or maybe it’s because he’s still young, and that kind of emotion hasn’t grown in him yet.

I inadvertently place my hand on my chest and let out a deep sigh of relief. Right after that, I pondered to myself why I was feeling so relieved.

If Julian-sama were to fall in love with Princess Chai now, I believe I could accept that. Although my reputation might get slightly damaged, we could break our engagement without any issues.

So why am I feeling so at ease, especially when they met much sooner than I imagined they would?

“Alise? Are you okay? You’re acting weird.”

I suddenly come back to my senses and lift my gaze up. When my eyes meet Julian-sama’s, who is looking at me with concern, my heart thumps audibly in my chest.

“It’s nothing.”

“Is there something wrong, Alise?”

Julian-sama’s words after that caused me to stiffen up.

“Are you jealous?”


Despite just seeming worried about me, he suddenly brightened up.

“I see. Feeling jealous actually makes you happy.”

“U-Uh, Julian-sama.”

The atmosphere was not one where it was easy to say that he had made a big misunderstanding. I laughed it off with a “ahaha,” but Julian-sama still smiled happily.

Then, as if being pierced by needles, a prickling pain began to spread throughout my body.

Since becoming (young) Aliseteen, I had seen his smile in my eyes countless times.

You were someone who would easily kick others down, show no regard for their lives, and yet you could not obtain what you wanted so badly.

Why was this so painful, even though he was within easy reach if I just reached out my hand?

“You know, Alise? I’m really glad we didn’t have to talk about breaking off our engagement that one time.”

“Julian, sama.”

“It’s a bit embarrassing when you use that formal language.”

As I watched him shyly utter these words, I couldn’t help but keep my gaze fixed on him.

Julian-sama and Princess Chai had already met. I didn’t know how that would affect my future life.

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