The Former Villainess Who Went Back in Time, She Doesn’t Fix Her Bad Personality but Avoids the Execution Ending! – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Betrothal to Him Ordained

A month had passed since then. I was summoned by my parents and told that the engagement with Julian-sama had been arranged.

“From now on, Aliseteen will have to learn to behave like a lady so that she won’t be ashamed as a Duke’s daughter.”

As my mother stroked my head, she spoke in a gentle tone.

“Of course, it’s Aliseteen we’re talking about. It’s no surprise that His Highness has taken a liking to her after only a few meetings.”

“Of course. Our Aliseteen is the cutest in the world.”

While vaguely listening to their conversation, my mind remained calm. Even before, I was engaged to him. It wasn’t just because Julian-sama took a liking to me, but because our social statuses matched.

But, I remember seeing him smile like that for the first time. Maybe I just don’t remember.

“… No, that’s not it.”

I have never once been smiled at by Julian-sama. I longed for it so much that I hated Princess Chai for it.

No other woman should be smiled at by him.

When I reached out to push her off the stairs, I definitely thought to myself that she should just disappear from this world if she’s going to be treated kindly by Julian-sama.

“Hmm? Did you say something just now?”

“No, nothing?”

I put on an angelic smile and jumped off the sofa, looking up at Otoo-sama with a coy expression.

“Is the conversation over? Can I go now?”

“Well, Aliseteen.”

Both of them looked at me with gentle smiles. Despite their kindness, I knew deep down that I would still be abandoned. Every time I thought about it, my heart ached.

“Come to think of it, the maids have been saying that Aliseteen has been very kind lately.”

“Huh, is that true?”

“Yeah, it’s true.”

That’s a very good sign. Julian-sama once said to me ‘you have a bad personality’, but I’m starting to change for the better after all.

Feeling happy, I look towards Lili with shining eyes. She also smiles warmly at me.

You’re doing well, Aliseteen. But in order to avoid a bad ending, you need to become even kinder.

“But Aliseteen, you don’t have to worry about the servants, do you?”

“That’s right, Aliseteen. We’re all part of the Duke family.”

My parents’ smiles as they say this are also warm like Lili’s. But for some reason, I couldn’t nod obediently.

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  1. Golialo says:

    No wonder she became like she did with a family like her’s… Didn’t one of her brother tell her something similar not so long ago?

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