The Former Supreme Saint, Who Lost Everything to His Sister, Is Cared For by the Crown Prince of Another Continent – Chapter 4

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After leaving the palace, I went to my parents’ house, the Dukes of Niclas.

His Highness told me to leave the country, but I could not go anywhere without money.

In the ten years since I came to the castle, neither my father nor my step-mother had visited me once. But I have no one else to turn to.

The duke’s house is surrounded by a high wall, and you can only enter through the front gate. The servant who was guarding the gate happened to remember me, so I was able to enter the premises.

I haven’t seen my parents in ten years, but I don’t have time to be sentimental.

I rang the doorbell and told the butler what I wanted to do, and he told me to wait at the front door. I was sad that I could not enter the house after coming back for the first time in ten years.

I waited at the entrance for a few minutes.

“What are you doing here! You useless b*stard!”

My father, whom I met for the first time in ten years, was a little older than I remembered and had a plump figure.

“It stinks! Honey, don’t let Liserotte into the house! The whole house will smell like a dump.”

My step-mother looks at me and frowns.

My step-mother’s appearance… I’m sorry, I don’t remember much about my step-mother’s appearance in the past. She moved to the house right after my father remarried my step-mother.

“I know, don’t worry, Liserotte won’t be allowed in the house.”

My father pinches his nose and raises his eyebrows just like the Crown Prince.

“Father, I have a favor to ask you. I need to borrow some money. His Royal Highness the Crown Prince asked me to leave the country, but I didn’t have the money…”

“I’ve heard about you from the royal palace! I heard that you have been neglecting your duties as a Supreme Saint by painting creepy pictures!”

“What a shameless girl you are! Meanwhile, Mira was a saint who healed the sick and wounded, listened to the poor, and participated in the church soup kitchens.”

While I was walking to the Duke’s house, a messenger from the royal court came to inform the Duke.

I was on foot, the others in a carriage. It seemed I was overtaken in no time.

As Supreme Saint, I was working to put magic into the crystal and form a protective barrier, but I wonder if it has not been conveyed to my father and step-mother?

I can’t use any other magic because I use all my magic to set up protective barriers.

So I left the treatment of the sick and injured to other saints.

And I didn’t know that one of the duties of the saints was to cook in the church and listen to the poor. Even if I had known, I would not have come because I was forbidden to leave the royal palace and restricted from meeting people…

“Father, step-mother, there is a reason…”

“Shut up! The fact remains that you lost your position as a saint and your engagement to the crown prince was broken! You’re a disgrace to the Duke’s house! Liserotte, you are not my daughter! I disown you as of this very moment!”

“You should be thankful for the kind and wise Mira, for the Duke’s house would be in ruins if she hadn’t been at the Crown Prince’s pleasure.”

My father curses at me with an angry mark on his forehead, and my step-mother raises her eyebrows and glares at me.

“Get out! Don’t you ever step across the threshold of the duke’s house again!”

Father turned his heel with an angry face.

“You can make money by selling your body! But even the peasants won’t come near you if you stink like that! Ohohohoho.”

My step-mother turns her heel, laughing.

The door to the house is slammed shut by the expressionless butler.

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    So far it’s shaping up as the basic black company workers revenge fantasy.

  2. Linda says:

    They are going to regret doing that to the female lead.

  3. Alucard says:

    Path to ruin almost complete.

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