The Former Supreme Saint, Who Lost Everything to His Sister, Is Cared For by the Crown Prince of Another Continent – Chapter 5

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I stagger through the large garden that leads from the mansion to the gate.

It is a long way from the house to the gate.

I wanted to see at least the last portrait of my mother.

Ten years ago, my mother passed away, and six months later, my step-mother and father married, with young Mira in tow.

When I learned that Mira’s biological father was my father, I was saddened to realize that my mother had been betrayed by my father all along.

Mira was four years old when she came to live with the Dukes. For at least five years, my mother was betrayed by my father.

“Are you from the Duke of Niclas? A letter to Liserotte Niclas-sama.”

When I came to the duke’s gate, a mailman spoke to me.

I can’t see the gatekeeper, perhaps because it’s shift time.

“I’m Liserotte Niclas.”

“What? You are?”

No wonder the mailman was surprised. The Crown Prince called me out while I was painting, and I left the room without time to change, so I was still wearing my smock. And the smell of the unique paint on my clothes. This doesn’t make me look like a duchess at all.

“Well, she must be the Duchess of Niclas, since she is on the premises. Please sign for it.”

I wrote my name on a piece of paper and received a letter.

“..It really says Liserotte Niclas. Is that the kind of dress and perfume that’s popular among aristocrats these days? I don’t know.”

With these words, the mailman mounted his donkey and rode away.

If the mailman had arrived a little later, I would have gone out of the house. He might not have believed me if I told him I was a member of the duke’s family. I’m glad I was walking slowly.

The letter had a beautiful wax seal on it.

When I looked at the sender’s name, it said Aldrick Ludendorf.

Aldrick Ludendolf-sama, a handsome neighbor prince with jet black hair and obsidian eyes.

His mother was friends with my mother. While she was alive, Al-Sama stayed with the Duke for a month.

That summer, when my mother was alive and Al-sama was there, we had a lot of fun.

Al-sama is the first person besides my mother to praise my paintings.

When I was painting a flame-clad spirit salamander, Al-sama looked at the Salamander and said, “Cute.”

I was very happy because it was the first time that someone other than my mother praised my painting.

When I was painting the eight-legged horse, Sleipnir, he said, “It’s beautiful.”

When I was painting Mmir, the old man with a lifeless head, he said, “Wonderful!”

He also said that the smell of the paint was “It smells good!” and “I like the painting, including the smell!”

He was a very kind person.

We lost touch with each other after my mother passed away. As the Crown Prince’s fiancée, I had to go up to the palace and was only allowed to see a few people.

If I hadn’t received the letter here, we might not have been involved for the rest of my life.

When I think about it, it is a miracle that I received the letter at the right time.

Even now, ten years later, my heart is still warm because Al-sama gave me the letter.

I carefully cut open the envelope and took out the letter.

“Dear Lisaotte-Niclas-sama,

How are you doing?

Are you still painting?

I loved seeing you paint.

I remember those summers with you.

I am sorry that Duchess Niclas has passed away and that we have lost touch with each other.

I wish I could have visited the Duchy not only that summer but every year.

It is not fair that I am the only one. I wanted to invite you to the Ludendolf Empire.

I wondered if you could make that dream come true now.

If you don’t mind, come visit the Ludendorf Empire. You are always welcome.

Let’s talk about the memory of the Duchess Niclas.

From your faithful friend Aldrick Ludendolf.”

A drop of water dripped onto the letter and stained it. My eyes are burning. Al-sama still thinks of me as a friend!

I miss Al-sama! I want to talk about my mother’s memories!

I decided to go to the Ludendorf Empire, where Al-sama is located.

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