The Former Supreme Saint, Who Lost Everything to His Sister, Is Cared For by the Crown Prince of Another Continent – Chapter 26

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“Reporting! The image of the flame-clad spirit Salamander in the kitchen and the image of the dwarf in the forge are gone! We can no longer make fires in the kitchens, we can no longer cook, we can no longer work in the forge, and we can no longer strike swords and spears!”

“Reporting! The picture of the cobbler’s fairy Leprechaun in the shoe workshop has disappeared! The shoemakers cut their hands with knives while cutting the leather, and hit their hands with shoe hammers, causing many injuries!”

“Reporting! The picture of the headless old man Mímir, God of Knowledge, in the ring research center Andvaranaut has disappeared without a trace! The researchers have become so stupid that they can’t even do simple arithmetic anymore!”

“Reporting! The picture of Thule, the military god without a right arm in the training ground, disappeared! The knights don’t even know how to handle the sword properly anymore!”

“Reporting! The eight-legged horse Sleipnir in the stable has disappeared! The calm horses have suddenly started running amok!”

“Reporting! The image of Frey, the god of fertility and wealth, has disappeared! Reports are reaching us from all parts of the country of severe crop damage due to cold and flooding!”


“That’s enough!”

The guards come in and report that the paintings have suddenly disappeared, weakening the troops and causing the horses to run amok.

“I can’t believe that Liserotte disappeared and the paintings disappeared too!”

The king sat helplessly on the throne and held his head in his arms.

The paintings of Liserotte were inhabited by gods and spirits. The kingdom of Hallstein had become prosperous because of them.

The weapons forged in the forge were very offensive. The shoes made in the shoe workshop were beautiful and sold at a high price.

Frey’s influence made agricultural products abundant every year, while Njord’s protection guaranteed a safe voyage, and trade with other countries.

Soldiers were invincible thanks to the blessings of the god Thule, and horses were large, shiny, and swift on their feet thanks to the blessings of Sleipnir.

The Kingdom of Hallstein has developed under the blessings of the gods and spirits. But this will not be the case from now on.

He also angered the gods and spirits when he tried to make Liserotte more powerful with the Andvaranaut ring and built barriers all over the continent.

“Send a ship and bring Liserotte back!”

“But the sea is stormy!”

“I don’t care about that! Get the ship out now! Go to the Blume continent and bring Liserotte back from the Ludendolf Empire, even if you have to kidnap her to do it!”

The king’s reckless actions have seen a number of ships set sail for the Blume continent, only to be lost in the sea forever.

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  1. Berpol says:

    Solution: Sacrifice yourself and the prince to the gods.
    If it doesn’t work it is no longer your problem.

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      Nice one

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