The Former Supreme Saint, Who Lost Everything to His Sister, Is Cared For by the Crown Prince of Another Continent – Chapter 25

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A few hours later, the guards who had been tracking Liserotte returned.

“Reporting! Liserotte-sama left the Dukes of Niclas and went to the port where she boarded a ship! “

“A ship? Where did she get the ticket? Liserotte must not have had any money!”

The king was alarmed to find that Liserotte, whom he thought was in the country, was abroad.

“She befriended a couple she happened to meet and bought her a ticket.”

The king murmured, “Somebody’s done something unnecessary! I’ll find them and tear them to pieces!” He clenched his fist tightly and punched the wall.

“And where is Liserotte headed!”

“Yes, she seems to have boarded a ship bound for the Ludendolf Empire on the Blume continent.”

“The Ludendorf Empire…!”

The King remembered that Liserotte’s mother had been friends with the Ludendolf Emperor’s consort and that the former Duke of Niclas had told him that the Fourth Prince of the Ludendolf Empire had once visited the Duke of Niclas’ family.

Realizing the value of Liserotte, the king killed Liserotte’s biological mother, betrothed her to the Crown Prince Hewitt, and sent her to the castle as Supreme Saint, in an almost prisoner-like condition.

He killed Liserotte’s mother, who was on good terms with Ludendolf’s imperial concubine, and severed her ties with the Ludendolf Empire, but ten years later, those ties are still there.

The king bit his tongue and stomped the ground.

“Did she rely on the royal family of the Ludendorf Empire? Damn it! It would be troublesome to be protected by the royal family!”

The king’s brow furrows, and he grits his back teeth.

If you forcibly bring back those protected by the royal family of another country, it may lead to war. He hoped she’d cross the sea, relying on another acquaintance.

But Liserotte, who had holed up in the royal palace for so long, was unlikely to have any other acquaintances.

“I don’t care where Liserotte ran off to! I don’t care if it was through tears or threats! Bring Liserotte back! Once Liserotte is back and the barriers are established once again, the Ludendolf Reich is at our mercy!”

With the former Duke and Duchess of Niclas and Mira as hostages, Liserotte will surely return.

The kind-hearted Liserotte can’t abandon her family, and it would be easy if the barriers were in place once she’s back… So thought the king.

Just then another soldier entered the throne room.

“Reporting! The picture of Njord, the god who protects the sea at the dock, has disappeared!”


At the dock, Liserotte’s paintings of Njord, the guardian deity of the sea, were displayed, hoping for the safety of the voyage.

Liserotte’s paintings were imbued with the power of the gods and spirits. Knowing this, the king had Liserotte paint pictures except for the time when she visited the temple to put up the barriers.

Liserotte liked to paint, so she did not feel forced to do it, but enjoyed it.

The king assumed that someone who knew the value of the paintings had stolen it.

“What do you mean it disappeared? Was the frame stolen?!”

“No, the frame and the canvas are still intact. Only the painting inside has magically disappeared and the canvas is blank!”

“That’s impossible…!”

The frame and canvas are still there, only the painting has disappeared, as if erased with an eraser. It is hard to believe at first sight, but if it has something to do with Liserotte’s departure, it is not impossible.

“Reporting! The sea is so rough that it’s impossible to launch a ship!”

“What the…!”

Another guard came in and reported to the king that the sea was rough.

The king could not believe that the disappearance of the image of Njord, the god who protects the sea, and the fact that the sea was stormy had anything to do with it.

“Check the painting! All the pictures Liserotte painted! And report anything unusual about the place where the paintings were hung! The paintings of Njord have disappeared. Most likely others have disappeared too!”

The king ordered his guards with a shout.

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