The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 73

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Marguerite Friedenreich Point of View

Today is the last day of the celebration.

Finally, Dee-sama’s culmination has come to an end.

His Majesty the King ordered that the celebration be canceled and that a thorough search for the perpetrators be conducted, but I asked Otosama to grant me an audience and to allow me to finish the celebration in some way.

His Majesty the King was hesitant at first, but after recognizing me, he agreed.

Princess Roxanne also expressed her willingness to continue the celebration.

The second day went by without any problems, and the people, who didn’t know what Dee-sama was going through right now, just celebrated his appointment.

After that…

“I mean, wouldn’t it be better to give up now?”

His Highness Prince Oscar came to me today and said the same thing he said yesterday.

Meanwhile, Dee-sama is still battling the poison.

“…give up? —His Highness Oscar is the most suspicious about Dee-sama, and you are saying such a thing?”

Sarcastically, I tell His Highness Oscar.

Instead of being suspicious, I assumed that this man was responsible for what had happened to Dee-sama.

I will never forgive this man.

“No way! That was never something I did! There is no such evidence in the first place!”

“So? However, it is true that you have been plotting to derail this celebration. You’re not going to be able to bluff your way out of this, are you?”

Yes, His Majesty the King, enraged by Dee-sama’s assassination attempt, has thoroughly investigated the plot at the celebration.

Of course, we’ve given him the information we have. except for those concerning Lady Collete’s involvement.

As a result, ostensibly, Otto, Oscar’s servant, was solely responsible for such an act. In short, he was cut by this man, Oscar.

Otto is still being questioned, and he will be charged with sedition and sentenced to death. He deserves it.

My only regret is that I couldn’t get the man who came before me to face his retribution alongside Otto.

“Anyway, His Highness Oscar should be thinking about what to do, not me.”

“…Marguerite, it’s too late for regrets. I will never forget your insult.”

Prince Oscar finally gives me a disgusted look at this point.

I had only seen his dirty look up until that point, but now I can finally relax.

“Remember, Elder Brother is about to die! This is unquestionably true!”

Oscar pointed a finger at me without shame…

My mind went blank at that point.


“Stop being ridiculous!”

“H-How dare you do that to me! the second prince?!”

“How dare I?! Dee-sama is currently fighting for his life! And your abusive language, as his brother, is unforgivable! Shame on you!”

Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer and slapped Oscar on the cheek while yelling at him.

even though my face was wrinkled with tears and everyone around me could see it.

“You cannot possibly be the leader of this country! — His Highness is the man who deserves it. His Highness Dietrich Tu Estline—Dee-sama is the only one deserving!”


Oscar tried to answer, but his face turned into an ugly scowl, and he left quickly.

I cocked my head, not knowing why.

“Marguerite-sama, you said it beautifully!”

“Hahaha! This is hilarious!”

I turned around when I heard a voice behind me and saw a crowd of people, nobles, servants, and so on, all smiling.


“Hmph! Of course, we believe that His Highness Dietrich is the best person to rule this country!”

The Marquess of Metzelder, who was also present, patted me on the head.

“Yes, yes, yes!—Thank you so much…”

I shed grateful tears for these people.



Under the moonlight, In front of the fountain in the garden of the royal palace, I look at the window of the room where Dee-sama is still fighting for his life.

I have successfully completed the celebrations in Dee-sama’s place.


“Dee-sama—will you compliment me? You’re going to gently caress my cheek, right…?”

I murmur, and tears stream down my cheeks once more.

I want you to compliment me, smile at me, hug me, kiss me…I want you.

“I’ll be waiting for you to return, even if it takes a long, long time, even if I’m covered in wrinkles…!”

So please come back to me soon.

I throw a gold coin into the fountain.

“Oh, Dahlia-sama, Goddess… Please… please save Dee-sama! Please, please, please…!”

I kept praying for Dee-sama, just as I had done when I was a little girl and prayed for Okasama.

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