The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 72

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Marguerite Friedenreich Point of View

“…Ugh?! Gah! Fu..o?!”

“Eh? D-Dee-sama?!”

Dee-sama vomits blood and falls to the ground right in front of my eyes…

What the… N-No! at the time like this!

“Dee-sama?! Dee-sama?!”

I pick up Dee-sama’s slumped body and call out repeatedly.

But Dee-sama appears to be in pain, breathing slowly and not showing any signs of awakening.

“Who! Somebody! I need a doctor!”

“R-Right away!”

“Hey! Where’s the waiter from before? Don’t let him escape!”

“Seal the entire palace!”

There was yelling and screaming all around Dee-sama and me.

But more importantly…

“Someone… Somebody help Dee-sama!”

I screamed, loud enough to drown out everything around me.

“I’ve brought the doctor!”

A doctor from the royal palace flew in right away to check on Dee-sama’s condition.

“…It’s definitely poison, but it’s difficult to tell the type right away. I gave him some antidotes, but if he won’t wake up…”

“He’s… W-What happens if he doesn’t wake up…?”

Looking at the doctor, I asked in a trembling voice.

“…I will do my best.”

After saying those few words, the doctor shook his head.


“Haa… Haa… Haa… Haa…”


I hold Dee-sama’s hand while he sleeps, breathing heavily but weakly and hoping that my beloved is safe.

Dee-sama…Why is this so…

“Marguerite-sama… I’m sorry… this is a lifetime mistake. I’m so sorry…!”

Hanna, who is standing next to me with her shoulders shaking and blood pouring from her biting lip, just says she’s sorry…

It’s been several hours since Dee-sama collapsed. I look out at the bright night sky out the window.

But Hanna and I have remained like this ever since Dee-sama was brought to this room.

even though the celebration will continue tomorrow and the day after.

And then…

“Hanna, Marguerite-sama—Let’s make a change. At this rate, you two will collapse.”

Nora and Yennie approach and call out, but Hanna and I both dismissively shake our heads.

They’ve been trying to pick up the pieces instead of Hanna and me, but I can’t burden them any longer.

“Fufu… It’s okay, Nora and Yennie. Surprisingly, I’m not tired. I believe you two should rest.”

“No! I’ll be by his highness’s side…!”

“Me as well!”

They look like they’re about to cry and plead desperately.

“No… We don’t know what Prince Oscar and Prince Charles of the Carolin Empire are up to with only two days left of the celebration… Do you understand, please, for the sake of Dee-sama?”

“…Marguerite-sama, it’s not fair to talk like that…”

Nora finally couldn’t stand it and sobbed, spilling unending tears.

Now is the time for me, as Dee-sama’s representative, to do it.

“Of course, I’ll take a break if you two take a break, right Hanna?”


Hannah turned her head, biting her lower lip, as I said this.

She’s stubborn and obstinate, and she loves Dee-sama as much as I do….

And the morning arrived while we were having this argument.

And I…


“Hannah, please take care of Dee-sama. I’ll be in charge of the celebration as Dee-sama’s representative.”

“”” What?!”””

“I stood up and told them that, and they all gave me wide eyes.”

“B-But Marguerite-sama hasn’t slept a wink, more than us…”

“Fufu… It’s okay. Besides, when Dee-sama wakes up, he will be very angry if we just burst into tears and are devastated.”

Saying that, I smirk and smile.

“However, I should do something about my eyes… Will you help me hide it, Nora and Yennie?”


They exchanged glances before responding.

“All right, let’s go.”

I tried to be as calm as possible.

Yes, if I was depressed, Dee-sama would probably chastise me.

Instead, I want to be praised by Dee-sama after he wakes up and sees that the celebration he put his heart and soul into is a success.

And let him show us that kind smile of his again.


“… Hanna… could you please…”


I looked determined as the three of us exited Dee-sama’s room, leaving Hanna behind.

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