The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 30

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Marguerite enters through the reception door.

“Marguerite… What brings you here?”

The suddenness of the situation made me flinch.

Hanna stood behind Marguerite, looking away apologetically.

“Please tell me, Dietrich-sama, why did you come to the reception room with such a beautiful lady?”

“T- That’s…”

I’m at a loss… I can’t bring her in by telling the truth.

However, if I mislead Marguerite, she will undoubtedly be disappointed…

The proof of this is…


…Marguerite bit her lip and held the hem of her dress, tears welling up in her amber eyes.

“…Your Highness, will you excuse me for speaking?”

“H-Hanna, what is it?”

“Yes—I believe we should tell Marguerite-sama everything. If you are uncomfortable, I will speak on your behalf.”

Hannah bows reverently with her hand on her chest.

Her eyes are filled with resolve to tell Marguerite.

Hanna’s demeanor suggests that she is the one who told Marguerite about my meeting with the Countess of Metzelder at the reception.

But why did she do that?

Hanna is well aware that I do not intend to involve Marguerite in this.


I cast another glance at Marguerite. She is simply waiting.

“…I am Dietrich to Estline, the first prince.”

“Yes… I understand…”

“But I have no power in this royal court, and if I do nothing, I will be nothing more than a puppet king of my mother, the First Queen, doomed to die at the hands of my brother Oscar.”

I speak with a halting, stuttering voice, determined.

“My first life, I… My fate is…”

“N-No! That is not true; Dietrich-sama will not meet such an end!”

“It’s true, Marguerite—I see the future…”

I bite my lower lip as I recall the scene.

My lip has cracked open and is about to bleed.

“T-Then… is that the future you have no control over?”

“No…I’m resisting… changing the future—a future that I’d like to share with you.”


So… At first, I was content to simply observe from a distance, without you by my side, if it made you happy.

But you told me.

[Your happiness is with my happiness.]

“…I want to be happy with you. That is why I am preparing to face the First Queen and Oscar. One of them is the Countess of Metzelder, as previously mentioned.


“The truth is, I didn’t want you to know about this heinous feud between flesh and blood. All I want is for you to be happy… Eh?!”

Then Marguerite pressed her thin white hands against my cheeks.

“Dietrich-sama… I’m so frustrated because I’m so ignorant that I have no idea what you’re fighting for! It’s extremely difficult… My heart is breaking!”

“Marguerite, I…”

Her amber eyes finally break, and she bursts into unending tears.

I put my hands on her white hands.

“I’m (sniff) I’m only a little girl right now, but! I’m confident I can help you! I’ll be there for you!”

My heart trembles as I hear Marguerite’s cry.

She’s gentle, strong, and beautiful… And a woman who loves me more than anyone else…

I’m overjoyed to be her fiancée once more.

“Thank you very much. Then let’s talk about my… no, our future from now on. And… I want you to be there for me and support me…”


Despite her sobbing, Marguerite smiles as I embrace her in my arms.

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