The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 29

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“Roxanne du Carolin, the first Princess of the Carolin Empire.”

The Countess of Metzelder’s expression finally changed when this name was mentioned.

“…What exactly do you mean? How could His Highness Dietrich be aware of it? And what does Princess Roxanne’s presence here to study have to do with me?”

She asked a series of questions in quick succession.

“I’ll walk you through it step by step.”

I responded to her inquiries.

For starters, Princess Roxanne had already decided a year ago that she would study in the Kingdom.

It looks like His Majesty the King has been trying for a while to make friends with the powerful Carolingian Empire.

And he was considering having either myself or Oscar marry her.

Next, as for how Princess Roxanne’s arrival will affect the Countess of Metzelder, in the Carolin Empire, as in our country, she is fighting for the succession to the throne with the first prince, “Charles du Carolin.”

“…In other words, the kingdom intended to welcome Princess Roxanne, but it has instead brought its own problems.”

“…They’ve done something completely unnecessary.”

Countess Metzelder clenched her teeth as she listened to me.

She is, after all, the ruler of the border with the Caroline Empire, so she is aware of what is going on there.

“As might be expected, Prince Charles would not think of openly seeking the death of Princess Roxanne. But precisely because she is from another country that many assassins will be sent to kill Princess Roxanne.”


“All of these assassins will enter the kingdom through the Counts of Metzelder’s border territory. If this occurs, the merchant city of Rhinesbrook is likely to become even more dangerous. In any case, Princess Roxanne must be aware of the assassins.”

To counter Prince Charles’ assassins, she’ll dispatch assassins to Rhinesbrook to eliminate them.

If that happens, there will undoubtedly be a battle in the city.

“Of course, if Her Excellency Metzelder mobilizes her famous forces to suppress them, they will be destroyed quickly. However, if this occurs, the Caroline Empire may make things difficult for us.”

“…I guess.”

“And the kingdom will cut off his Excellency Metzelder.”

Countess Metzelder, a border lord with no interest in the kingdom and no central involvement.

In the event of such a situation, there’s no way to help.

This is what happened because Countess Metzelder wields power.

“I understand why His Highness Dietrich wants me to assist him two years later—so… you have a plan to deal with it, correct?”

“Yes. First and foremost, my fiancée Marguerite’s father is Marquis Friedenreich, this country’s Minister of the Interior. Of course, he is a very important man in charge of all of the country’s internal affairs. He also belongs to my faction and thus can back Her Excellency Metzelder.”

Countess Metzelder nods in response to my words.

“And I’d like to ask you to keep this private. When Princess Roxanne comes to study here, she will be welcomed by me and Marguerite.”

“Is that correct?”


I vigorously nod.

Although it is not really supposed to be, I will make certain that it is…

Because that is what happened in my previous life.

“Do you understand now?”

“…Yes, the wine has awakened me.”

Countess Metzelder’s gaze falls.

“However, it is not all bad news. On the contrary, if we work with Princess Roxanne to find Prince Charles’ assassins, we will be able to gain her favor. It is also up to me, as the host, to determine who gets credit for this.”

“Indeed, it’s significant that if we can make the Carolin Empire owe us a favor.”

At this point, I believe I’ve done enough to persuade the border Count Metzelder.

All that is left to do is leave everything to her.

“Thank you for your time.”

After that, I bowed respectfully.

“I will have someone from the royal court deliver the rest of the wine to your excellency’s house in the capital—And what are your plans after this?”

“Well… I feel like drinking alone, so I’m going home now.”

“I understand. Then I will escort you to the door.”

I reach out my hand to Countess Metzelder.

“Ufufu… It’s fine; I don’t require an escort. But I didn’t expect to be beaten by a 13-year-old kid.”

Countess Metzelder smiles as she shakes her head.

“See you later, Your Highness Dietrich~”


As we pass each other, she unexpectedly kisses me on the right cheek, and I jump back.

“That’s a promissory note for you, Ufufu… don’t lose it.”


Countess Metzelder waved her hands as she exited the reception room.


After making sure I couldn’t hear her footsteps any longer, I pumped my fists involuntarily.

I now have the authority to oppose the First Queen and Oscar.

“…I’m getting closer to a happy future with Marguerite.”

In delight, I muttered excitedly.




Marguerite entered through the reception door.

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