The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 27

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“Please excuse me; I have Marguerite waiting for me.”

“Okay. We’ll be staying here, so please give my regards to my daughter.”


I exited the reception room after bowing to the four.

I’m curious about how Marguerite is doing…

I returned to the hall with Hanna.


“…What exactly does that mean?”

“Ara? Don’t you get it?”

Three ladies from a noble family were harassing Marguerite.

I’m not sure who the two followers are, but I believe the one speaking to Marguerite is the Reinmayer family’s eldest daughter.

I can’t just sit here and do nothing.

I was about to rush over to Marguerite.


“…don’t be concerned, Your Highness. Marguerite-sama is not the type of person who is intimidated by such people.”

Hanna came to a halt in front of me and told me this without changing her expression.

Yes, Hanna is a Marquis of Friedenreich secret agent.

Then she’s familiar with Marguerite…

“All right. But just in case, we’ll stealthily approach her as closely as we can.”


As Hanna nods, I look around at Marguerite and the other onlookers.

“No, I don’t understand—why do you feel sorry for me that I got engaged to Dietrich-sama?”

“Ufufu… You know, because he’s the “Cold-Blooded Prince.” His Highness Prince Oscar should have more potential, shouldn’t he? Nonetheless, you chose to board a sinking ship with a hole in the bottom.”

“What a poor fellow.”

“But thanks to that, Petra-sama’s obstacles to being with His Highness Oscar have disappeared.”

…The Reinmayer family’s eldest daughter, Petra, You and your two followers have insulted my Marguerite!

But I’m just as mad at myself as I am at these three.

To think that my inadequacy has caused Marguerite to suffer in this way!


“…What’s so funny?”

“Yes, it’s amusing… not only that you have no idea who Dietrich-sama is, but that you have feelings for Oscar, of all people… It’s beyond amusing, almost pathetic. “

“Huh?! W-What did you just say?!”

Petra is enraged as Marguerite giggles while covering her mouth.

But… haha, if you pick Oscar, I’d have to say you’re not a good character judge.

“Your Highness, the corner of your mouth is raised.”

“Please excuse me.”

I hid my mouth after Hanna pointed it out to me.

As you might expect, I’m partly to blame for Marguerite’s current state, so I must ensure that her reputation is not further harmed.

“Fufu, why don’t you go to a dance or something and make love to His Highness Oscar? It would be beneficial to both of us because I wouldn’t have to deal with His Highness Oscar anymore.”

“…Y-Yes, I’ll do that.”

Marguerite was laughing, while Petra frowned and walked away with her followers with their shoulders slumped.



When I approached Marguerite and called out to her, she smiled and turned to face me.

“I’m sorry… I made you feel uncomfortable because of me…”

“No, of course not! It wasn’t Dietrich-sama’s fault in the first place.”

“But you’ve been made a fool of because you’re my fiance, so it’s my fault…”

Marguerite blocked my mouth with her index finger when I tried to apologize again.

“Dietrich-sama can’t possibly be at fault, but I’m tired of how many people see it.”

Marguerite raised her brows as she spoke.

To say anything else would be disrespectful to Marguerite, so…

“Okay. I apologize for keeping you waiting. Are you eating anything?”

“Yes. Nora is on her way to get some for me right now.”

‘All right, that’s good.”

I nodded, satisfied with Marguerite’s words.

At that precise moment,

“ufufu… That was quite amusing entertainment.”

A giggling woman in her late twenties approached us.

The woman wore an exotic dress from an eastern country, with her short purple hair, amethyst-like eyes, and a bright red lipstick on her thin lips.

But… I wasn’t expecting her to initiate contact.

“This is what… Your Excellency Metzelder, I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Of course, fufu—It’s already getting boring… so I need to have some fun.”

She then used a feather fan to cover her mouth and lower the corners of her eyes.

…She’s the one I need in order to fight against the First Queen and Oscar.

And the person I most wanted to meet at this party.

The Frontier Countess, “Hildegard Metzelder.”

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