The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 26

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“…really, what is he thinking…”

Marguerite grimaced as she sipped her fruit juice at the far end of the hall.

“I know… but I’m sure it’s nothing but discomfort.”

“Why is it that Dietrich-sama is such a gentleman, but he…”

Marguerite looks at Oscar, who is still staring at her.

“Enough about him, Marguerite. Why don’t you turn to face me, your fiancée?”

“Fua?! B-But, I’m always watching Dietrich-sama…”

“All right, that’s good.”

Marguerite’s shyness when addressed in this manner is truly endearing. It makes me even more eager to tease her.


“Well… I was thinking about it while we were dancing, but what kind of flower is this?”

“W-Well, it’s lilac.” Nora threw them in the tub for today…”

“Ah, I see. It’s the ideal scent for a clean and virtuous woman like you.”

I reach for Marguerite’s silvery-white hair and lightly brush my lips over it.

“Um… I mean, I thought Dietrich-sama was more reserved—but he seems to have a thing for women—Where did you learn such a thing…?”

“Not at all. I only spin words like this for you.”


My heart aches with love as Marguerite lets out a cute, surprised voice.

But, well… I deeply regret not being able to be honest in my previous life.

That’s why I’m attempting to express my true feelings to her.

“…Your Highness, the time has come…”

“Mmm… I understand…”

Hanna softly whispered from behind me, and I nodded.

“Please take a break, Marguerite. I have someone else to greet…”

“Ah, yes… I understand.”

Marguerite bowed slowly and in a dignified manner.

…The truth is that it pains me to leave her alone, but I can’t take her with me.

I made up my mind and left the hall with Hanna, leaving Marguerite behind.


“Excellent work, Your Highness Dietrich.”

Hanna and I went to the palace’s reception room.

Over a glass of wine, the Marquis of Friedenreich and several nobles were conversing.

“No, I’m sorry for the lateness—Father-in-law.”

“Kuku… It’s a little embarrassing to be addressed as such by His Highness…”

Marquis Friedenreich laughed at these words.

Well, it’s a face-saving maneuver.

Count “Bachmann,” whose domain includes the fertile eastern lands, Baron “Trader,” who is involved in a variety of businesses, and Baron “Bortz,” who serves on the Royal Association of Mages’ board of directors.

“Thank you for coming, everyone. I can’t thank you enough.”

“No, we were taken aback when His Excellency Friedenreich told us about you—I must say, I assumed you were uninterested in such matters.”

“Yes… Furthermore, I had no idea you were considering separating yourself from Her Majesty Teresa…”

“But do you intend to completely separate yourself from Her Royal Highness Princess Teresa and the Duke of Wallenstein?”

Count Bachmann asks, hesitantly, as if speaking for everyone.

Perhaps he is putting my sincerity to the test.

“Of course I am. I’ve met a very important woman, and I’ve decided that I must change. Furthermore, the first queen is no longer required for me. Instead, I’d like to be with people like you who can see the ideals, ideas, and realities. For the sake of the kingdom’s future.”

“Oh, I see.”

My words are met with a satisfied nod from the nobles.

Yes, the reason these nobles were initially neutral was to avoid unnecessary trouble, but more than that, there is no point in belonging to either the First Queen or the Second Prince. This is why they remained neutral.

Because the two factions are nothing more than a group of people who want to take over the kingdom and play their stupid games.

Of course, the first queen only wants to make me king to spite the second queen.

And Oscar, who dethroned me after the coup d’état, In other words, he does not see the kingdom’s future.

Oscar’s words, actions, and attitude in his previous life told me this.

He simply desired to be king.

“…and His Highness considers the future of the kingdom…”


That is, of course, to make the kingdom a place where Marguerite can be truly happy.

The answer is evident then.

“In the future, everyone in the kingdom will be able to spend their days smiling. To accomplish this, we must be open to different points of view, free of status and past glory, capable of open and frank discussions, and willing to work together for a happy future.”

“…But, Your Highness, isn’t that just idealism?”

With a sharp look in his eyes, Marquis Friedenreich says so.

Haha, well, my father-in-law is difficult to please.

“Of course, my father-in-law is correct. But isn’t it precisely because we have ideals that we can reconcile them with reality? In other words, you can’t even close the gap between reality and ideals if you don’t have reality and ideals.”

I look at the marquis in the eyes and say it.

with determination and willpower.

After that,

“Kuku… Your Highness is far more eloquent than I anticipated.”


“… But I believe it is worthwhile. Of course, I’ll get something in exchange for riding on his highness’s coattails.”

“Of course. I promise not to let you lose any money if you follow me.”

I gripped the marquis’ extended right hand tightly.

“I’ll then ride on your winning horse.”

“Me as well.”

“So will I.”

The three gentlemen alternated shaking my hand.

“We have gathered the community of destiny under His Highness—We will now support His Highness, Dietrich.


“Thank you very much, everyone… and especially my father-in-law.”

I thanked them all and bowed deeply.

And then.


Four of them freeze when they see me…

“W-Well, how do I explain this…”

“Ahem… I must say that a moniker like “Cold-blooded Prince” is far too derogatory for His Highness…”


The three of them nodded vigorously in response to Marquis Friedenreich’s words.

But… I’m not so sure. I’m still a clumsy individual…

“Kuku… Anyone who sees that expression on your face has to agree with me, don’t they?”


Anyway, I’m relieved that the four of them promised to assist me.

“… If that’s the case, I owe it all to Marguerite, my fiancée.”

“…I see.”

The four of them gave me soft smiles as I spoke.

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