The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 20

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“Haa… Haa… Haa…!”

The First Queen gasps for air.

“Are you finished?

“Go…Go away.”

She must have decided there was no point. The First Queen threw away her whip and motioned with her hand to get rid of me.

“Please excuse me.”

I exited the room, bowing reverently.

Outside, there was no sign of Marguerite, Hanna, or Nora.

…They appear to have done a good job of following instructions.

If she saw me get whipped… she would undoubtedly feel responsible.

Not only that, but

If you’re not careful and notice what’s going on inside, she’ll probably complain to the First Queen about being abusive and risk being punished herself.

“When I gain strength, then…”

Even if she’s my own mother, I can’t let anyone near Marguerite who could harm her.

Then I must consider eliminating them completely…

With my sore body in tow, I made my way to the room where Marguerite and others would be.



As soon as I walked into Marguerite’s room, she ran up to me with a worried expression on her face.

“Did the First Queen give you a hard time, Marguerite?”

“Don’t be concerned about me! It’s all about Dietrich-sama here!”

“…I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

I returned abruptly, as if nothing had happened.

But in situations like this, my lack of facial expression comes in handy.

“Most importantly, you no longer have to be guided by the first queen. I will notify His Majesty the King.”


Marguerite was about to say something, but she bit her lower lip and remained silent.

“Nora, please. What else did Marguerite have planned for today?”

“Y-Yes… We only had Queen Teresa’s lessons in the morning, so we didn’t have anything to do until lunch, and we only had history lessons in the afternoon.”

“Alright… Marguerite, I’m sure you’re taken aback by how unexpected this is. You should rest well until lunch.”


Marguerite looked down when she replied, possibly out of guilt or apology.

“Marguerite… I’d like to meet you for lunch. I want to see you happy and healthy. Can you help me with that?”


I take her hand in mine and gently kiss it.

“Yes… I apologize for causing you concern.”


Marguerite looked up at me and presented me with a dignified figure.



After bowing slightly to Marguerite, I leave the room and go to my room…

… and accompanied me.


“You must not overwork yourself, Your Highness Dietrich. As soon as we get back to your room, I’ll patch you up.”

“…So Hanna knows.”

In self-mockery, I lifted the corner of my mouth.

Well, Hanna was always the shadow (secret agent) of the Marquise Friedenreich. She’s quick with that sort of thing.

“Hanna, please don’t tell Marguerite about this, alright?”

“Certainly… Then this is a private matter between your highness and myself.”


I borrowed Hanna’s shoulder and returned to the room to receive wound treatment.


“This is delicious, Dietrich-sama.”

“I see. You should eat a lot more.”

It is now noon and I am having lunch with Marguerite.

She keeps her word and devours the food placed before her with gusto.

“Fufu… But if I eat too much, I’ll gain weight…”

“Really? From my perspective, I’m concerned that you may be too thin…”

“T-That’s not the case. So I’ll keep it in moderation.”

“I see…”

I guess I don’t have to worry about her diet because she isn’t that picky….

“Ah right, Nora, Hanna, I’m sorry but, could you please bring my history books to my room for class this afternoon?”

“”Yes, Mylady.””

Hanna and Nora bowed their way out of the dining room.

Oh…as expected, she’s a very studious girl.

Then Marguerite rose from her seat and approached me.

She had a scowl on her face.

“M-Marguerite! What’s the matter?”

“That’s my line!”

And now she’s coming at me.

“Why did you do it? Why do you have to put up with so much…? Why do you have to get hurt because of me!”

“…Did…Did you notice?”

“A whip had been purposefully placed on the table, and I could hear it crack! Dietrich-sama has a pained expression on his face afterwards!”

Sigh, what’s the point of telling Hanna not to speak?

But I’m proud to be known as the “Cold-Blooded Prince” because my expression hasn’t changed.

And, once again, I appear to have been incorrect.

If I truly care about Marguerite, I can’t allow myself to be hurt and cause her pain.

“Please… I beg you… sniff, don’t hurt yourself because of me…”

“…I understand.”

I nodded in agreement to her tearful plea.

I swear to God that I will not make any more mistakes.

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